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07-10-2010, 14:51
He guy's need some help with my high elf list. I'm limited to the amount of models i have but any suggestions would be helpful. We have a vast amount of different armies in our gw so i was looking for an all comers list

Lord with Gw, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence and Iron Curse Icon-243pts

Archmage, Lvl 4, Lore of Shadow, Tailsman of Preservation, Starwood Staff-335pts

Mage, lvl 2, Lore of High Magic, Guardion Phoenix, Dispel Scroll-185pts

40 Seaguard , Full Command, Shields-545pts

10 Archers, LA-120pts

14 Swordmasters, Full Command, Tailsman of Loec-250pts

14 Swordmasters, Full Ocmmand-240pts

5 Ellyrion Reavers, Musician, Bows-112pts

5 Ellyrion Reavers, Musician, Bows-112pts

Lion Chariot-140pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower-100pts

Repeater Bolt THrower-100pts


I also have anotehr two nobles, 30 white lions, another Lion Chariot, Korhil, 5 Dragon Princes and 6 Shadow warriors :P

Thanks guy's

07-10-2010, 18:54
You need a BSB. Normal setup with one is GW+Armor of Caledor+Guarding Phoenix.

Since you already have those two items, you may need to shift some stuff around.

With a Level 4 and level 2, the banner of Sorcery is also a must. You can have one of you elite units carry it. Also the display scroll is a soft option for an Arcane item. (we have some many good to pick from) Annual crystal and drain magic would go farther to spot spells then a single scroll.

Kiras of the flame
08-10-2010, 04:03
I consider giving the BSB a mounted elven steed, Helm of Fortune, GW, and the Pheonix to top it all off. If so then he'll need to be in a dragon price/Silver Helm unit... 9 should be good enough for guard duty....

I agree with the above that a Banner of Sorcery is a must if you plan to dominate in the magic phase...

Dispel scrolls are nice but mages have +1 to dispel... the Annulian Crystal is much better since the opponents magic phase goes into your favor...

I'd switch the Lions with one of the swordsmen groups... they look awesome and they're worth the points due to the Woodsman rule and their Lion pelts are very good since elves suck against shooting...