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Kiras of the flame
05-10-2010, 06:08
Ok so I'm starting an HE army... after being annoyed at how awesome their models look... I've tried to add both an archmage AND a prince because we all know that two lords will spell doom for our foes... Just like Tyron and Telics...

Archmage Tarhill-260
Lv4 Lore of High Magic

Prince Aratorn Dragonstorm-265
Great Weapon, Dragon Armor, Helm of Fortune, Talisman of Protection, Barded Elven Steed
(rides with the dragon princes)

Emirill Shadowsong-163
Standard Bearer with Razor Standard, Dragon armor, Shield

Kortar Sunrider
Dragon Mage-395
Lv2 with Silver Wand

32 Spearmen-313
Full company

16 Archers-201
Full company

16 Archers-201

20 White Lions-355
Full Company with the Lion Standard
(ninja's with big axes)

15 Phoenix Guard-255
Full company

9 Dragon Princes-340
full company, Drake Master has the Shreiking Blade, Banner of Eternal Flame
(the items are made to enforce the dragon theme a bit more...)

5 Ellyrian Reavers-119
Harbringer, Musician, spears and bows
(the shoot and run people...)

Bolt Thrower-100


I generally like the prince more than the Archmage due to the fact I like my general to be an inspiring ray of hope... and for my opponents to fear him outright... but from what I herd it's important to get an archmage instead since our magic is so awesome...

The dragon mage, while expensive, does make a good impact on the field... also he brings FIRE

I would've gone for Seaguard because they're so versatile... but I like to give my units a simple task....

White Lions are crazy... Great weapons and the 'always strike first' no matter what means that they'll chop up one unit (and most likely re roll their hits) and then move back into the shadows... the +2 against shooting is also boss...

Dragon Princes are equally boss... the magic items I've given emphasize more on the dragon attitude... making them

it's a bit of a stretch for me... but I think I can manage...

05-10-2010, 18:28
The list is interesting but on the whole there's many elements that are uncommon and considered ineffective. Not sure how much you know about HE but unless you're trying something different to have fun on purpose you're probably making some big mistakes.

Archmage has no items? Huge problem imo. I'd at least slip him the silver wand if nothing else, and with you giving it to the DM I'd give him the Seerstaff. Also High Magic? It's a pretty bad lore atm compared with the others, I'd point you towards life or shadow.

2 mages and no BoS? You'll be hurting for power dice the whole game.

DM... considered to be a semi useless unit, fire is thought of as an underpowered lore as it is but on a dragon means this mage is half combat and half casting, but if he gets into combat he'll probably die fast. While the baby dragon will make people think 'I know I can kill that'. It's just so hard to make him work and worth his points.

Your BSB is asking to die, his survivability is 0. Anybody who knows what they're doing will score about 250 pts within 1 game turn of him getting into combat.

Lion Standard lost alot when fear/terror and outnumber stopped autobreaking in combat. You'd be better off with the SoD +1 to LD.

Archers, and probably Fast cav don't need FC, heck you could get by not giving them a banner but the commander is just overpriced.

Personally I'd like to see a few eagles or another unit of fast cav, sry to rip apart the list mate but it's probably the same most on here will tell u.

Kiras of the flame
05-10-2010, 23:15
meh like I said this is my first attempt at a HE army... I never thought about getting them until the new models came out... that and I won the Island of Blood in a contest...

as I see what you mean I'll try changing the list a bit more...

06-10-2010, 03:07
Everything d*haran said, and then Drop both archer units for a block of lsg, or better yet another block of spearmen and another rbt. After that cut the dragonmage out and you said you wanted killer combat lord? Prince with white sword aoc g.p and tailsman of loec. Any infantry man sized hero or lord you run into will be dead. And guess what? its cheap, 250 points! You still have points left to take roughly 2 eagles! Take your bsb that's now naked give him tekgamdors gauntlets b.steed d.a and g.w and ypu still have twenty points to play with for magic items :D with points left over boost the p.g to 2 and fill out core blocks as needs to meet the percent.