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03-10-2010, 19:48
Warlord - 255
Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, The Other Trickster Shard, Blade of corruption

Grey Seer - 275
Power Scroll

Warlock Engineer - 45
Doom Rocket

Chieften - 122
Battle Standard Bearer
Storm Banner

40 Clanrats - 257
Standard, Musician
Poison Wind Mortar

40 Clanrats - 262
Standard, Musician
Warpfire Thrower

20 Clanrats - 162
Standard, Musician
Warpfire Thrower

49 Skavenslaves - 100

45 Skavenslaves - 92

6 Rat Ogres - 256pts
2 Packmasters

6 Gutter Runners - 108
Poisoned Attacks, Slings

Doom Wheel - 150

Hellpit Abomination - 235

Warp-lightning Cannon - 90

Warp-lightning Cannon - 90

Total: 2499

Jolly Puggles
04-10-2010, 01:59
OK, first up, Characters.

- The Warlock Engineer is either going to pay his points wonderfully or be a waste of 45 points. Give him something to do once his Doomrocket has been expended; either upgrade to Lvl.1 Wizard or give him a Warplock Rifle. I suggest the former, it's more useful and more likely to actually achieve something.

- The Grey Seer, you may find to be woefully unprotected. Invest some points in making him less of an obvious target.

- You need to give your BSB a Magic Banner; it's simply churlish not to.

Now onto your troops.

- 20 Stormvermin, as you mention yourself, is too small. You want at least 40, otherwise you'll not get the most out of them. Deploy in either 8x5 or 10x4 if you're feeling saucy. WS:4, S:4 and I5 make them some of the better infantry going and they're cheaper than most armies common infantry; Empire Halbadiers/Swordsmen, Skeleton Warriors and Orc Warriors (for example) are all more expensive and have either worse kit or stats.

- 3x40 Clanrats with PWM and Doomflayer. I suggest changing that to 2x50 Clanrats with 2xPWM. Use the other 20 Clanrat models as Slaves (see below). 10x5 deployment = Horde with models to spare.

- 6 Gutter Runners? Don't waste the points. If you want them, field at least 10, if not more. Otherwise they won't have enough of an impact to justify the (over-the-odds) cost of them.

- 28 Slaves. Give them Slings and field in 14x2. Then field another unit the same size and equipment on the other flank of your army. Then field another mass block of 50 with Spear in the centre in 10x5 formation to screen your more important troops and characters (remember that while trees don't block LoS, a unit of Slaves does, which will give a certain amount of protection from character snipers). 100-odd slaves fielded like this only costs about 250 points and can win games for you (that's 56+ S3 ranged attacks per turn and 40 I4 melee attacks...even at WS/BS:2, you'll be averaging at least a couple of kills a turn).

- 7 Rat Ogres w. 2 Packmasters...I'll confess to having little experience with Rat Ogres (and none in the current edition), but that's a lot of points in a small, unarmoured space...it will be a target, so be warned. Otherwise, solid choice.

- Doomwheel and HPA. Both very good, but you may want to consider dropping one to spend the points upgrading the rest of your army. The strength of Skaven in 8th ed is that they can Horde with the best of them and, largely speaking, do it cheaper. Take advantage of this whenever possible.

04-10-2010, 10:06
You need to give your BSB a Magic Banner; it's simply churlish not to.

Not always the case, for an army like this I would recommend perhaps a Bsb with the armour of destiny & a shield. That's a 4+/4+ save & should keep him around longer for those all important re-rolls.

Perhaps even add in the ironcurse icon for some extra protection from warmachines. Those two items are bang on his points allowance for magic items & are very useful.

06-10-2010, 22:29
Thanks for your replies! I have really bad experiances with slaves doing anything else then beeing a big road block, so I prefer running them naked in a 5x10 (5x9) formation for that LD10 stubborn + re-roll (with general and bsb nearby). Would I overwhelm my opponent I can always make a combat reform.

Rat Ogres are really hard hitters, though very voulnerble and a bit unstable. I used to play with 6 but try to bolster them, but it, frankly, only made them more unstable.

The engineer is perfect as is. I used to play fully kitted, with lvl 2 and condenser for 150pts. He never (almost never) got to cast spells cause of the seers superior spells. The rocket kills more than 45pts average (has yet to really disappoint me!) and after the rocket is used, he either runs away to a corner (denying VPs) or creates a really nuisance on the board by having my opponent do really uncomfortable manouveres with his units (he can't charge through that 15pt model!!).

Figured 20man clanrats will do the stormvermins job more than well. Either deploying in watchtower or acts as guards for the bsb or seer, defending my now added warp-lightning cannons.

New list in first post. I somehow managed to add another 27 models, among them 2 cannons! :wtf:

Thoughts are well appreciated.

10-10-2010, 23:52
i was quite lucky last time i played against a wood elf army.... i put my bsb in a unit with the sacred banner of the horned rat :) storm banner is very nice! but for the bsb i had nice results with the horned rat banner... and dont do anything with the warlock engineer! :p he rocks with that rocket! :P

Leeeeeeroy Jenkins
11-10-2010, 08:26
Slaves are far far better than clanrats. And weapon teams die too easy if he has any shooting or magic.

I would make all your clanrats slaves in order to have more. And make all your weapon teams more gutter runners with poison slings.

11-10-2010, 08:48
I think that looks like a nasty list. Do you play in a competative environment or even tournament? :)


13-10-2010, 00:40
Slaves are far far better than clanrats. And weapon teams die too easy if he has any shooting or magic.

I would make all your clanrats slaves in order to have more. And make all your weapon teams more gutter runners with poison slings.

I have several reasons for running clanrats over slaves:

1) Courage. They're reliable on their own. If the general gets thrown of guard somewhere having units that don't crumble once your general fails you they give you "another chance" at taking the game.

2) Weapon Teams. Although I have to admitt they're not what everyone say they are (to me atleast). Even with enemy shooting/magic they tend to stay around for quite some time (when I play they, more often than not, die by my hands and not by my opponents').

3) Resiliance. Their WS3 and armour helps them negate enemy combat resolution, which otherwise could be the end of me. They hold ground better than the slaves do (though obviously at a higher price).

4) Banners. This is the most important reason, without banners this list automatically looses in 1/6 of its games.

5) Army Composition. In some events/tourneys, your army is either rewarded for it's un-cheesyness or it recieves penalties for being cheesy. Too many slaves used to be a penalty in 7th, not sure how it'll be in 8th.

I say clanrats and slaves go hand in hand, they balance each other to take on all-commers.

As for the tournament question; I've prety recently gotten back into the hobby, skaven being my new army I've spent most of my time assembling it. I, however, do plan taking this army to tournies and events once it's painted and all. In the meantime I use it for friendly play:)