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06-10-2010, 16:36
Disclaimer; just came up with this and wanted to know people's thoughts. I know it has holes.


Sword of Hoeth
Armour of Caledor
The Other Trickster's Shard

Archmage L4 Shadow
Book of Hoeth


Noble BSB
Battle Banner

Mage L2 High
Seerstaff of Saphery

Mage L2 Fire
Tiranoc Chariot
Gem of Sunfire
The Terrifying Mask of OMG


32 Spearmen FC

15 Archers

20 Lothern Sea Guard FC
Banner of Eternal Flame


18 Swordmasters FC
Bladelord w/ Talisman of Loec
War Banner

20 Phoenix Guard FC

19 Phoenix Guard FC
Banner of Arcane Protection

This list came about when I was thinking of ways to harrass my opponent's Skaven. I generally need to protect my mages better and he's been progressively tooling up his Stormvermin as an effective hammer unit; Queek's challenge situation has swung the tide of many a battle in his favour.

So the Archmage goes in the 19 PG and acts like a bunker of sorts, while the High mage joins the archers and they try to find a building ASAP. High mage would select Shield of Saphery and Flames of the Phoenix, effectively playing a buff/suppression role.

Fire mage is a fun little idea I had, a fast moving destruction machine that will get behind his lines and fireball the toss out of him. It also causes Terror so it can harrass the units that are outside the general's leadership.

The second unit of PG is just because I really like them and two units will look phenomenal.

Spearmen are an anvil while the LSG are a flaming utility unit, to cause a bit of a headache for his HPA, but it also might be a cool little outfit for other opponents who might have regeneration. Either way, they can shoot fire and stab fire in 4 ranks if they need to.

Finally my big smashy smashy unit is the Swordmasters, the BSB Noble and Prince would both be deployed in here. With all the banners it gets an automatic d6 plus 4 CR plus all of the tasty kill cookies that it kindly shares with opponents. This is the unit I'm taking to annihilate the Stormvermin; when Queek challenges, I will accept with the Bladelord that uses Talisman of Loec to a) regain the re-rolls to hit which he loses from having lower Ld, and b) have a very good chance of blipping him before he can get any overkill bonus. This unit should unwrap most fights that it is delivered and will make for a brutal countercharge unit.

So there you go, not all that mobile and maybe a bit too elite but there are plenty of models out there and a lots of them have ward saves. I think there's a fair amount of punch in this army but I fear the lack of versatility might be its downfall.


06-10-2010, 16:56
Too many mages and no BoS to boot. You won't have enough dice for all to be effective, and taking a 200 point situation mage is imo a poor choice of points.

BSB is a pushover and battle banner isn't worth it what with steadfast rules, it's not about winning combat, it's about breaking the enemy. He needs survivability, only banner I'd ever take on a BSB is the World Dragon and I'd have to mount the BSB after wards for a 2+ armour save.

Mage in chariot... just a bad idea, it's like giving your enemy points.

Warbanner, once again battle rez banner aren't worth their points because too much combat rez is being thrown around on top of steadfast. These banners are a point sink that will never pay out.

PG probably don't need BoAP, especially with 2 units of them.

My 2 biggest thoughts are 1. Too many points in mages/heroes. 2. No fast cav/eagles/heavy cav/scouts/chariots (ones you want in combat anyways) means you have limited movement. The worst thing for this list would be seeing a gunline army as you have no counter, and trust me at 3k you need a gunline counter.

06-10-2010, 17:07
Must agree with D'Haran on the mages, drop the chariot mage and run with 1 lvl 4 and 1 lvl 2. (I love the idea of a Tiranoc mage noble, but he will probably die even faster than a dragon mage)

Drop the magic banner on the BsB and give him Armour of silvered steel and luck stone (keep the GW).

Put the tal. of Loec on the Prince not the bladelord, and run the SM without any heroes. Refuse queeks challenge with the bladelord and watch 9 rerollable WS6 S5 attacks rip him and his puny 3+ AS to shreds.

Oh and put life on the lvl 2 instead of high. That way you can heal your prince when he pops the ToL.

The Phoenix guard will hardly need BoAP, put BoS on them instead.

Finally, why oh why do you run 15 archers?