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04-10-2010, 10:40
Here is a list i am thinking of running.
Not played my daemons in 8th yet, but liking the idea of the army as a whole and trying out a few different things.

Great Unclean One - Noxious Vapours, Balesword - 550

Tz Herald - Master of Sorcery, Spell Breaker - 165
Kh Herald - BSB, Armour of Khorne - 140

40 Horrors - Command, Icon of Sorcery - 525
30 Bloodletters - Command, Icon of Endless War - 415

3 Nurglings - 105

6 Flamers - Pyrocaster - 225
4 Fiends - 220
1 Fiend - 55

Come in at exactly 2400 points.
Tough center with both units (inc heralds) and GUO.
The GUO can hit hard and hold stuff up.
Speed on the flanks from the fiends unit and the flamers.
Flamers also allow some heavy shooting that can move and react fast.
Single fiend for protecting the GUO
Nurglings, maybe worth blocking/harassing, just worked out i had exactly 105 points left also!
Magic from the tzeentch and maybe the odd extra from GUO.

Comments appreciated

04-10-2010, 11:23
Overall this seems like a very competitive list with good solid blocks supported by small units. Fiends can either protect flanks and greater daemon, or go for the warmachines. The list has good balance between characters and units in it. 40 horrors with their icon will eat up dispell dice from opponent quickly with their +5 to cast and offer good dispell support. I was thinking on dropping them to 30 and adding 10 more letters. This would alter their role and make army bit more aggressive. It works as it is though, so it isnt a neccessary change.

As for the Tzeentch herald, it seems you havent decided on the lore yet, but I would suggest lore of metal for this list. Your list has plenty of small hits with nurglings, fiends and flamers, so sniping some knights with metal could work well. Also Enchanted blades of Aiban on flamers is just wicked and could buff even horrors to work better in combat. Final transmutation would add the massdestruction if you miss Plaguewind for GuO.

For your first list, this is pretty impressive and solid list that should work its way through pretty much everything.

04-10-2010, 11:47
Thanks for reply LAV-Kitsune-.

Yes, i hadnt decided on a lore yet for herald as only been playing with my WOC army so far and using shadow and beasts, but for different reasons.
I was consider what would best compliment my list and what i will struggle against.
With your advice on metal, it does as you say cover some area's i need.

I like the idea of the center of my army with 2 units and the GUO, gives solid core.

The only thing that concerns me is the army looking small, but thats something i need to get used to as coming from skaven/beastmen background!

Anyone have any advice on using GUO? Is the setup the best choice?

04-10-2010, 12:16
Noxious vapours and Balesword makes GuO pretty much one of the best character/big monster killers in the game. It can and will usually kill dragons, greater demons, abominations and such in a single turn of combat with 2-3 hits causing D6 wounds. With S8 opponent pretty much loses all of his armorsaves. Guo like this is very strong against big guys, but weak against masses. In a worst case it gets stuck with unit of slaves or goblins and win fights barely with thunderstomp.

Alternatively you could switch noxious vapours with Pestilent mucus and charge (or get charged by) an elite unit like knights or high hitting units. You will make your basic attacks, but as you get hit you will inflict tons of T checks thanks to your large base and sometimes even wipeout unit with resolution the mucus brings you.

I would keep plaguesword for big guys, but one can make GuO quite nasty fighter by giving him Mucus and Stream of Bile. That will make 4S8 attacks, D6 stomps, 2D6 S4 hits in combat (once) and resolution you get from mucus. With that you can pretty much charge in face of any unit in the game and wipe it out with massive combat resolution, especially if you buffed your guo with the Miasma of pestilence before that. All those hits against T1 guys really hurt.

07-10-2010, 08:57
I think i will definitely try the GUO with sword and noxious vapours first, that setup gives me a good option for killing tough stuff which is needed.
Maybe see if i can build the army around that, tweeking list for now.

Hoping to get a game in this coming tuesday