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06-10-2010, 00:08
So this is my first list that I have made for my ogre kingdoms and would like some feedback from people who have played them before.

PS. this is supposed to be a fun army to play that can compete but doesnt have to win. I play DE as my main and they wun most of the time.

Tyrant - thundermace, Wyrdstone necklace, Mazseeker, Luck-Gnoblar, heavy armour 296 points
// I built this guy with the thundermace as it seems very good with no partials in 8th and decent at taking out large monsters and characters as well, he has T6 and a 5+ ward save so decently hard to kill. He will go in my Bull Unit to raise their leadership and add some hitting power.

Bruiser - BSB, talisman of endurance, mawseeker, luck Gnoblar 204 points
// this guy has T6 and a 5+ ward save like the tyrant but doesnt have the chance to take a wound in the first turn, he will go with my butcher in the Ironguts unit.

Butcher - dispel scroll
// im taking this guy to try to compete in the megic phase but i know he wont dominate, he has the dispel scroll incase i have the chance to get rid of something nasty. He will go in the ironguts as well.

58 Gnoblar Fighters - groinbiter 118 points
// these guys are basically to get rid of steadfast or let me position for better charges.

9 Bulls - Standard bearer, bellowerm iron fists
// I chose to go with ironfist as I feel that having a larger unit of 9 will let me do 2 ranks of 4 and have 2 guys in the third rank to soak up damage. or have them 5 wide if we face a horde.

7 Ironguts - Bellower
// these guys will house the BSB and the butcher and seem to be able to put out massive damage , the extra model is to soak up damage, will probably run these guys 4 wide as well.

1 Slave Giant-
// I love playing with Giants and i dont care if he sucks. As I said before this army is about fun before winning. Plus I already have the model.

1 Scrapluancher -
// I am not sure about this unit but since I play skaven alot it seems like a good thing to have around. Will probably convert this as I dont like the model.

2 Gorgers -
// now this unit I am not sure about either I have heard good things so will try them out and see how it goes. any input about them would be great as well.

So thats the list, I was hoping someone could give me some info about maneaters, as I really like the idea of them and some of the models are great. BUT they are really damn expensive in points and not sure if they make it back easily at all.

Thanks for the input

06-10-2010, 06:43
So i guess I wrote a perfect list the first shot!!!

immortal git
06-10-2010, 14:58
IF are pretty cool, a little situational, but good if used well, scraplaunchers are they way forward, gnoblars are great in horde, mine held a unit of 100 clanrats and a bell for three turns a few weeks ago tyrant build is solid, bsb is good too, butcher is good, same as mine, scraplaunchers are amazing, giants are well worth it, you dont have many ogres is my one issue, but let me know how it goes

09-10-2010, 01:54
At 2000 points, this is what I'm running for my Tyrant:

Fencer's Blades (makes him WS10 and +1 Attacks)
Trickster's Helm (all successful wounds against him have to be re-rolled)
Mawseeker (T6, definitely)
Heavy Armor

The Luck Gnoblar is nice if you've got the points and percentage allowance to take it, but I'm taking a Slaughtermast at 2000 points for the +4 to cast and dispell (more on that later) , so I've got to leave the LG off. Kitting your Tyrant out this way makes him harder to hit and, more importantly, harder to wound. The combo of the Heavy Armor and the Helm gives him a 4+ armor save. Now, I know armor saves start becoming meaningless when you come up against higher strength attacks, but I play against a lot of VC, and skellies and zombies are only Str3. Getting attacked by a Str 4 weapon he's still got a 5+ armor save. But the real trick is the Helm, which makes your opponent re-roll all his successful To Wound rolls against your Tyrant. With so much ASF in the game (High Elves, Dark Elves, Dance Macabre, etc), the WS10 of the Fencer's Blades makes him harder to hit (for most things), and then they're re-rolling successful wounds. Someone said it somewhere else on the forum, but I'll repeat it here: I can't fail a Ward Save I don't have to make! Besides, you should be using your Butcher to give that unit Trollguts and give them a 4+ Regen save. You can't use the 5+ Ward Save from the necklace and the 4+ Regen save, it's one or the other.

Which brings me to the subject of magic users. My opponents HATE Gut Magic, and for a good reason. The buffs are cheap and plentiful. However, at 2000 points, I'm running a Slaughtermast in the same unit of Ironguts that my Tyrant and BSB are in, and I'm running a Butcher in one of my units of Bulls. Between them, they should be able to buff all of my Ogre units, at least a bit and for a while. Plus, you're going to run up against the Purple Nurple (Purple Sun of Xereus), and the Shadow Lore's mini version of it, and it's a game-ender for Ogres. Most Ogres are only Init 2, so you're going to want to be dispelling that all the time, everytime!

Like I said, I run my Tyrant and a Slaughtermaster (or at least a Butcher) in my unit of Ironguts. Ogres are Initiative 2, so they're going to be going last against most things, which makes IGs a good choice for your main unit. They pack a punch, and if Str6 isn't good enough for what you're up against, your magic user can buff the strength of that unit up. Also, I take the Standard of Discipline for 15 points in my unit of IGs, 'cuz they can take a magic standard and it makes the unit Leadership 10, and the Tyrant's Inspiring Presence Ld10, too, for everything that's 12" away from him.

I've gotta run, but a word about Gorgers. Some people don't use them, but I have a friend who swears by them, so I started taking one at 1000 points and giving up the magic items I could equip my Tyrant and Butcher with, and the Gorger has certainly been a good investment. He comes in from any table edge you want, so he can come in behind Empire or any other gun line and wreak havoc, or in one game I had him come in on the side and in the next turn he slammed into the flank of a unit of Chaos Warriors that my Bulls were tied up with and disrupted them. Gorgers are Unbreakable and T5, with Killing Blow. I don't leave home without one, now.

I've gotta run now, so I'll post another reply later with some other thoughts, maybe Monday...