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09-03-2006, 14:00
I've been meaning to get my **** in gear, and get posting the many, many sketches I churn out every day online somewhere.. so why not here?

So, in no particular order, I will be showing you the best of my scribblings and doodlings.

First off, I have the sketches I already have stored on Photobucket, and hence, the easiest to post.

First, a Tau ethereal:
The idea here was to base the model on a LotR haradrim model, but it turns out the model is far too small scale to be used.. Still, I really like the design concept here, the subtle eastern feel, and the humble style of the dress.

I did the following sketches a while ago, for a custom marine chapter. I originally posted them on BnC, which alas, is now (seemingly) dead.
The idea was that the chapter had fallen victim to a nurgle virulent, which had reacted incorrectly to their enhanced physiology, and left them with a bizarre healing system, that kept them alive while they decayed. So essentially.. zombie marines! They do however remain lucid, and while viewed as a chaos chapter by the Imperium, they are still loyal.


more to come, as soon as I get it scanned. Enjoy!

09-03-2006, 14:01
Couple more..

Marine profile:

Concept I did for the Imperial Castellans Index Astarted project over on BnC:

09-03-2006, 14:34
Tau related stuff...

Assorted doodlings, and an old ethereal:

Demiurg concept possibility:

And my favourite tau drawing to date (I think), an ethereal I drew after seeing the godawful new ethereal models, which represents my take on the styles they have now introduced to the ethereal line:


09-03-2006, 14:36
Chaos marine concept:

Traitor guard/snipers/assassins:


Space wolf portrait:

Daller Hess, Mentors Legion marine seconded to the DeathWatch:

09-03-2006, 14:38
Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf, nothing special here, just an attempt at drawing the figure, and getting a more stocky build, rather than the weak-shouldered portly short guys the dwarf plastics currently portray:

Warhammer fantasy Pestigor idea:


Eldar portrait:

Imperial Guard concept (the idea which went on to become the Karadz Westers (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23594&highlight=Karadz)):

Hideous Loon
09-03-2006, 14:58
Looks awfully good, tudor. All of it, you've got some drawing skills here. More than me, at least. Got more?

09-03-2006, 15:00
Thanks, I should have some more at some point, just got to dig it all out of the various draws and boxes its all stashed away in..

09-03-2006, 16:22
Awesome, I love that Ethereal at the end of your second post!

Ivan Stupidor
09-03-2006, 20:52
Excellent work. Those traitor Guard clicked nicely with one of my long-term Imperial Guard projects, and I think I may shamelessly steal their look.

(Now, let's see; I'll need a bunch of Wood Elf heads and cloaks, some Cadian bodies, and an absurd number of Elysian arms...)

09-03-2006, 21:08
The original plan for them was cadians + conversion and almost nothing else, I suppose it depends on your GS skills. The best bet would be cadians, wood elf hoods.. and then.. GS on the arms probably. I think the shoulder pads are important too though.

Would probably be interesting to use some of the FW talarn arms and guns too.

Aerion the Faithful
10-03-2006, 01:09
Hey, Tudor... Well, you took me out of the 'sneaking business' here on Warseer to congratulate you on your sketches. As i told you before, they show a lot of potential and understanding of the basics of drawing, and you should get to work more often! (-whiplash on the back-). I specially like the concepts you did of the Ethereals, and the Traitor Guard...

Oh, well, keep up the great work. And as soon as you ink something, post it ;)

Aerion The faithful

Ivan Stupidor
10-03-2006, 03:15
The original plan for them was cadians + conversion and almost nothing else, I suppose it depends on your GS skills. The best bet would be cadians, wood elf hoods.. and then.. GS on the arms probably. I think the shoulder pads are important too though.

Would probably be interesting to use some of the FW talarn arms and guns too.

Tallarn arms would work, too - both they and the Elysians have the smaller shoulder pads. Of course, the point is moot until FW starts offering bitz seperately...

17-04-2006, 00:58
couple more marine sketches here, for my DIY chapter (that I'll get back to collecting eventually...) the Wings of Reckoning.

These are just armour and overall design concepts, as ever,



17-04-2006, 01:01
@MNIT: Wow, dude you have got some skills with the sharpened stick. Great sketches that come off as gritty but well proportioned drawings. I like the eldar with the tattoo on his face. Well done.

17-04-2006, 01:07
Thanks a lot Thunderer, I do try to go for the gritty dark edge a lot of the time - I'm glad it comes across.

Anyway, here's another, an sketch of an old ethereal I did after seeing the (frankly hideous) Aun'va model. This is basically what I would want from a very old, very wise Ethereal.


For those who have read the books, I imagine this guy to be like Nakor from the Riftwar saga by Raymond E. Feist. Very quirky, comes across a little eccentric.. even a bit senile, with a sense of humour - but deeply, deeply wise when it comes down to it. So wisened that he appears to see the humour in even the darkest situations the universe throws at him, and always seeing the light of the Tau'va guiding him through them.

17-04-2006, 01:14
I'm a big(ish) star wars fan, and here are a couple of concept sketches for clone trooper armour variants that I did. It was about the same time I got it into my head I could make a set of rules for star wars armies in 40k, and make models to represent the troopers too...



17-04-2006, 12:48
i've got a soft spot for dwaves :angel:
(that one you did is my favourite of the bunch) :cool:
i like the free sketchy feel to your artwork my_name_is_tudor which is tottally the opposite style to mine

:o i can't understand how i've missed this thread for so long as i normally ''pop'' in every day?

anyways Kudos to you for posting some really nice pics ;)

Flame of Udun
17-04-2006, 20:21
Love that Ethereal! He looks very zen!

18-04-2006, 00:51
Cheers. In my opinion the new ethereals, aun'va included, have totally betrayed the sense of wisdom and understanding the old ethereals carried. They look dogmatic and hostile. Why can't the 'leader' of the Tau be a calm, understanding, enlightened figure, rather than an axe-wielding space-pope?

Flame of Udun
18-04-2006, 01:35
Well I'm not sure about axe-wielding popes but I do agree that the new ethereals look rubbish. I believe it's the extra dash of "grim" and a pinch of "darkness" that GW keep trying to add to the recipie of late ;)

18-04-2006, 01:45
I think when they reached for the 'grim', they stirred in a handful of 'crap' by accident.

Flame of Udun
18-04-2006, 19:17
haha, yeah, can't disagree with that! :)

18-04-2006, 19:40
Ooh, I like this lot. Very shiny, proper 'conceptual' artwork, though that's no bad thing. A weight of ideas.

Tanith Ghost
18-04-2006, 20:35
Good stuff all. I liked the Mentor Legion marine and the space wolf the best.