View Full Version : Is this Wood Elf list cheesy? (2000pts)

Your Mum Rang
09-03-2006, 12:02
Is this a cheesy list?

Branchwraith - General:
Lvl 1 - Cluster of Radiants - Pageant of Shrikes = 165pts

Lvl 2 - 2 Dispel Scrolls = 175pts
6 x 8 Dryads = 576pts
4 x 5 Wild Riders = 520pts
2 Treemen = 570pts


09-03-2006, 13:19
Yes, at least in my opinion.

Treemen in general are just ****ed up.


09-03-2006, 14:39
Is there a reason for this list? Smells strongly of fluff to me.
(As such, I'm sticking to forest-spirit army mode here)
BTW, you are aware that your spellsinger cannot join any unit in that army because she's not a glamourweave?

As for cheesy...
Having used them (and I like to think I'm no tactical dunce) I don't agree that Treemen are broken. 2 out of 3 appearances so far have resulted in losing the treemen without any particular effort on behalf of the opponent.

2 treemen will attract a lot of attention from your opponent's artillery/mages, but that doesn't change the fact that your dryads will get utterly destroyed by anything approaching heavy cavalry; you need some units that can take a hit, or at least dish one out first.

I haven't found branchwraiths to be points effective, especially as mages.
They've got the same stat line as a normal branch nymph, other than wounds.

You're wasting the points on the wild riders. Without command, they won't win any combats reliably, and they certainly won't break anything larger than small skirmisher units. Being both Immune to Psychology and unable to shoot, they're useless in any conventional fast cavalry role. Bulk 'em up and smash units with them.
Combine two units into one of 10 with command and the warbanner. This combo has been the one constant success in my army lists.

Try a unit of Treekin as well. They're expensive, but they're resilient even to cavalry charges and they can dish out a lot of damage in return.

Instead of the branchwraith, try a Wild Rider Kindred noble? Better Ld for your army - because your dryads will be taking break tests.

09-03-2006, 15:59
It's in need of one of the treemen being made up to an ancient: extra treesinging, higher stubborn leadership and you can give him(?) annoyance of nettlings. Keep them in the woods for as long as possible to avoid being fired upon. I'd also drop out one of the units of wild riders to pay for the treeman upgrade, and to get some command for the other wild riders.

As for cheese, it's not too bad. Personally I think this (http://www.woodelves.org/Asrai/viewtopic.php?t=2966) list is a lot worse, even though it has BSB in it.