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07-10-2010, 17:17
The Double Edged Sword of Glory

After acquiring some more Bretonnians I was psyched to try out my ‘perfect’ all knight list:

Prophetess lvl4, chalice of malfleur, warhorse (life) 260
Paladin *BSB* w/ horse, gromil great helm, sword of might 124

15 KE w/ FC, errantry banner 341
15 KE w/ FC 321
12 KotR w/ FC, banner of chalon 322
9 KotR w/ FC 240
9 KotR w/ FC 240

9 questing knights w/ FC 279
9 questing knights w/ FC 279
4 pegasus knights 220

9 grail knights w/ FC 372

Total: 2998


Now I know Brets have a tough time in 8th due to steadfast but with two units with 5 ranks and a LOT of hitting power I feel that this is one of the most optimized all knight lists.

Now I know have all knights has its draw backs, like you can’t hold a watch tower, but I’m a purest and I will NEVER include men at arms, grail relique, trebuchet, and only rarely would include archers. It’s just the way I roll, and there is something glorious and heavenly about seeing 93 knights…

Anyway as soon as I walked in I was immediately challenged by the local deamon player. She had no idea I was going to be playing brets but she just really wanted a game and wanted to have a go at me.

I should mention that going into this game I am undefeated at 8th and so have a bit of a target on my back.

But getting back to the report, this was her list:

Herald of tzeentch w/ spell breaker *general*
Herald of khorne w/ fire blade on a jugger
Herald of khorne w/ know knows
Herald of slaanesh w/ steed
Herald of slaanesh w/ multiple arms

29 bloodletters w/ FC
29 deamonettes w/ FC
29 horrors w/ FC

14 seekers

2 blood crushers
6 flamers
6 screamers

This is a list she has used in the past where she dropped the greater deamon in return of lots of troops and heros.

With that settled we rolled for the mission… Watchtower! Are you joking me? Well at least she doesn’t have anything that can start in it, and when we roll it off she has initial control of the tower so really it gives me my only real chance by guaranteeing me first turn to get into position.

I was actually kind of glad to get the scenario because I had been a little harsh on a recent game of Once Bittten where his Brets had struggled with the Watchtower and so I was looking forward to proving that as long as you stay aggressive that you can keep the opponent from the tower.

We played on a 6X4 board and there was the watch tower in the center (duh…), on my left flank there was a forest, there was another forest on her left flank, and between them was a building, she had a plain hill on her right flank, and finally there was a sinister statue on the right board edge.

She deployed from left to right: seekers w/ herald, *forest*, flamers, deamonette horde w/ herald, bloodletter horde w/ herald aimed at the watchtower, bloodcrushers w/ herald, horrors w/ herald on the hill, and finally the screamers on the right side.

I deployed from left to right: KotR, pegasus knights behind the trees, questing knights, KE w/ prophetess, KotR errantry KE w/ paladin, *watchtower*, grail knights, questing knights behind the woods, chalon KotR.

I prayed and automatically got first turn due to the mission.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

Ok, this was going to be tough but I had a plan:

The paladin’s knights errant and the grail knights would hit the bloodletters and I would use the watchtower to my advantage in that it would force me to the sides thus making all the attacks of the center models useless. I had three lances to crush and hold back the deamonettes horde, and then is was a simple matter of holding the seekers back with the two units on the left, and keeping the bloodcrushers out with the two units on the right.

The bloodcrushers posed a serious problem however as they could counter my grail knights and thus keep them from their true goal. To stop this I would have to use some psychological tactics ;)

Lady Delores Monet arogantly raised her chin as she peered out over the field of battle.

Some vile deamons were marching towards a watchtower. There was nothing special about the watchtower, at least not to her, but as Prophetess of the Lady of the Lake and one of the defenders of Bretonnia it was her duty to protect it.

Shifting to be more comfortable on her saddle, and fixing her corset, Lady Delores Monet sounded the charge.

The ground thundered as nearly one hundred knights streamed over the ridge and sped towards the deamon horde. It was a glorious thing to see, and their victory would be a thing of legend!

