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06-10-2010, 21:58
This is my first attempt at constructing HE list. Pretty much first attempt at building a fantasy army in general. Have played 40k (green tide) for the majority of my warhammer career. Still kinda hazy on all the rules and on goings of fantasy but im getting the grasp of it I think.

any advice is good advice. Thanks!

Archmage: book of hoeth, lvl 4, lore of life. 360

Mage: lvl 2, seerstaff of saphery,(High magic shield and flames or vauls unmaking). 165.

Noble: bsb, barded elven steed, heavy armour, great weapon. Banner of sorcery. 163

25 x archers: standard, musician. 285 (Mage Bunker)

24 x spearman: FC. 241.

24 x spearman: FC. 241.

19x PG: FC, banner of arcane protection. 340 (Archmage Bunker)

9x DPoC: FC, Razor Banner. 365 (Noble)

1x lion chariots of chrace. 140.

1x bolt thrower: 100

2x great eagles: 100.


Whatcha think?

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
07-10-2010, 09:41
I like it. Plenty of shooting troops, lots of depth in both the bunker unit and supporting infantry and some mobile attackers for flank attacks and taking out war machines.

However you might have a problem with scouts/skrimishers that could possible pop up in your deployment area if you're not careful.

Other suggestions:

If you can cull about 8 spearmen to spare the points (that about 72 pts. if I recall correctly) I would give the BSB some dragon armor for additional protection, increase the number of PGs by 4 for a 6 man frontage & 4 ranks deep unit, and give the archers the Banner of Eternal Flame.

I hope that helps.

Not a word to the elf.
07-10-2010, 11:06
Agree with elf pansy, but go with flames and not vauls's unmaking cause' if you shave nine spearmen and add the pheonix guard, dragon armor, and add the ring of corin to your lev.2 then you can get an easier to cast vaul's unmaking when your opponent ran out of dispel die, like they always do in 8th.

08-10-2010, 07:02
Look at all the other threads I have posted on to get a better idea, but in summary:

No archers, drop the W.L chariot, drop 3 D.Ps, and the musc. and the champ -add in Ellyrion banner instead,take out the BoAP and add in BoS, your noble should have the following kit if you want him to stay alive: AoC, G.P and G.Weapon = 168 points, take on spearmen block and the points left over from above and make a LSG block of at least 26, if you have any points left over take another Rbt or even take out a eagle and in another one if you want more shooting, otherwise just beef up blocks.