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Fox Of 9
03-10-2010, 21:09
So i went to the local GW today and this kid whos starting OK asked me to help him with a list as im the under 16vet in tactics & armylists. im also the tallest. So cause im nice i said yes. BUT I HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT IM DOING. P.s hes gunna buy off this list so models isn't a prob. Fox Of 9.

So his list is based around the guts galore army list from wd367.


tyrant 310pts (to spend here)
not sure on what eqquipment to give him.


butcher 175pts
.dispel scroll and skullmantle.

butcher 175pts (to spend here)
.again not sure about the equippment for him.

bruiser 155pts
.bsb, heavy armour and canibal totem.


ogre bulls 575pts
15 ogre bulls, bellower, standard bearer & crusher.

ironguts 338pts
6 iron guts with F/C

iron guts 338ts
as above

Gnoblar fighters 62pts
30 gnoblars with groinbitter

Gnoblar fighters 62pts
as above


4 lead belchers 220pts

4 lead belchers 220pts

scraplauncher 165pts

scraplauncher 165pts

total 3000pts

for 2.5k remove one unit of the gnoblars for 62pts then remove the leadbealchers for 440pts total removed = 502pts

03-10-2010, 21:29
Um there is no list of models?

Anyway big blocks of bulls and Ironguts are fairly staple. Also at that points level a Tyrant and a Slaughtermaster are a must.

03-10-2010, 21:30
Alright, firstly, who runs your store? This is the staff members job, not yours. I've been in this position (and still partially am, but less now). Its fine to help, but if they get it wrong, they blame you. And they get incredibly clingy. He will latch on to you like a limpet and wont let go until you really shout at him or he quits (the first for me, then the later). Just make sure he is'nt to annoying, otherise you'll regret it for ages.

But, other than that, get him to buy a battalion and a charecter. Then, anouther battalion and maybe anouther battalion. Those things are good for Ogres, he'll save money, have loads of units and will be able to convert some charecyers pout of it aswell.

Fox Of 9
03-10-2010, 21:34
(cool advice:D) and by kid i mean he's 14 and how do i put it well alright hes a good friend. but the reason he aked is to everyone i seem like part of the store and i've know him scine he started and we live in the same area. im just using my warseer account so that is quick and easy to get advice from people like you guys (or girls not to be sexist). instead of him creating one and all the advice i can pass on tomorrow.

03-10-2010, 21:42
use a slaughtermaster u always need a lvl4 run leadbelchers in 2's rather than 4's. You might want a irongut deathstar instead of bull one.

03-10-2010, 21:47
When you put it like that, thats fine, its just you made it sound like you were the big kid and he was about 12.

Fox Of 9
03-10-2010, 21:55
I thought that leadbelchers had min unit size of 3 and as its m8s army & Codex all i can do atm is equipment for the characters & unit reorganisation. But if i get rid of the 2 butchers i now have 350pts to mess with 315max pts on another lord then 35pts left over what should they be spent on.....

04-10-2010, 06:27
I vote drop the leadbelcher's altogether. They are probably the worst unit in the OK list. If it's not belchers it's yhetee's. Yhetee stats aren't bad, they just cost too much for what they do. Also you are not bringing the best unit in the OK list - Gorgers! Get at least 2 for 2500 point games, 4 for 3k. Not kidding, after I buy a Tyrant, BSB, and SM, the next unit I buy is 2 gorgers (we normally play 2500 here).

Tyrant loadout that is working really really good for me atm is - Armor of Destiny (4+ward), GW, Mawseeker, and Crown of Command.

SM loadout is - Talisman of Preservation, Siegebreaker, and EITHER Dispell scroll or SkullMantle. This guy is a beast in HtH as well as being a level 4 wizard. Can't go wrong with him either.

BSB gets the magic heavy armor of 5+ ward, Mawseeker, and Cathayan Long Sword.

Butcher gets Wyrdstone necklace and Sword of Antiheroes.

These come at 2500 + 2 gorgers. After that it's Bull's, IG's, gnoblars, Scrappie's to taste. I have also had good results with a slavegiant. 175 pts for a Thunderstomp and 6 wounds has worked well for me. I know some people don't like it, but I have a nicely painted giant fig so I like bringing it.

04-10-2010, 10:45
Yeah, what that guy said.
He speaks truth and has nicely painted Deathguard to boot.

I would add that low I armies need a dispel scroll like fish need water.
Surely scraplaunchers moved up to 1+ in this game of hordes?
I'd take 2.


04-10-2010, 22:01
ask to look at his codex and pick out his best parts of his list and tweak the bad parts, but make sure you help him learn to use his units as well as with the list.
i had this with my friend when i told him "use the units speed and strength to disrupt an existing combat not go alone" when he used a small unit of solo rat ogres. he said charging them when his clanrats are already engaged was pointless and that rat ogres are rubbish full stop.

04-10-2010, 22:45
Both the list and the the advice seems pretty solid. A couple of pointers, though:

A two-man unit of Leadbelchers are golden against the kinds of cheap redirectors that can really make him loose the game with those large, rather unmaneuverable units of Bulls and Ironguts that are popular these days.

Gorgers are nice and usually make back the points you spend on them, but I seldom think they affect the overall battle that much.

Hunters are utter crap. No way of getting `round it.

Best tip of all, send the kid here: http://www.ogrestronghold.com/

Fox Of 9
05-10-2010, 17:07
Chears guys thanks alot this helped me & my M8 out tonnes thankyou