Turn 1 Brets:

Pegasus knights move to the other side of the woods to bait the seekers while the left KotR move up to counter, the main line of knights move up to be 17 inches away from her line (meaning the deamonettes could only charge me on an 11 or better), on the right side the grail knights move up but the chalon knights swing around the forest and get even closer while the right questing knights get into a counter position. Then I work my magic:

“Alright, feel free to charge me with those bloodcrushers. No matter what you charge I’ll hold and counter with my questing knights.”

She looks concerned…

In the magic phase I get the most dice I’ll have for the whole game… 5… and she dispels throne of vines and I fail to cast flesh to stone on the grail knights.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Seekers charge the pegasus knights and I flee and get away (although a peg knight trips and dies in the woods), the screamers try to charge the flank of the chalon KotR while the bloodcrushers try to charge the front but both fail the distance (yes!!!), but then the unthinkable… she goes for the long bomb… and gets it! Her deamonettes horde rolls an 11 and charges the left questing knights, the KotR, and the prophetess’ KE all at the same time… ouch…

Flamers and the horrors edge up.

In the magic phase I manage to stop everything but stupidity on my paladin KE (who’s scared of rerollable LD 8?), and in the shooting phase the flamers defy math and even with the penalties of moving, long range, and shooting through a unit, they still kill 2 of the paladin’s KE.

Combat doesn’t go much better as I can’t make an armor save to safe my life (the herald alone kills 4 KE!!!) and I lose by a ton. The questing knights and the KE break, but thank god the KotR roll insane courage and keep them at bay.

Turn 2 Brets:

The left KotR charge the seekers, the paladin’s KE and the grail knights charge the bloodletters, and the chalon knights charge the bloodcrushers (all making the distance).

The questing knights and prophetess KE rally (barely…) but the pegasus knights fail and run off the board (damn…).

It’s at this point that I’m reminded, “What about the stupidity test on the paladin’s knights errant?”

I smile as I roll the easily passable test and… fail… well thank god the BSB lets me reroll… fail… at this point I move them back out of combat and have to summon every inch of my resolve to not throw in the towel.

The right questing knights move over to the right to help counter the deamonettes.

In the magic phase she scrolls throne of vines but with irresistible force I give the grail knights flesh to stone, killing 4 or 5 more KE from the miscast (the unit that started with 15 + character now is 2 + character).

In combat my vallant dies to the herald but I kill both bloodcrushers and pop the herald so I can turn towards the horrors, one of my grail knights kills the bloodletter champ in challenge and then I put the beat down on them losing only a couple of my own and even more of the bloodletters fade away, the deamonettes beat and run down the KotR and run into the left questing knights, and the left KotR put a good amount of hurt into the seekers to bring them down to 5.

Turn 2 Deamons:

Flamers try to charge the flank of the paladin’s KE but fail. Then the horrors move back onto the hill and the screamers fly over the chalon knights and kill a few.

In the magic phase she gets a let of dice, the left questing knights are made stupid, and the chalon knights are completely wiped out by magic (dual bolts of change hurt!).

In combat the seekers and knights do little and she holds, the deamnoette unit champ is killed by my paragon but then she rolls bad and kills only a couple of questing knights and I hold due to insane courage, the herald of khorne fails to kill a grail knight in a challenge and actually takes a wound in return and I win combat again (brave grail knights!).

Turn 3 Brets:

I’ll just say now that from this point I pass all stupidity and fear test.

The paladin’s KE charge the bloodletters and the right questing knights hit the flank of the deamonettes. The prophetess and her knights shuffle to the right.

Despite my typical 5 dice I have my best magic phase and get throne of vines off plus +4 toughness on the left questing knights.

In combat I get ready to put the hurt on the seekers but then fail THREE!!! 2+ saves from the mounts and just manage to hold, the questing knights put a world of hurt on the deamonettes and a bunch die, and not only does my grail knight finish the job and kill the herald in the challenge but I again kill a ton of bloodletters and after instability they are down to 14.

