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07-10-2010, 08:57
I'll be facing a Skaven army soon and was wondering if this army list has a chance at all.

Alter Highborn - Warrior Bane, Armour of Fortune, Fimbulwinter Shard, Crown of Command, Shield.
Spellweaver - Life Magic Level 4, Amaranthine Brooch, Wand of Wych Elm.
Scout Noble - Hunter's Talon, Pageant of Shrikes.

14 Glade Guard with Musician
14 Glade Guard with Musician
14 Glade Guard with Musician
10 Dryads with Champion
10 Dryads with Champion
10 Dryads with Champion

5 Wild Riders with Full Command
3 Treekin

1 Treeman
7 Waywatchers

The Alter Highborn will be there to hold up units allowing the others to charge flanks and/or rear. The Waywatchers I picked for their higher BS so I could try picking off the Plague Censer Bearers, as they're harder to hit with shooting. The general plan is to weaken a unit with shooting then swamp it with as many units as possible to wipe it out, then split off and try again on the next target. I certainly don't want to be drawn into a big fight as I will lose.

My biggest worry is that my opponent would take the Storm Banner, hence why the lesser amount of shooting and more combat units. My alternate choice was this:

Replace Waywatchers with Scouts, change Waywatcher Noble to Scout Noble, increase unit size to 10 and add Musician. Replace Wild Riders with 8 Glade Riders with Musician.

That would have given me 11 more bow shots but, with the Wild Riders gone and the lower BS and no Killing Blow on the Scouts, less of an impact. Then again, 11 extra attacks is going to get something through.

What do you guys think? Anything I should change? Note, I only currently own 3 Treekin figures, so can't increase those. Anything I should look out for or avoid when fighting Skaven? Any tips would be great.

the gribbly
07-10-2010, 15:07
I have not faced off against skaven this edition yet but I am pretty sure you will need some way to deal with hellpit abombs besides magic, i.e. flaming attacks.
Also be wary of assassin with weeping blades + potion of strength combo or you will lose your treeman/treekin outright.

There are better ward saves than the glamourweave now like the stone of rebirth or tali of preservation, I would pick up one of those.

I am not too fond of the alter lord build. He is a very expensive t3 elf with a 5+/5+. He WILL die and most likely without contributing anything first. The warriors bane is never worth taking unless your in dire need of magic attacks. If you really want an alter lord consider a machine gun variant or a more killy and survivable version, for example:
Alter lord, armor of silvered steel, wildfire blades, potion of strength, dawnstone (2+ rerollable, 6 S7 flaming attacks one time). He may not be steadfast (except in forests) but he will survive far longer and will shore up your weakness to HPAs a little more.

If you like the sniper noble keep him as he may prove useful vs skaven but change his kindred to scout since he still gains the benefits of the waywatcher kindred by joining the WW unit, barring KB of course.

Lastly I would try fit standards in on all your glade guard units and the banner of eternal flame on one unit.

07-10-2010, 15:59
The Hellpit Abomination doesn't worry me as my opponent won't be fielding one. :)

The idea with the Alter Lord was to make him harder to hit and tough enough so he'll survive long enough for the backup to arrive. Most Skaven are WS 3, so will be hitting on 5+, with the Fimbulwinter Shard in there that'll be 6+. If he does face a hero then at least he has the Warrior Bane to try and cut down on the return attacks. With the Spellweaver in backup, hopefully with healing, I think it might work out. He does have a shield too, so that makes it a 4+/5++ save. With him also being a lone figure, the number of return attacks are heavily reduced, the 3 front and second rank models only. 6 attacks at 6+ needing 4+ to wound, saving on a 4+/5++.

The sniper noble I do like, as it'll either be used to pick heroes out of the way (or at least wound them ready for the Alter), or to shoot the weapon teams attached to the units. I'm not too certain of my chances with that last option, due to the 4+ ward, but it only needs 1 wound to go through to remove them.

07-10-2010, 23:41
wild riders ahve onyl 1 attack on full armour save, assuming you hit...
the charge, making them rather usless...

Hail of doom arrow? I would fit it in. The sniper hero i have found to be usless, but up to you. 1 S3 shot, so 50% chance to wound and. I would also like to see a BSB fit in.

give your life weaver talisman of preservation in my opinion

07-10-2010, 23:59
Yeah, I'm not such a big fan of the Wild Riders on paper, they don't look so good. I've never used them so I'm yet to find out. However, I have 3 more Treekin on the way, so if I get them before the battle then I'll drop the Wild Riders for them.

Is Hail of Doom Arrow really worth it? A one use arrow with an average of about 10 shots. I just can't see it being really worth it when I can put those 30pts somewhere else. The Sniper also has the Pageant, don't forget, so that's 2 sniper shots, probably at 3+ to hit for both of them. One S3, one S4.

08-10-2010, 22:59
hmm 10S4 magical shots in 1 turn, i like it, i didn't realise you could take a 2nd shot as a sniper shot with pageant, that is actually kind of cool i guess:P