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07-10-2010, 01:03
1 Liche High Priest @ 335 Pts
Cloak of the Dunes
Collar of Shapesh
Staff of Ravening

1 Tomb King @ 260 Pts
Armor of Silvered Steel
Dragonebane Gem
Ogres Blade

1 Liche Priest @ 168 Pts
Dispel Scroll
Enkhil's Kanopi
1 Skeletal Steed

1 Icon Bearer @ 92 Pts
Battle Standard; Light Armour
Ruby Ring of Ruin

1 Liche Priest @ 140 Pts
Brooch of the Great Desert

1 Liche Priest @ 325 Pts
Golden Ankrha
1 Casket of Souls

3 Skeleton Chariots @ 150 Pts
Standard; Musician

3 Skeleton Chariots @ 150 Pts
Standard; Musician

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 160 Pts

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 160 Pts

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 160 Pts

24 Tomb Guard @ 355 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
Banner of the Undying Legion

1 Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

1 Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

3 Ushabti @ 195 Pts

1 Screaming Skull Catapult @ 90 Pts

1 Screaming Skull Catapult @ 90 Pts

Models in Army: 110

Total Army Cost: 3000

07-10-2010, 07:30
Yeah looks solid. My only problems are that you have an Icon Bearer, which are pretty bad. And Tomb Guard which have never done anything good for me. In large units they're just expensive skeleton warriors, I'd advise scrapping them for 25 skellies with shields and spend the (95) saved points on.... another scorpion.

I've found that Tomb Guard only work better than skellies in smallish flanking units.

But otherwise, a good list.

07-10-2010, 14:22
I like the basis of the list. This is one of those, little bit of everything TK lists that I can get behind (not that we have that much choice in the first place)! Good job!

A few things, I've noticed/learned that may help you moving forward:

Hierophant: I think the Staff of Ravening is overpriced for what it does, but I understand the reasoning for fielding it. However, if I were going to field it, it'd be on a Priest on a Skeletal Steed for the extra mobility/likelihood of having him where I want him to rip one off. If I was going to run a High Priest (which I generally don't...I run a Dunce Cap King as a second Lord), I personally prefer Nefarra's Plaques instead. Oh, I rolled a 5 for Righteous Smiting on 3D6...oh wait, that's now a 15! YAY!

General: What is your plan for your General? I'm not a huge fan of the Armor of Silvered Steel. I feel it's expensive for "just an armor save" since so many things can bypass or reduce it. Also, S5 is sufficient to wound most things you'd be up against, so unless it's a mundane GW (especially with no shield), I'm not keen on Strength raising weapons as I don't feel they're worth the cost for us. I do, however, like the Swords of Strife and Bloodshed...extra attacks are good!

IB: I only ever field an Icon Bearer if I'm fielding the Dunce Cap on a King. There's nothing worse than having him fail a dum-dum check. Having said that, there have been times when I wish I had one on the field to help units restrain from pursuing. Overall, I don't think he's as bad/useless as he used to be, but he certainly isn't a necessity like he is for every other army because our high-cost banners aren't very good.

I'd swap the LP with the Brooch for a Prince. LPs, to me, are an expensive liability. Give him a GW and the Brooch and call it a day. I feel you've fielded too many LPs, but that's simply because I have little respect for our Wizards. At most, I'll only field two. One because we have to and one on the Casket.

The Casket Priest is good and I approve of the Kanopi always. Not having to blow power dice on RiP spells is worth the few points this item costs!

I'd consolidate the Skeleton Archers into 2 units of 30 personally and give one the BotUL and naturally, a character would go in this unit (a Prince, most likely). I've grown fond of Skeletons, be they archers or warriors, backed by a Spear of Antarhak Prince. The Banner and the Spear help offset the retarded number of casualties this unit usually takes for it's gaudy point cost...for a reasonable investment.

In my experience, our chariots currently fail without characters in them. I've grown rather fond of the 6 chariot bus plus a combat character. This makes the unit a real threat and makes them much less likely to bounce off the myriad of large, steadfast units I encounter. I've yet to have my Sword of Bloodshed Chariot-King bounce off any unit he's charged. Keep them away from meat-grinder units like Chaos Warriors, White Lions or Blackguard and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The Tomb Guard are a source of contention among TK players. I love mine but for other people, they don't work quite as well. They've held their own admirably against the nastiest units my opponents field. They're the only infantry unit that we can field that I trust in close combat, but your mileage may vary depending upon your local metagame. My opponents like to avoid my TG units, so I put my Hierophant in here because of that. And since this unit is always the center of my battleline, this gives him Incantation access to most of my units. Since the IoRakaph has been unintentionally nerfed via swift/combat reforms, I like giving them the Razor Standard these days.

You can never go wrong with Scorpions or SSCs. I prefer Ushabti units of 4-6 models depending as 3 rarely make it into close combat. Also, don't sleep on the Bone Giant. Thunderstomp is a big deal. I've fielded him three times so far in 8E and he's averaged 11 wounds on the round he charges all things considered and 5-6 wounds each round thereafter. Non-elite infantry tend to bounce off his T5/3+. Heaven help the unit that gets charged by a LoLight buffed Bone Giant. Equally entertaining is when they fail a Terror test in CC and are WS1. Then things get really ugly, really fast. Just don't throw him into combats without a decent unit backing him up (that's what I field TG for).

