View Full Version : need some advice with WOC

04-10-2010, 19:51
i am running a unit of tzeencth marauders 30 big with light armour and shields and using it as a mage bunker i am currently running it in horde formation 10*3 sgould i bne running it like that or maybe 5*6 or even 6*5?

04-10-2010, 19:54
Tough to say - on the one hand going 10 wide gives you better chances to keep your caster out of combat, but then again he's a tough cookie by himself - he can take a few hits.
Going horde just makes the unit easier to break - I'd have gone for a deep formation as opposed to wide just to keep my steadfast - only risk you run is with template miscasts but with an infernal puppet you could mitigate the damage inflicted on yourself.

A horde unit is best left for great weapons!! Lovely str 5 - excellent!

04-10-2010, 21:02
If you want to run them as a horde you need more than 30. Personally I would run them atleast 50 with great weapons. This way they can sustain some casualties and still retain full combat strength.

With sword and shield I would run them deep rather than wide as you don't really rely on them to cause alot of damage.

05-10-2010, 01:11
Go for steadfast instead. 5 wide.

05-10-2010, 01:32
5 wide for a bunker, you are trying not to break after all. 5++ and 6 ranks is hard nut to crack, especially when your mage Stream of corruptions their ranks away

05-10-2010, 22:28
If you go tzeentch, do LA/shield. I did 50 with GW/Khorne, they were wiped out in two turns of close combat due to a 30 man ghoul horde.