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07-10-2010, 16:49
I've been toying with a few ideas for a tournament that's coming up soon. This is one of the two lists that I'd play. Input is appreciated.

Teclis - Shadow 475

Caradryan 175

Noble BSB Armour of Caledor, Dawnstone 168

SeaGuard x30 Musician, Standard, BoEF 385

Spearmen x25 Musician, Standard 240

PG x15 FC BoS 305

WL x15 FC SoD 270

Lion Chariot x2 280

Eagle x 4 200

comes out to 2498

My other list

Prince Armour of Caledor Vambraces of Defense, Ironcurse Icon 617
Star Dragon

Noble Dragon Armour Banner of the World Dragon 200
Mounted Barding

Mage Lv 2 Seerstaff 165
Fire spells 1 and 2

Mage Lv 2 Silver Wand Ruby Ring 170

Seaguard x 25 Musician Standard BoEF 325

Seaguard x 25 Musician Standard 325

Dragon Princes x 10 FC Terrifying Mask BoS 425

Lion Chariot x 2 280

08-10-2010, 06:11
Whatsup D'Haran? :D

K, ready?. . . And. . GO!

The second list is very (for a tournament scene) "soft" :eek:, don't even condsider taking it without changing some things around (sorry if I sound harsh :()

The first list is ok, however, take out Caryaden, and the 2 W.L chariots.

What purpose are they serving that a nomral Tiranoic chariot can't serve? Or better yet, what is better, 5 D.P's with Ellyrion Banner for 185 or even 6 for 215 (so you can take a casualty or two and still hit with 8-10 attacks). Doing this would just decrease the amount of units you have, however making it easier target priority for your opponent, but not by much as your D.P's would be in woods (where they can break ranks and weathering the storm of shooting) and other targets at long(er) range etc. . .

I would also take out a chariot thus leaving you with: 335 points if I'm not mistaken? Thats a whole X20 block of some sp. troop with F.C. That would be way more beneficial then the fear and an extra eagle id going to cost you (I mean do you really need 4 eagles? 2-4 is maximum for me more is just too many, thus your on the borderline for me).

Also, why not G.P on your Bsb? It fits better and who dosen't love a +5 ward? The rerolling is nice, however if the +5 ward is constant and is going work against everything meanwhile against say another charcter or some sort of monster/monsterous infantry the Dawnstone is going to have less effect.

If you really want to have your Bsb survive however do not care about him being in the unit, take the Helm of Fortune and G.P and mount him on a B.S with a Lance and a Shield, so the first round he is S6 with 1+ A.S and reroll, and 5++ ward and after +2, 5++ (as after turn of charge he switches to G.W). **If you want to spend the points on the Lance and Shield -I don't believe its worth is personally.

Also, whats with the no champions? They are perfect for accepting challenges from other armies' character limiting their C.R generating ability.

Your list with my edits:

Teclis - Shadow 475

Caradryan 175

Noble BSB HoF, D.A, G.P, B.Steed, G.W 190

SeaGuard x26 F.C BoEF 333

Spearmen x25 F.C 250

PG x15 FC BoS 305

WL x15 FC SoD 270

Eagle x 3 150

comes out to 2,148

I even left Carayden in and you have now 352 points to work with. I advise taking a unit of D.P's

6 D.P's Ellyrion Banner 215

+5 P.G to the existing unit

+5 W.L to W.L existing unit

2,503 (take out musc somewhere in list) and your good to go.


take out Carayden

take out 2 W.L (18 in unit ran 6 wide)

Leaves you with 202 points left. . .

Perhaps, grab a lvl 2 with Silver Wand and R.Bow run him in the LSG unit, run life on one and shadow on the other. *Teclis always dosen't get doubles :rolleyes: it might even be better to run death on him so you can generate extra P.D if your going to run a second mage (depending on how your store or you morally rule the BoS's activation [beginning or whenever in the phase]).

If you don't feel comfortable doing so, run maybe a CHICKEN NOBLE: Tkgdr's Gntls and SoM or AoC and (item here) Foebane, or Tlsmn of Endurance and SoM.

Tactic for him is to get cover saves behind other eagles and to pick off fast cav units and other flankers like (flammers) etc. . units of 10 archers by himself (more of a fluffy choice, however can perform well).

Those are my suggestions take them or leave them dosen't matter to me, you know what your doing. :D

08-10-2010, 15:02
The second list was written after seeing another 'ard boyz semi list. The guy took second and I missed using my 2 dragons that i ran 2 years ago. I realize it's not as tournament ready as the first list, but I have interest in running such a list sometime... guess I'll wait for some friendly games and work out the kinks.

Thx for the feedback Train, I generally don't put FC in core as i find I'd rather just buy another model for the cost. I generally don't keep toons in those units into combat that can't hold their own. The dawnstone is a better overall item imo, the enemy has to have S7 before it's less useful, what you have to watch for is anything that ignores armour, but in this list I find that my BSB is down on the priority list of who to kill.

I've ran Death, I don't really like it. Besides Teclis leaves the enemy with a pile of DD getting dusty so I never used my second mage in 'ard boyz, thus I didn't pick one up.

Anyways it's back to tweaking my list.

08-10-2010, 15:15
Understand most of what your saying,in tournaments I often find more bodies helpful to me personally. Curiouas as too the Dawnstone though? If it is statistically better, ill have to try it. I normally run the b.steed noble as stated above. Your dragon chrarcter can get a +2 refill ++4 without AoC if you want to use it for your baby in list 2.