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05-10-2010, 00:11
I was just looking over the common magic items again and fell on a spell that sparked my attention. Crown of Command that gives a character stubborn. Coupled with the pendant, this got me thinking, that this might be one of the most stable combos out there. A 10 Ld stubborn character with a 2+ save, reverse ward, and could very well be driving a dragon down the flank of a tough enemy, could be preventing a charge with the breath weapon, or just be mincing around random small units, and not have to fear being pushed away and caught.

I thought about taking it 1 step further, actually, and putting a level 4 sorc on that dragon, giving her stubborn, the pendant, and the ring of hotek, and just driving her into combat on a dragon, and blowing up with a miscast, hopefully hitting irresistable power on purple sun. There's a good chance she would get a big str 10 template, followed by a big purple sun in the middle of a big unit, followed by dragon attacks.

Now the dangers is, of course, the new accuracy of cannons, which can ruin the day of monsters like there's no tomorrow, but the idea of a monster list seems at the same time, more doable now that there are new tools to make the monsters more reliable in the face of massive static combat rez, and at the same time it sounds like it might be more acceptable than before, and less cheezy, just because of the buffs that infantry and artillery have gotten . It all sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Thoughts? Would you mind playing a monster list more now than in 7th? Do you think it has become more viable? what kind of monster combinations might be fun?

05-10-2010, 00:14
I like the idea - though I would go with a dark peg which can't be attacked independently and is much cheaper. Would make for a good annoyance unit.

05-10-2010, 04:27
That would be pretty sweet as well, although it would look less cool.

I just reread the rules for monstrous cavalry, and for 50 points on a solo master/sorc of hero level, you're essentially giving them flying, an extra wound, and two extra attacks, not to mention a thunderstomp attack. That is pretty awesome, almost makes me want to try having a bunch of masters with specialized equipment (e.g. no armour save master taking out knights, assassination master flying into wizards, ect.). Sounds like a blast, and with a few units of dark riders it could mitigate warmachine damage.

I might just try and get these models painted up and make a standard army if it's as fun as I think it will be :D