Hope this helps some...sorry it was so long. :)

08-10-2010, 04:35
Wow its so nice to get some criticism on TK lists for once. Last list I posted I got exactly 0 comments. I have my reasons for fielding a Icon Bearer. He is basically just there for the extra bound spell. I wanted to get some more bound spells around but fielding a prince would put me over the limit soooo BSB! -1 CR isnt bad either. I do love my LPs. I've found that basically TK and TP magic is waaaaaay to weak. 1d6? All the enemy has to do is throw one PD at it and its gone. With LPs you have a way better chance to get a spell off and a better range. I do wanna double shoot those catapults. I'd rather not put a big unit of chariots. I just use them to flank or guard flanks. They can deal with warmachine hunters or other chariots or small units perfectly, it's anything with ranks that they struggle against. I think it might be fun to run a horde of skeleton archers with a BoUL and a TP with the spear of antarhak. Thatd be a pain in the **** to kill. Especially with a couple of LPs nearby. Then again I do love having it on my tomb guard. T4 with d6 guys back every turn? yes please. I'd like to try out a bone giant one day but I just see him as being too expensive and not worth his points. Anyway for my general I can not leave him basically naked anymore. Now that everyone can target him in combat he needs some smexy armor or save. And that seems to be the best choice. Another good combo is Fencer's Blades and the -1 to hit armor. I haven't tried that one but it seems good i might try it in my next game.

08-10-2010, 13:51
I try to comment on every TK list I see because, well...there are so few of us, that we've got to stick together and bounce ideas off one another. I'm sorry if I missed your previous one. Unless it was an ultra-defensive list, in which case, I won't comment because I don't run that kind of list and personally find them boring. :D

Gotcha on the IB and there's nothing wrong with that. I would try to give him some additional protection to go along with the Ruby Ring, though...otherwise, he's basically a free banner for your opponents to capture. You could try giving him the Armor of Fortune along with the Ring to at least give him a ward save?

As far as the TK/TP vs HLP/LP comparison, I can see it going either way. The deciding factor being your own playstyle/experience. I prefer leaning on TKs/TPs for the same reason you don't, plus the fact that TKs and TPs are harder to kill. Every die thrown at a TK or TP incantation is an extremely risky venture because they're only D6s and the penalty for failure is no more attempts by the dispelling Wizard. They key is to put your Princes especially in units/positions to get optimum use of their limited incantation.

You're absolutely right about skeletons w/ BotUL + TP w/ SoA. A unit with this set up becomes pretty hard to kill considering we're talking about skeletons. :) I tend to put this unit on a flank, as odd as it sounds, because with the Incantation of Urgency, it's a surprisingly hard unit to circumvent unless your opponent wants to risk blowing dispel dice on it at the beginning of the magic phase. I've never had an opponent throw dice at the TP or the Banner, saving them for the "nastier" stuff that comes later in my hierarchy (Dunce Cap, Casket).

I used to think the same thing you did about Big Bone and using him takes some getting used to, but I've had great luck with him when I've used him. I recall one game where I combo-charged a unit of Saurus Warriors with my chariot bus, this time with a defensive TP (odd set up trying to leverage the Shield of Ptra to force WS1 on my opponent) with Big Bone and the combo charge did 15 wounds to a 25 Saurus unit in that round. It was brutal. Cold-blooded + BSB re-roll saved the unit from breaking. The Saurus made short work of the chariot unit the next round, but couldn't really hurt Big Bone (he took a whopping 2 wounds), who promptly did 5 more wounds and was within IB range. The way I see it, the Bone Giant is one of the few things we can field that can bring a world of hurt in close combat. I've come to prefer him over the Ushabti because of the higher T and better armor save. Is he worth 2 upgraded SSCs? Probably not, but he's no longer the joke of a rare he was in 7E. I'd recommend giving him a shot someday. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

If you're looking to protect your King, maybe try that Helm that forces enemies to re-roll To-Wound rolls? With T5 and 4 wounds a TK isn't the easiest model to wound in close combat for RnF troops. Forcing them to re-roll is golden. You could try that along with a Ward save item for yucks. I've never tried this personally because I've fallen in love with my Chariot King all over again with Sword of Bloodshed (or Strife if I'm feeling cheap), Chariot of Fire, Dragonhelm, LA and Shield but I hear good things about the Helm on a TK.

09-10-2010, 05:18
Hey outta curiosity could ya link a copy of ur 3k or 2.5k list so i can look at it? Id love to see what u normally run n stuff

09-10-2010, 10:15
I think it looks like a nice list... my tomb kings are currently on the shelf (1st because I dont have them with me and am studying abroad, 2nd because 8th ed. is not nice to them, 3rd because HE's -my first love so to speak- and Chaos are keeping me occupied) but I would like to use them again in the future.

You think large units of archers are going to be the trick of the future then?

vinny t
09-10-2010, 17:49
I played at Ard Boyz against a Khalida List with 3 Catapults and 60ish archers. I would not recommend that playstyle as there is simply too many things that can comfortably ignore catapult shots and Archers. I like the 24 TG block, but I feel that having that 1 combat unit will not make enough of a difference. The 3 Ushabti are nice, but again, they will not delay much for more than a few turns at best. I still ove Tomb Scorpions, but now they are much worse at killing fighty characters due to the Initiative problem. I would suggest maybe adding another Tomb Guard block, or 40 Skellies with Hw/Shield and Banner of the Undying legion so they can tarpit things for a long time. I feel you have too many Characters, and I would also recommend putting the ruby ring on a liche priest and dropping the Icon Bearer. Icon of Rakaph is still good on Tomb Guard, and is still hilarious to pull on people.

Kudos to see you playing Tomb Kings!

10-10-2010, 04:45
I'd like to run more tomb guard but the problem is that theyre too expensive for what they do. Which is the problem with everything in the TK list.

11-10-2010, 22:44
Hey outta curiosity could ya link a copy of ur 3k or 2.5k list so i can look at it? Id love to see what u normally run n stuff

I keep my lists in Excel spreadsheets, but I'll post one for you later if you like. My list isn't that different from yours, except I favor TKs/TPs over LPs and the Bone Giant over Ushabti. :D