View Full Version : Warlock Insanity for 1500 points skaven

03-10-2010, 22:29
First off these unit thoughts are purely for fun(and to be unique)

Anyone else thought about possibly trying something like this or having tried it? (not to mention would they be leagal?)

Option 1

Warlock I) 50
featherfoe torc

Warlock II) 65
obsidian lodestone
ironcurse icon

Warlock III) 65
Shadow magnet Trinket
Portent of verminous doom

Warlock VI) 40
The terrorfying mask of eee

Chieftan(BSB) 142
Sacred banner of the horned rat

20 Stormvermin(standard, musician) 180
Banner of the under empire

Total 542p


we could go another way

10 Warlocks
Shadow magnet Trinket
ironcurse icon
30 slaves

total 395p

05-10-2010, 07:32
They need to be wizards. The Warlock spam can work but they need to be level 1 wizards and just cast Lightning. And of course have a chief warlock (level 2, warp condenser)

Do an actual 1500pt list and we'll see if it can be effective