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05-10-2010, 17:49
Having played a few games using the 8th edition rules with my empire army I feel ready to pick up my pet project: The Sect of the Sacred Serpent, an army under construction.

The army is themed around Chaos Warriors (an uphill struggle in the last edition...) and the basic gameplan is to get them into combat and let them do their dirty work. Characters and other units have a supporting role.

With the current edition I aim at 2500 pts and here is my first rough army sketch with around 200pts to spare.

2 x lvl2 sorcerors on foot

1 x 20 chaos warriors (shield, mus, std)
2 x 15 chaos warriors (halberd + shield, mus, std)

2 x 36 marauders (great weapon, full cmd)

2 x 5 chaos knights (std)

3 x 5 warhounds

3 x 5 marauder horse (spear + shield, mus)

Center line is CW - M - CW - M - CW. Mages in marauder regiments. Cavalry races up the flanks to get at warmachines and flank/rear in the end game. Warhounds win deployment and try to be as annoying as possible.

So what do you think? Any feed-back is welcome!

05-10-2010, 18:12
How are you marking your units? I assume Khorne on everything but the Sorcerers and shield Warriors?

05-10-2010, 18:37
No marks included so far. I haven't really thought them through, but no time better than the present! :)

Khorne seems like the best choice for the infantry given that Frenzy can now be controlled by leadership tests. I'm also considering Tzeentch for the Chaos Warriors. A 5+ ward with shield could come in handy against ASF elves....

For the cavalry I'm not so sure. Khorne means a hell of a lot of attacks, but they will operate away from the main battle line and the loosing the ability to Flee! could be a problem. For the knights I'm thinking Tzeentch or perhaps Slaanesh. Horsemen might be left unmarked or maybe Slaanesh.

To be honest I need to do some more thinking on the marking... Any well motivated suggestions are welcome!