View Full Version : This isn't GW related, but it's cool drawings of aliens.

09-03-2006, 12:42

I've been drawing alot of aliens lately, I was wondering what everyone though about them.

P.S: You can ask any question you like about them, about their culture and society, and the lack of eyes/ears/noses etc. on their bodies.

09-03-2006, 16:37
I think it is GW related. Some of the sketches have a lot of details wich seem to be inspired by WH.
And if I'm right: TSoA means "Tin soldiers of Antwerp", wich is a belgian wargaming club. They do all kinds of wargames, including WH 40k.

09-03-2006, 19:43
Belgian? You think I'm Belgian? I'm English! TSoA means TheSonOfAbbadon.

I don't even know where Antwerp is!

Some have details which have been inspired by 40k, yes, especcially the Gau'oul Mecha who looks quite a bit like the new Tau stealth suit.

And the Kraozians are based on Tau. Physically a Kraozian would have trouble lifting a medium sized table, but their Techno warriors, who have ever part of their body save for their brain [although they can have an artifcial brain if they want] replaced by robotic armour, could lift a couple of tons with little trouble, punch through walls with ease, withstand a point blank shot from a modern-day anti-tank missile and their guns can rip though a good 10 metres of concrete, the air disturbance around the shell will give anyone near it haemorraging or conciousion, even a good couple of metres out of the way it can knock people over.
And their basic scout ships could probably take on a Star Wars Star Destroyer and win with minimal damage.

So, it's not really GW related.

09-03-2006, 20:40
My bad^^ sry, ignore the previous post. (I misread a few parts of your post)

Anyhow, the drawings aren't bad. They've got that concept art style. It looks like you're going further then drawing, your pretty much designing races: I recommend trying to go further in details, close-ups etc... Always interesting so see a concept^^

Hideous Loon
10-03-2006, 17:37
Looks good, SonOfAbbadon. Although, if you're creating concept art, you need to go more small-scale. What do their hands look like, what clothing do they wear (only make undergarments if you are a fanatic), closeups on their weaponry and so on, not just full-body models. Concept art is like that, really.

10-03-2006, 21:44
Mostly their hands just look like human hands save for the fingernails, which can be big, like claws, and the number of fingers, I don't think that's worthy of a drawing all to itself.

A few things need drawing, the Kraozian techno warriors' backpacks for one, and Xenarch and Yaegothu faces.

I'm thinking of starting a few stories to go with the pictures, basically it will show a vast inter-galactic war set right now/in the near future, with humans being affected only by the Tapris.

The different alliances would be:

Sho+Gau'oul+Goron+Kolamb [the Gorons and the Kolamb don't take much part in the war though, and usually just supply materials and technology]


Loyal Askh'Aen+Urideshi+Farozz [although they don't take much part in the war, the Askh'Aens' physic powers protect their world from harm]

Kovesh+Rebel Ashk'Aen [they only fight Loyal Ashk'Aen, Farozz and Urideshi, as none of them have spaceflight tech]

Shalo'ahk+Taei'Blaa+Tol'Rul [all genetically agressive races]

Akross+Rasah [Rasah are, basically, the ancient Egyptian god Horus with large dollops of badass, plus a mysterious past and lost technology. The Rasah try to take over the Akross world after their own becomes inhabitable, but they are busy fighting amongst themselves and take little part in the war [although they do take some]]

Xenarch+Yaegothu+Tapris [although Tapris and Yaegothu both take little part in the war, as they are quite primitive, and rely on the Xenarch for technology and modern weapons]

Krazoians+Zov'er'a [the Zov'er'a actually take almost no part in the war, but considering the Kraozians' most basic warrior could take on about 10 massive modern day tanks and survive with relative ease, do they really need anyone else? But, they have long lifespans and take about 40 years to reach puberty, and they only can have 1 or 2 children at a time, so they are few in number and so they make some small pacts with some species to allow them to stop major injustices in the galaxy, they can fight for themselves the rest of the time]


Humans [we're only mentioned because many races realise our potential and the potential of our planet and try to corrupt us, although our main fight is against the Taprism, but the Kraozians help us alot when we are being corrupted]

I know alot of the pictures of some of these races [Lei'sa, Ta'av, Tol'Rul, Tapris] aren't up on my photobucket, but I swear I did put them on there, I'll see if I can get them on there soon.

Anyone think starting a story around it would be a good idea?