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05-10-2010, 07:55
I was driving home from a tournement sunday and started thinking about trying out a new army now that I finally finished painting my chaos dwarfs. Out of the 20+ people there not a single person played Dark Elves(or daemons or beastmen) so I'll be giving my opponents something new to play against and I was wondering if my idea for a theme would work or not. Basicly I want to have an almost woodelf style play type, lots of shooting at my core with some dark riders and shades out front causing trouble and slowing stuff down. I know a lot of people have been claiming that woodelfs have lost thier ability to suceed with this type of list in 8th but what about dark elves? They seem to have kept a few advantages and with the changes in terrain I'm not sure if woodelves have anything that I can't match anymore.

One of the big differences I see is that I can take shadow magic to turn the odds in my favor, seems much more effective than lore of athel loren. 20+ crossbowmen with mindrazor are pretty damn scary and can probably deal with just about anything that survives to hit my lines. Also withering means that hail of strength 3 shots will almost all wound. Unlike woodies I can also take a few bolt throwers to deal with large nasty stuff. A hydra is definitely comparable to a treeman as a tarpit/hammer. Hatred means when I do have to fight in close combat I stand a better chance of winning. Also there are assassins to deal with things too.

Right now I'm thinking along the lines of two big units of crossbows in the middle, a couple small units of corsairs with handbows for flanking/redirecting. Some dark riders with crossbows, shades with extra hand weapon, a unit of harpies, threeish bolt throwers and maybe a hydra. For characters probably a lvl 4, lvl2 both shadow so i'll get all the spells every game, a pegasus dreadlord and an assassin or two. A BSB might be nice but the most complementary build I see to this list seems like a Cauldron of Blood and I'm too sure if I like how that feels. I want to paint everything shadowy and stealthy and the model feels too flashy and slow to belong a scouting type army.

So what do you guys think? Can this type of dark elf list do alright? I know that black guard, cold ones, witch elves and even spearmen feature in the most sucessful/competitive lists but can I make do just shooting debuffed units to peices and then cleaning them up with my crossbows, corsairs and dark riders? In my mind I think it might work against most lists with a fair amount of competitiveness but I have never tried to play a fragile, shooty, mobile army that is almost completely lacking in dedicated combat units.

05-10-2010, 08:06
swap the corsairs out for another hydra.

Change lores.

you have a very ben curry list.....

05-10-2010, 08:10
The only spell that I would ever rely on is Purple Sun or Dweller, anything else is a bonus. As for trying to get all spells with a Lv4 and Lv2, having Razor on your level 2 can be as bad as not having it and you are paying for it.

Otherwise the army in general is fine.

05-10-2010, 08:37
A second hydra would cut into my bolt throwers and dropping corsairs would mean I lose standards for break point missions, the only other place to put them would be dark riders and I don't think that's a great idea, fast cavalry don't generally live exceedingly long lives. I'm definitely sticking with shadow, I like the theme it adds to my army and is the best support lore available to dark elves, others probably do a fair bit more damage directly but if used right I think shadow is at least thier equal in effectiveness.

Pit of shades isn't that much worse than purple sun and with miasma to lower initiative can be even better against certain armies. Also I don't really see why it would be the end of the world if the lvl 2 ended up with mindrazor, if I really need to get the spell off I can always throw every single dice I get at it. Two points in caster level very rarely seems to make a difference in 8th, one person or the other usually rolls two 6s when it comes to the big spells. Although if I really want the lvl 4 to have it I can give one of them the tome of furion and then swap it out for the signiture if the lvl 2 happens to roll it.

Thanks for the quick replies and if anyone else has any comments I'd love to hear them. Gonna write up a hard list pretty soon and try to get in a proxy game or two this week to see if it's any fun to play.

Entreri Bloodletter
05-10-2010, 18:30
I think its a good idea and one that can work well if you play it right. You have to have enough diversions and smaller units to slow and delay the enemy because if you don't you probably won't have enough hitting power in CC to overcome a purely CC army.

Shadow seems like a very good choice for the level four, but I think you would really benefit from using a different lore on the level 2. It doesn't sound like you are relying on a single spell to win the game, so having each spell seems like a waste when there are very good support lores available too. I would not go with death magic on the level two, but dark is always a viable choice because the spells are so easy to cast. Fire and metal are also handy with various damaging spells and buffs/debuffs. Metal is very good against high armor targets, for example using Plague of Rust combine with your crossbows means that you are hitting with -2 to armor saves. Glittering Robes can be very handy giving your crossbows a mighty 3+ AS and 6+ ward. The re-roll to hit spell is also very good with dark elf repeater crossbows. I would really recommend Metal magic, I used a level 2 with it and the Tome of Furion (+1 spell) and was very pleased with the results.

On character choices I'm not seeing the point of the dreadlord peg. I also would not recommend the CoB as it neither fits your theme or helps your army as much as it does other builds. A BSB on foot could be useful- a favorite of mine has the Armor of Darkness and another 25 point item. Either Crimson Death for more hitting power or Guiding Eye for extra re-rolls on your crossbows. In either case, put him with the crossbows and give him a pair of repeating handbows so that your unit will be standing and shooting in short range due to the 8" range on the handbow.

Your list is lacking in high str attacks so unless you plan on adding a support unit of CoK (pretty cheap for the benefit IMO) you will have to use magic to take out the nastiest enemies. Not necessarily a problem, just something you have to be aware of. But good luck, and let us know about results!