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Bingo the Fun Monkey
06-10-2010, 07:25
Been playing a lot of 2000 and below games. Now is time to expand and have some fun.

Lords: 604

Biggest Bestest Boss Morgit the Scourge (Black Orc Warboss)- 195
-Armor of Destiny

Wizbang (Orc Shaman Lord)- 250
-Level 4, Power Scroll

Nobblit Skunk Stompa (Night Goblin Lord)- 159
-Armor of Silvered Steel, Dawnstone, Bigged's Kickin' Boots, Additional Hand Weapon

Heroes: 596

Big Boss Bob (Black Orc Big Boss)- 159
-Battle Standard, Heavy Armor, Talisman of Preservation

Boss Groznit (Night Goblin Big Boss)- 59
-Gambler's Armor, Ironcurse Icon Great Weapon

Sneaky Skazrat (Night Goblin Big Boss)- 79
-Maad's Map, Potion of Speed, Wallopa's One Hit Wunda, Light Armor, Shield

Crazy Dynamo (Goblin Shaman)- 165
-Brimstone Bauble, Dispell Scroll, Wolf Chariot

Boogerbrain (Night Goblin Shaman)- 135
-Level 2, Feedback Scroll

Core: 908

Morgit's Mighty Goonz (38 Orc Boyz)- 258
-Full Command, Shield

Da Face Smashaz (18 Big Unz)- 253
-Full Command, Additional Choppa, Banner of Butchery

Nobblit's Shady Shankaz (58 Night Goblins)- 229
-Full Command, Netters

Wolf Stikkaz (6 Wolf Riders)- 84
-Bows, Musician

Wolf Pikkaz (6 Wolf Riders)- 84
-Spears, Musician

Special: 310

Imbad Ironface (Boar Chariot)

Da Leemun Bruthaz (Boar Chariot)

Rock Lobba

Rock Lobba

Rare: 80

Goblin Doom Diver

So...there it is.

I am still convinced that a Blorc Warboss with AoD is one of the best character buys in the game. He and the BSB will join the 38 man unit of Orcs. This is my anvil. I have not yet lost a game since I've taken this unit. However, between the BOWB and BOBBBSB and the unit champion, this unit is usually able to dish out a decent number of kills while living with the comfort of Steadfast.

The second big unit is the 58 Night Goblins without Fanatics but joined by two fighty characters as well as the NG Shaman (if I feel he needs a bunker). Noblit can dish out 6 attacks a turn and take a hit (as long as it doesn't ignore armor save). I didn't take Fanatics because in my experience they usually did more practical damage to my army than my enemy's. By practical I mean, killing a crucial rank for CR or Disruption. Even if they "make their points back", relying on random numbers of attacks is not how this army wins. Also, most players would expect there to be Night Goblins and behave accordingly. The other Boss will help mitigate the inevitable artillery barrage this unit is bound to take.

I have two novelty characters: Sneaky Skazrat and Crazy Dynamo. Skazrat's basically my assassin. He'll lurk where he can hide until the time is right to strike (first, hopefully), and hit hard. Crazy Dynamo's an old favorite from early 7th ed. Basically his job is to deny a spell (a crucial one preferably), then hit something on the charge, deal his impact hits, get killed, and blow up. Being on a chariot, if he charges into a combat involving multiples of enemy units, it would not be unreasonable to think that at some point, I could be engaging two units when he dies.

Both these characters have their own "escorts" of sorts. The Wolf Riders can use their vanguard move to get next to Skazrat and protect him if need be. Boar chariots are more threatening than some silly goblin chariot (right?), so hopefully, between them and my artillery, I'll be able to divert the attention of dedicated "annoyance" hunters.

I realize that I might have gone a little crazy with the cheap character options available to me. But I can also reasonably expect at least the Bret, DoC and Skaven players to do the same.

I expect to face these armies regularly: Bretonnians, Skaven, Daemons of Chaos, High Elves, Lizardmen.

Thoughts? Opinions?

06-10-2010, 14:10
Too many heroes imo, over 1/3 your army... what army do you think you're playing, VC?

That said I like the rest of the list, people might try telling you that your need Black Orcs, but try it out and see how it works. Your Big Uns are probably too small of a unit, I'd just drop them to normal orcs and get more in the unit, with so many heroes you don't need to pimp them out, just put heroes in the front rank.

Guess if it were me I'd want 2 spear chukkas in case there's some big baddies on the opposing team.