I should mention that this combat marked a swing in luck. Before this and up to my three failed 2+ save I had been having terrible luck, but after that I started making armor and ward saves like crazy.

Turn 3 Deamons:

Flamers charge the flank of the paladin’s KE and the screamers charge the flank of the grail knights (only 3 of them left at this point).

In the magic phase one grail knight is killed by the area effect spell.

My knights still hold against the seekers, the questing knights beat up a bunch more deamonettes, and I win the main combat but only a few more bloodletters fade.

Turn 4 Brets:

Knowing I needed to break the deamonettes so that the questing knights could get back to the real target my brave prophetess and her two knights charge into combat with the deamonettes.

In the magic phase she gives her own unit regen.

In combat the seekers kill the last of my knights but from this point on she doesn’t use them (don’t know if she forgot about them or what), the right paragorn challenges the herald of slaanesh (kinda foolish as it meant the rest of the unit couldn’t attack) and even though I win combat my prophetess takes 2 wounds, again I win the main combat and some flamers fade.

I really need to finish off these large units…

Turn 4 Deamons:

The horrors start moving around the screamers (6 wide) and towards the watchtower.

The magic phase is shut down.

In combat my left questing knights are wiped out but my right questing knights kill the herald and my prophetess manages to survive, and after instability there is only 1 deamonettes left!

In the main combat I continue to win but a very bad thing happens. Although the tower separation of my paladin KE and grail knights kept a lot of bloodletters from attacking, it now also forced the combat apart such that the KE were no longer in base. This meant that my KE reformed to face the flamers on the left and my 1 remaining grail knight was left to beat the bloodletters on the right… this was bad…

We roll the dice… if the game ends here I win... but it goes on…

Turn 5 Brets:

In the magic phase I do some unit buffs and heal up my prophetess.

In combat the last deamonette is killed and the questing knight reform to face the watchtower, the last grail knight is killed (giving the 6 bloodletters a clear view of the tower), and my paladin’s knights wipe out the flamers and reform to face the bloodletters/tower.

Turn 5 Deamons:

Screamers fly over the Paladins units and kill some. Bloodletters move into the tower, and the horrors inch forward (worried about being charged).

However in the magic phase the paladin’s unit is completely wiped out and the paladin himself is left with 1 wound.

We roll a dice… if the game ends here she wins… but it goes on…

Turn 6 Brets:

The 8 remaining questing knights charge the watchtower, and the brave prophetess and unit champ charge the flank of the screamers. The paladin runs to my side of the tower.

In the magic phase I throw everything into making the questing knights +4 toughness and get it.

In combat the screamers don’t state who they attacked so I put it on the knight and he dies (doh!) but I still win and 3 pop, the questing knights kill 2 bloodletters while losing one of their own… but the bloodletters pass their test and I’m pushed back out.

Turn 6 Deamons:

She plans on moving the bloodletters out and the horrors into the tower but I quickly stop her to measure… and I’m right, they are a quarter of an inch too far to just walk in (thank god!). This means I have one more shot where next turn my questing knights can clear out the tower and my paladin will run around to block the horrors.

Magic does nothing of note and the prophetess/screamer combat is a draw.

We roll the dice… if it ends here she wins… and it does… *cry*

Victory to the Deamons!

Seeing the large band of horrors at the gate of the deamon held watchtower, Lady Delores Monet knew the battle was lost, and so after smiting one more deamon with her staff she called for the retreat.

Many knights had lost their lives in the name of Bretonnia and yet it hadn't been enough... why?

Lady Delores Monet could think of only one thing... they had been hopelessly outnumbered and in reality they had been brave beyond belief to have charged into such a hopeless situation. The very fact that they had shattered such a large portion of the deamon host only went to show the power of Bretonnia!

Or at least that was her story...

Post-Game Thoughts:

Despite an extremely frustrating start (mainly due to that 17 inch deamonette charge) the game actually turned out to be a great one and very close.

One thing I learned is that even though knights have to get off their horses to charge buildings (thus losing the armor bonus) the synergy with the life prophetess is such that you can buff them to the point that it doesn’t matter, and questing or grail knights make perfect attackers.

This game marked my first loss in 8th (so I guess SiNNiX doesn’t want to play against me any more) but in all honestly I’m kind of glad. The stress of wanting to stay undefeated reminded me of the stress I used to have when I tracked my win/loss record. My competitiveness drove me to the point that I was more concerned with these useless stats rather than having fun, and so I’m glad I can once more put that unneeded pressure behind me.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

07-10-2010, 21:10
Nice report sorry for the bad magic luck...

08-10-2010, 08:09
Great report again Malorian. And congratulations on rediscovering your innocence. :p
It would be great to see those two armies fight again in another scenario.
Hope to hear from you again soon

08-10-2010, 08:15
Nice report, and a good word of advice in the end regarding the stress of staying undefeated, I felt the same once and it really is stressful, so in a way I guess I can say, congrats on the loss! :D

08-10-2010, 12:58
It would be great to see those two armies fight again in another scenario.

Might be a bit before I bring the brets out again.

I really need to get back to my Gandork tale, and my Brets really need some paint on them...

08-10-2010, 14:19
Man where is the fluff? ^^
Great battle report :)

08-10-2010, 14:45
Man where is the fluff? ^^
Great battle report :)

Yeah... I just couldn't get in the mood to write fluff for this one...

But don't worry, more orc reports are on the way ;)

Edit: Fluff added...

Once Bitten
08-10-2010, 20:27
Great game, Mal. I love that list! It makes me want to sink even more money into some unpainted pieces of plastic. :)

edit: A couple of rules questions:
1) You said that a Peg Knight failed a dangerous terrain test and died. I think he would've just taken a wound.

2) An opponent I played also said that knights have to dismount in order to fight in a building, but I can't find it in the book. In fact, the book keeps saying that a lot of the fighting is at the doors, windows and around the building. When you say that knights lose their armor bonus, where are you getting that? (It will be important to know in future watchtower scenarios.)

Bitten Black Sheep
09-10-2010, 04:13
Great battle report and very entertaining.
At my last tournament I found the watchtower game to be the most entertaining. It kept swinging from one player to the other.
Once Bitten - the rules are on page 83 under the cavalry troop rule bit.
The loss of armour save is the loss of a 5+ save from the barded horse. The foot knight still gets heavy armour and shield.

09-10-2010, 07:03
An epic battle indeed. Thanks for the telling sir!

10-10-2010, 05:08
1) You said that a Peg Knight failed a dangerous terrain test and died. I think he would've just taken a wound.

I failed two tests :(

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aRQ_k9rkns

Here is the youtube report

11-10-2010, 17:20
The knights can't hold a building, but if you win a combat you do get to reform around the building anywhere.

Edit: essentially making them *guards* of the tower reforming after a sucessful raid to deter threats away from the towe. You did get screwed in your magic phase and some unlucky rolls in other phases but at least you fought through it.

I'm still undefeated ;) ill play sinnx. Not for long though have a tournament in nov. Pretty nasty in what is allowed. No bars doubles :/ well see. I do find that when you play with something above your head or on your mind, you tend to stress out more often. Agree with you there. It can take the fun out of the game.

12-10-2010, 09:35
great battle malorian it seemed the game itself was against you (and you nearly beat it :)) anyway better luck next time hope to see another bret battle report

12-10-2010, 17:02
Really nice game, Mal. Your plan was sound enough. Pity it went awry in that next to last turn.
Looking forward to another match against those daemons, but with a different scenario.
keep up the titan's work

12-10-2010, 19:37
Nice report Mal, I find in most games where there is an early point that is tempting to throw the towel in at, that if you carry on the game ends up quite a lot of fun because you have thought you were pretty much beaten already so anything good that happens is a nice bonus.

I agree that Bretts with lances that have a load of ranks are super effective in this edition, you get all those ranks, most of your guys attacking and the fact that due to your narrow frontage, not many guys get to hit back.

I'll looking foward to reading through your Orc Blog.