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04-10-2010, 06:46
I need some help and advice with my army lists. So far I'm 1-2-2 in 8th edition with my daemon army, which is pretty bad. I keep changing my list and trying to fix things as I get more experience playing, but nothing really seems to be consistently working for me. I think I really want a horde of 40-50 plaguebearers, but since I own none at the moment I'm trying to make due with what I have. I made 2 lists that I recently have come up with, and wanted some advice as to which looks better, and maybe how I could plug some holes in the lists. Critiques, criticism, and varying opinions are welcome. Thanks.

List 1: Idea is to use GUO as a hero killer in challenges and points denial. Bloodletter horde is for the frontal attack, and the smaller bloodletter block is to flank in the same combat. Bloodcrushers are there to be versitile by either killing their weaker, smaller, shooting blocks in the back and roaming where they are needed afterwords, or to support the bloodletter horde with a flank or rear charge. Nurglings are deployed as scouts and are used to kill warmachines. Flamers are used to shoot anything soft or characters not in a bunker. Blue scribes generate the extra dice and possibly dwellers if they roll it. HoT is there to hex anything he can w/ whitter (- toughness) so GUO can blast the same unit with any of his magic (almost all spells are based on a toughness test or __).

Great Unlcear One - Level 4, Balesword, Noxious Vapors - 670 pts

Blue Scribes - 81 pts (will most likely be choosing life for the random spell -- spell is casted as a bound spell, so I don't think Sundering Standard gives -2 to cast??)
Herald of Khorne #1 - Armor of Khorne, Jugger - 165 pts (note: in bloodcrusher unit)
Herald of Khorne #2 - BSB, Standard of Sundering (-2 to cast Life) - 175 pts (note: in 39 model bloodletter block)
Herald of Khorne #3 - Naked - 100 pts (note: in 23 model bloodletter block)
Herald of Tzeentch - Master or Sorcery (Shadow), Spellbreaker, Disk of Tzeentch - 185 pts

Bloodletters #1 - 23 models, S+M - 294 pts
Bloodletters #2 - 39 models, S+M, icon endless war - 511 pts

Nurglings #1 - 3 bases - 105 points
Nurglings #2 - 3 bases - 105 points

Flamers - 6 models including a champ - 210 pts
Bloodcrushers - 5 models, S+M - 380 pts

2996 Points Total
List 2: List is pretty similar to the 1st list above with a few changes. GUO does has the same objectives, but he is no longer a damage caster (he will take signature spell and will cast when my opponent is out of dice). Bloodletters do the same role as before, but now have added support from the pink horrors closeby. Herald of Tzeentch on disk has lore of life to buff horrors and bloodletters while Herald of Tzeentch in the pink horror unit has shadow to hex opponent's strength and toughness. If - strength hex is cast on large, expensive unit I plan on tossing 6 dice at dwellers from the disk herald to try and get IR and kill the unit on the spot. Nurglings still hunt warmachines, but now I have an extra unit of flamers for more firepower at soft units and heros not bunkered.

Great Unlcear One - Level 1, Balesword, Noxious Vapors - 550 pts

Herrald of Khorne #1 - BSB, Standard of Unholy Victory - 175 pts (note: in 39 model bloodletter block)
Herrald of Khorne #2 - Naked - 100 pts (note: in 23 model bloodletter block)
Herrald of Tzeentch #1 - Master or Sorcery (Shadow), Spellbreaker - 165 pts (note: in 39 model pink horror unit)
Herrald of Tzeentch #2 - Master or Sorcery (Life), Spellbreaker, Disk of Tzeentch - 185 pts

Bloodletters #1 - 23 models, S+M+Champ - 306 pts
Bloodletters #2 - 39 models, S+M, icon endless war - 511 pts
Pink Horrors - 39 models, S+M, banner of sorcery - 501 pts

Nurglings - 4 bases - 140 points

Flamers #1 - 5 models including a champ - 190 pts
Flamers #2 - 5 models - 175 pts

2998 Points Total

04-10-2010, 07:58
I would definately pick the list number 1 and improve it instead of list 2, so on my reply I will focus on the problems of the first list.

First I would like to point out small number of troops in the army. Ofcourse if you do not have enough models theres not much you can do, but if it is possible you should drop some characters and add more troops. Even my army of 2400pts usually has double the number of troops compared to this list. Daemons can rely on big blocks quite nicely as they never flee. Big units hit hard and are nice point denial to opponent as they are hard to kill when buffed.

Second I will focus on magic. You have three wizards on your list and I would say that is bit too much. Even with power siphon your maximum pool of dice is 12 and you are likely going to cast 3-4 spells only, leaving most of the spells unused. For yout Tzeentch herald I would pick different lore as you dont benefit much from shadow. Letters and crushers have already high WS and S, so you really dont get much of spells that lower opponents T or give you even bigger S. Your herald is already on disc, so it doesnt need steed of shadows. Enfeebling foe is nice, but theres better protective magic elsewhere. So howabout trying lore of light for example? Bironas timewarp on your letter horde gives pretty much 40ASF killing blows and double movement. With Phas protections improved cast you give protection against gunlines to whole army of yours and also nerf opponents melee badly. Speed of light takes out all nasty ASF bonuses from opponent and makes most hit your troops on 5+ and you get pretty much always 3+ hits. Magic missiles help with demons and undead. Light lore lacks mass destruction spells, but for that you already have GuO and as a level 4 wizard he is likely going to get plaguewind and vomit spell =).

Then we could see some of the characters equipment. Herald in a juggernaut unit sounds quite nice, but hatred bonus only gives around 1-2 more kills in a small unit like this. Thats why I would instead pick just a normal juggernaut instead and maybe give them champion for attackpower. Remember that you can heal him with every succesfull lore of life spell and even resurrect him if he dies. If you insist on keeping the herald I would suggest giving him firestorm blade to hunt regenerating and highly armoured things.
Bsb is good to have, but Sundering is bit of an overkill as you already have level 4 wizard dispelling stuff, also it is bit useless if opponent uses 2 different lores in his/her army. So drop the special flag and give your BSB armor of khorne to keep him alive. Naked herald might also need armor of khorne to keep him alive. Its only 15pts so its a very nice bargain. For herald of Tzeentch think about taking him without disc, especially if you pick lore of light or life as he doesnt need to move that much then and can benefit from look out sir rule when on foot.

By dropping some of the things mentioned abow you could get some more bloodletters. If you have furies those would be perfect for warmachine hunting. 60pts per 5 starts off screening your bloodletters from missile fire and fly quickly to get those nasty machines off or atleast stall them so they cannot fire. You could drop one unit of nurglins and make another bit bigger, like 4 bases. Remember that your GuO has quite likely plaguewind and with that you can easily get some extra nurgling bases behind enemy lines (usually around 6-7 bases if you target some 50 man horde unit). For bloodletter units you could get some champions to give "challenge shield" to your heralds against big monster riders etc.

So thats my ideas for improvement. Also about tactics, your army is very small so most of the time you will likely be outnumbered. If opponent lacks firepower/magic you should stall at your deployment line even taking some steps back and keep nuking enemy with your destructive spells and magic. You could also try some heavy flank tactic by deploying your big horde to your flank and keeping middleline with Juggers and small unit (works ok with lore of light and its double movement buff).

04-10-2010, 08:44
I agree with some of the changes you are suggesting. I think I'm going to get rid of the disk for my HoT, remove the HoK on the jugger, and add some champions for starters. As far as adding more models so I'm not outnumbered as bad, I don't have a significant amount of models besides my pink horrors. I'm going to do some more research on magic as well and see if I want to run another lore instead of shadow. Thanks for your input.