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09-03-2006, 07:50
According to the witch hunter fluff, in a war of faith, we will expect Adepta Soroitas spearheading the army followed by Fateris Militia(zealots + inducted guard/plantery defences forces). now the problem is that there cannot be more than 1000 Sisters of battle in a single battlefield(fluff from Witch hunter book). which means technically the Fateris Militia form the bulk of the fighting force.

But however looking at the troops available to the Witch Hunter army list: I cannot imagine how these wars of faith can be successful. yes there are cool stuff like penitent engines and acro-flaggelants but these are few in number. the only main battle tank available will be the Leman Russ. all i can imagined are mass guardsmen with light arms and swarms of zealots. I seriously dun understand how armies like these can take control of entire planets(imagine russian mass infantry armies in WWI). there is no way the Inquisition can fight these wars of attrition

some may argue that Black Templars may turn the tide but from my understanding, the objectives of that chapter and the Ordos Hereticus do not necessarily coincides therefore Black templar may not be present.

What do u guys think? do u feel that its weird too?

09-03-2006, 08:11
Depends on the scale, if it's large enough (and the preist/bishop/whatever who's raised it has sufficient influence), the Imperial Guard may get involved as well, sending some available troops to aid them in their crusade. Some of the more devout marine chapters may also send troops, or other imperial forces may take advantage to carry out missions of their own - if for instance the Dark Angels believe there's one of the Unforgiven hiding in the area, they'll certainly send someone to have a look.

And never underestimate the abilities of poorly trained, fanatical troops. ;)

09-03-2006, 08:14
A brief couple of points, which others will doubtless expand on.

Mass guard, religious mobs and similar will be about the right kind of force, you're correct. The Sororitas and priesthood will provide figureheads but little more. But remember that Wars of Faith, unless there's been a serious redirecting of background, are used on errant and dissenting human communities, which will probably not be able to muster up very much high-powered military capability either. Don't be misled by the sorts of opponents you see on the tabletop - it would be very rare for a War of Faith to find itself facing off against Traitor Marines, Tyranids, Eldar or what have you.

Also, please type words out in full. Those SMS/chatroom abbreviations are very irritating.

09-03-2006, 17:01
Basically the average War of Faith would be against the LatD, or a not very mechanised, infantry based IG army.

A genestealer cult might be leading one, though:evilgrin: