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07-10-2010, 21:01
Some of you may remember the six-legged tank crushing a police car that I started three (:eek:) years ago:


Which got to this stage:

Well, I'm now building an actual Infinity force instead of just a model here and there:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_1.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity1)

Plus finishing off the Magharibha Guard (six-legged tank).

07-10-2010, 22:51
First, progress on the Maghariba Guard. As of this week the body now has a big pin so that after transport it can be placed on the leg section:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_21.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity21)

This afternoon I drilled a 3mm hole all the way through the nose area where the weapons mount onto the body and placed a couple of 3x4mm magnets in, plus 3x1mm disc magnets in the weapons:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_20.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity20)

Resulting in:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_18.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity18)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_17.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity17)

P.S. The images are links to larger ones.

07-10-2010, 23:04
Now, some Infinity robot models ('remotes' in Infinity terms) come in rather a lot of pieces:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_2.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity2)

Here they are, cleaned up ready for pinning:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_5.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity5)

For reference, the model is a Lunokhod Sputnik (http://www.corvusbelli.com/en/02_tiendainf_rtdo.asp?IDNOTICIA=556) (make sure you click on the thumbnail to see it bigger).

The first piece to be pinned was the turbine:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_7.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity7)

Two pins, for full overkill. The standard paperclip helps give a sense of scale.

I'm fortunate enough to own a miniature bench drill, making this kind of thing vastly easier:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_8.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity8)

I got the hole positions slightly wrong, so the holes in the back of the body were drilled out slightly larger but only for about a millimetre - this can still make for a really strong join as the pins bend into shape into the holes.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_9.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity9)

07-10-2010, 23:08
The model comes with two weapon options, so they have been magnetised with 2x1mm magnets:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_10.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity10)

Now that the turbine and body are glued together, there's a really fiddly little tailfin that goes on the back of the turbine section. It's too thin for the 0.85mm holes needed for paperclips so it was time to dig out the 0.5mm bit. :(

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_11.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity11)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_12.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity12)

Tailfin in place, but not pushed down fully or glued, it's too fragile to leave on while doing the rest of the drilling:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_13.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity13)

07-10-2010, 23:12
Overkill time again:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_14.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity14)

Now roughly held together, front pin holes on the side sections haven't been done yet:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_15.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity15)

Front view, showing the bottom of the pin that goes all the way through the leg cross and into the main body. Depending on how the basing goes, I will either remove the visible part or hide it with some shrubbery:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_16.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity16)

In those last two photos the model has been placed on a larger base to make it easier to move around - the base the model is on is a 40mm round base, with what looks like big feet actually forming extensions to the base - the actual feet are the pointed bits above!

07-10-2010, 23:16
Here's the fully pinned and magnetised model:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_19.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity19)

The legs and body still haven't been glued together as I'm waiting for some Dragonforge urban bases to arrive.

In the background you can see a Clockmaker (fancy-pants engineer) blu-tacked together to check the fit of the pieces.

Finally, for tonight, an Infinity table from earlier in the week when I ran some intro games. Using a mix of Warhammer & 40k terrain, some PDF cardboard shipping containers and habs and in the rear a quick dive into the pound shops got me a load of cars as additional things to hide behind.

If you're used to 40k this will look a bit busy - if anything it's a bit light on cover for an Infinity table!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_4.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity4)

08-10-2010, 16:59
I can't do much more to the Lunokhod until the bases arrive, so time to look at the humanoids.

The Clockmaker/Engineer cleaned up:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_22.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity22)

The arms should be OK without pins on this one, with a bit of help from some cross-hatched scoring on the contact areas:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_23.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity23)

08-10-2010, 17:01
I'll see if this clip works for holding the model during painting. The tab has mostly been removed to form a couple of pins for the base.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_24.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity24)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_25.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity24)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_26.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity24)

And for scale, an Eldar Ranger alongside both models:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_27.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity27)

08-10-2010, 21:35
Got a bit more done this evening. Crazy Koala:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_28.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity28)

If you're new to the Nomad faction in Infinity, Crazy Koalas are basically mobile grenades that follow their owner around and then chase after any enemy who get too close. :eek:

In this one I took a photo before drilling, to show the round area filed flat on the top and a small hole made with a compass so that the drill will 'bite' in the right place instead of skidding around:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_29.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity29)

Plus a Zondbot, this time glued with no pinning. I'll see how the glued joints survive before doing the second one. Zondbots are semi-autonomous telepresence drones that let engineers and doctors do their stuff from a distance.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_30.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity30)

The clip is about 20mm wide.

09-10-2010, 03:42
I remember that 6 legged tank, was always dissapointed it didn't get finished. Glad to see its bee resurected. The attention to detail you have will make this project one too watch, I look forward to more, esp the painting.



09-10-2010, 09:09
Ta! Note that the rest of the models aren't going to get the same level of effort as the Mag Guard or they'll never get finished...

Still trying to decide on a colour scheme and painting style - the black/grey/red scheme that Corvus Belli use is nice but I'd like my own colours. The fineness of the detail makes me lean towards white undercoat and shading washes, while the hard to reach parts make me lean towards black undercoat because it hards things well. ;)

09-10-2010, 13:31
Another engineer:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_31.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity31)

I forgot to order 25mm bases along with the large one so will have to cobble together some urban ones, for this model I'll try adding a hatch with wires trailing out.

09-10-2010, 20:20
Some reference material for the Tomcat Engineer base:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_33.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity33)

I just happened to spot this in the supermarket this afternoon...

10-10-2010, 06:06
Sorry to see that this log is suffering from the seperation of sci fi logs. You should be getting alot more comments then just me :)

Look forward to what you do with the base.



10-10-2010, 10:55
Don't worry, it's getting plenty of comments and rapidly approaching 1k views over on the Infinity forum (http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity_ENG/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=206&func=view&catid=20&id=64791).

Anyway, last night I got the Tomcat Engineer's base done. Hatch base ingredients: blank base, thin plasticard.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_34.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity34)

First quarter the plasticard, chamfer the joining edges slightly and then cut out a gap for the hatch - don't worry if this is a bit rough.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_35.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity35)

Hatch with a little bit of scrap underneath:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_37.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity37)

Plus some wires:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_38.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity38)

10-10-2010, 10:57
Plasticard glued onto the base:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_39.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity39)

Place some wires in the hole:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_40.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity40)

Add the hatch, now with some holes in the corners and for full insanity some plasticard rod files down to make screws:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_41.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity41)

With Engineer for scale:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_42.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity42)

10-10-2010, 10:59
Excess plasticard trimmed off to make it round again, and holes for the trimmed tab on the model:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_43.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity43)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_44.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity44)

Plus Engineer:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_45.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity45)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_46.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity46)

I'm quite pleased with how this has come out, really gives the feel of someone has been interrupted in the middle of hacking into something they shouldn't be...

10-10-2010, 17:05
That tables fantastic. I really like the models too. I have to ask how using bulldog clips is working out for you, as I'm forever gluing metal minis into slottabases then chopping them out afterwards to stick them to resin ones.

10-10-2010, 17:18
No idea yet, I've not tried it before.

11-10-2010, 03:26
Base looks good mate, hurry up and paint something ;) good to see that the models are getting some love too, even if its somewhere else :)



14-10-2010, 00:17
Oops, just realised that I've not kept this copy of the blog updated!

My package from Antenociti arrived this morning including some 25mm resin bases.

Resin bases, next to the scratch-built plasticard one for reference:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_47.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity47)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_48.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity48)

Along with some large stone flagging-embossed plasticard this should do me plenty of figures on 25mm bases. The 40mm and large oval Dragonforge bases shipped yesterday.

14-10-2010, 00:22
Clockmaker on resin base. Much fun was had filing the bottoms of the trousers so that they looked like they were actually resting on the surface. :(

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_49.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity49)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_50.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity50)

Next, embossed plastic and a regular base on the way for one of the Koalas:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_51.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity51)

14-10-2010, 00:24
Embossed plasticard cut roughly to shape after gluing:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_52.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity52)

And trimmed more accurately with a scalpel:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_53.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity53)

After redrilling the holes in the base from underneath and gluing in place:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_54.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity54)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_55.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity55)

14-10-2010, 11:45
Zondbot stepping up onto the pavement. This involved gently bending the right ankle so that the foot would sit fairly flat, and then like the Clockmaker some file-work on the bottom of the foot to get a good fit with the pavement.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_56.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_56)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_57.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_57)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_58.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_58)

The hole for the left foot pin might need a tiny bit of filler.

I'm saving the last 25mm pavement base for the Interventor Hacker, the other Koala and the other Zondbot will be on embossed plasticard.

14-10-2010, 13:04
Decided to put another model together, the Interventor Hacker.

Parts cleaned up and holes ready for pinning - having learned from snapping off one of the Clockmaker's arms while filing down his foot I've done all the drilling and filing before gluing anything together.

The contact points on the arms aren't as good as the Clockmaker or Tomcat Engineer so there are holes drilled into the shoulders.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_59.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_59)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_60.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_60)

The hacking hand comes with the fingers all splayed out flat and looks a bit silly, I've tried bending the fingers so it looks like he's typing:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_61.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_61)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_62.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_62)

I may try and drill a tiny hole in the palm to put in a small bit of metal so that I can add one of the clear hacker printouts with a magnet and see how it looks.

14-10-2010, 13:25
Well, that was fun. :eyebrows:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_63.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_63)

14-10-2010, 14:17
'Hacker need Brainz!'

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_67.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_67)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_68.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_68)

A couple of shots where he doesn't look quite so much like a zombie:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_65.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_65)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_66.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_66)

If you look closely at the last photo you'll spot that I eventually drilled all the way through the shoulder by mistake, so some filler is needed there...

14-10-2010, 14:18
The magnetised hologram actually works quite well, and has the added bonus of making him look less like a zombie.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_69.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_69)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_70.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_70)

Bad pun time - as the Lieutenant, he's truly the 'brainz!' of the outfit. Groan.

The group so far, minus the Lunokhod as that's waiting on the Dragonforge bases:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_71.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_71)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_72.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_72)

14-10-2010, 14:36
The magnetised holo looked good enough that I decided to do the Tomcat as well - made much easier as she's holding some form of device in the hand, giving enough bulk to drill into properly!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_73.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_73)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_74.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_74)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_75.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_75)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_76.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_76)

That's likely to be it for today.

17-10-2010, 10:19
Some reinforcements in terms of things to hide behind:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_terrain_23.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010terrain23)

That takes me up to fifteen vehicles.

Plus a little taster for a modular table that's being planned:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_terrain_19.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010terrain19)

25-10-2010, 10:37
Just a quick update to point out that the models are on hold until the urban tiles are a bit more done and the Dragonforge bases arrive...

26-10-2010, 12:50
The Dragonforge bases turned up this morning and they're lovely! That's a 120x90mm oval, two 60mm and a five-pack of 40mm bases:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_79.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_79)

Unfortunately they're also about twice the thickness of the Infinity 40mm bases and as a result the top surface is a good 4mm smaller in diameter.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_80.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_80)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_81.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_81)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_82.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_82)

So if I want to use these for the remotes I'll have to bend the legs in a bit and either remove the bottom 2-3mm of the base or sculpt extensions to the extensions. :(

26-10-2010, 16:29
Car, crusher and base:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_83.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_83)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_84.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_84)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_85.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_85)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_86.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_86)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_87.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_87)

26-10-2010, 16:31
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_88.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_88)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_89.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_89)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_90.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_90)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_Infinity_91.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_Infinity_91)

27-10-2010, 13:54
That's so cool.
I've always loved spider tanks

27-10-2010, 20:14
Have you checked out the metal tank on this forum?

A quick 'bulk' test using plasticine:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/IMG_1464.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/IMG_1464)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/IMG_1465.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/IMG_1465)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/IMG_1466.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/IMG_1466)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/IMG_1467.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/IMG_1467)

Nope. :(

Just too big and bulky, and matching to the paving slabs on the edges of the bases would be a pain.

Oh well.

27-10-2010, 23:25
So it's back to embossed plasticard:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_96.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_96)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_97.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_97)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_98.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_98)

No, that's not snowshoes but plasticard on the bottom of the base extensions to lift them up level with the new base height, before trimming. I may have to file a bit of detail off the tops of the base extensions, though.

28-10-2010, 15:33
Base marked so that I know roughly where to drill the holes in the circumference:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_99.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_99)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_100.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_100)

Once the holes in the base were drilled, I used those holes to mark where to drill holes in the metal base extensions and pinned all four of them:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_101.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_101)

Finished assembly, with magnetised guns and the body currently sitting on the big central pin:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_103.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_103)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_104.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_104)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_105.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_105)

I need to do a little filing and filling where the extensions meet the base, but apart from that it's done!

Dixie Flatline
29-10-2010, 15:24
Nice work!

It's these robots that make me want to get into Infinity and your spider tank IMO is done better than the studio paintjob!

30-10-2010, 00:08
Really nice! :cool:

Looking forward to seeing some paints. Your Squats are the bomb btw! :D

10-11-2010, 01:46
Great basing, looking forward to seeing them finished

10-11-2010, 21:16
Blimey! Is it just me that thinks those extensions to the 40mm base are a bit of an odd idea, even for Corvus Belli?

Could they not have either mounted it on a 50mm base or just cast the legs in a better position to fit on the 40mm base?

Still, I do love the Infinity stuff (see my plog, a little while back). And I love the look of what you're doing, and the busy battlefield!


10-11-2010, 21:24
Yes they are a bit of an odd idea, but not everyone is insane enough to think that they need pinning to the base. ;)

11-11-2010, 16:53
There is finally a bit more progress - the legs for the two Tsyklon Sputniks are cleaned up:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_111.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_111)

Plus, being the obsessive type that I am, I pulled a bunch of images out of the markers PDF and resized them to fit a 1" hole punch:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_109.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_109)

Plus a recent battlefield:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_110.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_110)

11-11-2010, 18:00
Assembling the legs - lower half marked and ready to drill:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_112.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_112)

And marked with a felt-tip so that I can remember which way around the legs go:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_113.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_113)

Glued, pinned & drying ready for leg-bending to get them to fit the bases.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_114.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_114)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_115.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_115)

I'll not be pinning these ones to the bases...

11-11-2010, 18:37
Next batch of photos. The pins sticking up out of the leg hubs aren't in the same place so it was time to identify the leg-body pairings before drilling into the bodies:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_116.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_116)

Pins in place:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_117.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_117)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_118.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_118)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_119.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_119)

But a lot of pieces to go...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_120.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_120)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_121.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_121)

The weapon assemblies might be magnetised again, on the other hand there are no extra weapons to swap out.

Still undecided on gluing the bodies on once everything's painted, they are much easier to transport separately but then tend to separate when you pick them up to move on the battlefield.

11-11-2010, 20:45
Snowshoe time again:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_124.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_124)

I wasn't going to add embossed plasticard to the bases of these two but changed my mind to keep the force more cohesive.

11-11-2010, 21:21
My main complaint* about the Sputnik design is that the angle between the legs is too tight for the guns to fit in without bending the legs a long way sideways and making the model even more crab-legged than it already is, so it's time to trim some guns again...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_125.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_125)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_126.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_126)

With pin, ready to attach to the body, although I don't think I'll do that until the side-pieces are on.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_127.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_127)

*Don't get me wrong, they're lovely models!

12-11-2010, 17:01
First Tsyklon almost assembled, just the tailfin to go. Not such an insane number of pins this time - one for the body-turbine joint and another one on each side.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_128.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_128)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_129.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_129)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_130.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_130)

The Feuerbach still isn't glued in, I'll do that once the tailfin is on.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_131.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_131)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_133.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_133)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_134.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_134)

12-11-2010, 17:12
The other Tsyklon's legs have been assembled and based, but nothing else has been done to it yet.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_135.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_135)

I bent the front legs out on this one to make sure that there was room for the weapon assembly and especially the ammo feed. Fronts of bases facing each other:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_136.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_136)

The base extensions are now roughly every 90˚ which matches the official models.

12-11-2010, 22:19
Scale shot - normal paperclip, 0.5mm wire, tailfin and 0,5mm drill bit.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_137.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_137)

Unfortunately on pieces this thin it's easy to end up going through the side, but once the wire is in it'll be easy to fill.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_138.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_138)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_139.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_139)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_140.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_140)

Another scale photo showing an even more insane drill bit.
Left-to-right: 0.3mm (never used this one!), 0.5mm, 0,85mm (for paperclip holes), Nomad hacker sheet.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_141.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_141)

12-11-2010, 22:20
The completed Tsyklon, Feuerbach also glued in place.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_142.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_142)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_143.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_143)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_144.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_144)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_145.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_145)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_146.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_146)

17-11-2010, 12:01
Minor update - I've added some 1x5mm magnets to the underside of one of the Tsyklon bases to see how happy I am with magnetised transport, they're strong enough to hold it horizontal and even upside down.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_terrain_300.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_terrain_300)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_terrain_301.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_terrain_301)

Death from above!

17-11-2010, 13:43
It gets worse, or better, depending on your point of view.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_147.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_147)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_148.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_148)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_149.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_149)

After a comment from Domo on our club forum about lining all our scenery with metal plates (I'd forgotten to bring blu-tack & spare 40mm bases again last night) I had a brainwave. The walls on most of our scenery (GW CoD ruins, the planned foamed PVC blocks etc.) are quite thin, 3-5mm.

The magnets under the base are slightly inset and don't get close enough the the walls, but adding a couple of extra 1x5mm discs is enough the counteract that:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_150.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_150)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_151.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_151)

Place a bleeping strong 5x5mm neodymium magnet on the other side of the wall and:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_152.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_152)

21-11-2010, 12:46
The rest of the bases are now magnetised. An important tip when magnetising resin bases - make sure that the hole is slightly larger than the magnets or cut a small channel down one side - otherwise you put a blob of superglue in, attempt to push the magnets in and fail to do so because the glue can't get out...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_153.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_153)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_154.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_154)

And a Spiderman group shot:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_155.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010_infinity_155)

The one in the front is an old Kyromek ED209 lookalike that I'm currently using as a proxy for a Reaktion Zond.

06-12-2010, 10:53
Finally following up on the original idea of using magnets for transport rather than for sticking models onto walls... (Thanks to Magno on the Infinity forums)

This is how I've been transporting things recently - a standard GW case with infantry models in the top and a double-height layer underneath to hold all the remotes etc:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_168.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity168)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_169.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity169)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_170.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity170)

Now the ingredients for a cheap magnetised version - the case, some sticky pads and an old baking tray:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_171.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity171)

The baking tray was thoroughly washed and the reverse given a sanding down to make it slightly rougher while the inside of the case was given a thorough hoover. I then dug into the pack of sticky pads, only to discover that they were a bit more 'mini' than expected, only 5mm square! A lot of sticking down in patches (and removing 250 bits of non-stick paper) later...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_172.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity172)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_174.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity174)

The tray was ready to go into the case.

06-12-2010, 10:57
Then came cutting out sections from the 'floor' of the bottom layer - several were cut out slightly larger than the remote's bases, two were totally cut out:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_175.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity175)

Then place the foam back into the case, on top of the secured baking tray:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_176.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity176)

The figures fit in quite snugly! The remotes will still need foam on top for the moment, as the top halves won't be glued in place until they are painted.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_177.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity177)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_178.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity178)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_179.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity179)

09-12-2010, 21:03
I've finally started putting paint on the Nomads! The Tomcat Engineer is being used as the test piece for the colour scheme:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_181.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity181)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_182.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity182)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_184.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity184)

The grey undersuit is a mix of wet-blending and layering but not very smoothly as I'm woefully out of practice. :(

The harder armour pieces will be purple (you can see the start of base-coating on one leg), with green straps and details.

10-12-2010, 00:04
Before & after:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_185.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity185)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_186.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity186)

And the rest of the views:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_187.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity187)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_188.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity188)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_189.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity189)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_190.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity190)

10-12-2010, 00:06
Lower views without the holo-display:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_191.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity191)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_192.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity192)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_193.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity193)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_194.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity194)

The gun barrel still needs a wash or two, the forearm lenses/gems still need doing and of course the base.

The base will probably be a warm pale grey for the panels with a metallic hatch and black base edge plus 'facing' triangle on the front.

10-12-2010, 12:27
Great to see some paint! Not too sure about the yellow bits on the uniform. But I love the method of magnetizing the models to buildings to represent their ability to climb up and down walls - that's genius; although I do somewhat suspect that the metal transport tray may be a step into "mad scientist" terrirtory.


10-12-2010, 12:57
The 'neon' bits look more integrated in the flesh, as does the orange-brown padding on the gun.

The metal transport tray isn't as mad scientist as you'd think - one of the standard ways of transporting massed ranks of historicals is to stick magnetic tape on the bottoms of the multibase and then place them directly into one of those folding/expanding metal toolboxes. No foam involved...

16-12-2010, 15:04
Some more grey areas done:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_195.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity195)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_196.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity196)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_197.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity197)

On the two new figures, I ended up with a base coat of adeptus battlegrey followed by a thick wash of watered down chaos black with a little black ink in it. While the wash was still drying I touched up with battlegrey again, blending it up with a little bit of astronomican grey. It's slightly shiny in areas but that'll be hidden by varnish anyway...

16-12-2010, 17:59
I've started on the skin next, on the grounds that if the faces go wrong after I've done the rest of the paintjob it's a pain to start again...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_198.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity198)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_199.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity199)

This is a dull-coloured base coat mixed from about six different colours including bleached bone (old), some foundation grey, some dark green and dark flesh. The base coat has been applied in slightly different thicknesses to already start adding some depth - I'll then carry on in a similar manner to the grey areas with a greyish-brown wash (which will add a bit more colour) then retouch with flesh-mix and blend in some highlights at the same time.

The bases still need quite a lot of work as well.

16-12-2010, 21:39
A bit more done.

Skin areas given a wash which was a mix of really old chestnut ink, a bit of devlan mud and a bit of dark green paint to tone done the orangeness:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_200.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity200)

Skin bought back up and highlighted, in the end the new skin mix was too dull in colour, I had to do a couple of very thin glazes of red/chestnut to get some life

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_201.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity201)

Clockmaker's hair underpainted with a mix of clathan brown & astronomican grey highlighted up to near-white:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_202.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity202)

Hair given an overcoat of really old spearstaff brown (a dull yellow) mixed with snakebite leather (light orange-brown) and then highlighted up further:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_203.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity203)

The photo booth is in use so this is under bad lighting...

17-12-2010, 19:32
Now with better lighting:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_204.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity204)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_205.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity205)

22-12-2010, 23:02
Progress is slowing down due to the extra Xmas workload on the shop, but I managed to assemble the remaining Tsyklon a few days ago - the ammo feed for the Spitfire was a pain!

Only one pin on each side and one for the turbine piece, unlike that first Lunokhod:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_206.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity206)

I tried out my PCB drills when doing this, for 0.8mm/paperclip-sized holes it feels a lot more robust and therefore more accurate:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_207.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity207)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_208.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity208)

The remaining pieces:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_209.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity209)

Grrrr, down boy!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_210.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity210)

22-12-2010, 23:09
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_212.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity212)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_213.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity213)

Getting the ammo feed to fit involved filing down the size of the 'pins' on each end and quite a lot of bending but I got there in the end...

I'm leaving the tailfin off this one:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_211.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity211)

22-12-2010, 23:18
Now, some paint. I scraped out a bit of time this morning and got the purple areas done on the Clockmaker and Interventor:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_216.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity216)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_217.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity217)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_218.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity218)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_219.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity219)

As you can see it's shinier and not the same colour as on the Tomcat, that's because I started with a base colour partly mixed from foundation purple which turned out to be too dull in colour and the ink & paint wash I used to richen it turned out to be glossy.

I quite like the effect, though.

24-12-2010, 20:53
Wow.. liking the color scheme on these guys.. giving me a ton of ideas for when my starter pack of nomads show up..

The clockmaker model reminds me of an old shadowrun model of a juicer that I had back in the early 90s.. will have to pick it up if nothing else for nostalgia reasons..

24-12-2010, 22:40
Very original and realistic!

24-12-2010, 22:42
Thanks! The remotes/robots are likely to end up a lot blacker, but that has to wait until the weather has improved enough to use spray paint outdoors...

06-01-2011, 19:52
I got a bit of model construction done a few days - but it's not a robot! On the other hand, snipers with thermo-optic camo are fun...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_223.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity223)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_224.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity224)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_225.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity225)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_226.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity226)

06-01-2011, 19:53

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_227.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity227)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_228.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity228)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_229.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity229)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_230.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity230)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_231.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity231)

I was considering leaving the sniper rifle arm off for painting, then remembered why I'm using black undercoat and a dark colour scheme - the bits I can't reach won't be visible...

Plus, anything that makes it less likely that i will start painting (like working out how to spray undercoat the gun by itself) is a bad thing...

06-01-2011, 19:55
Today's construction!

The second Zondbot has finally been put together. Parts:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_232.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity232)

Parts separated and cleaned, tab mostly removed and filed down to pins:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_233.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity233)

Glued to base, the pin on the back foot required a close fit in the hole as the pin was wider than the piece of foot it connected to. magnets still need to be added under base for transport.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_234.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity234)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_235.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity235)

06-01-2011, 19:56
As the antenna on the already-made Zondbot has already broken off once when it got caught on some foam I decided to try pinning this one - if just to see if it was possible! So here you can see a standard paperclip, the teeny-tiny antenna, a 0.2mm drill bit and some tiny spring wire that I found.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_236.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity236)

The 0.2mm bit broke before I even tried drilling - I was trying to line the bit up with the antenna on the drill press and accidentally brushed the antenna against the bit. Ping!

As a result, I dug out the next bigger drill bit, 0.35mm.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_237.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity237)

The 0.35mm bit snapped off partway into the hole in the back of the drone's head, but was still sharp enough to do another hole at a slightly different angle. So here it is, assembled:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_238.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity238)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_239.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity239)

For all the hassle and one-and-a-half drill bits broken I think it was worth the effort, the antenna is really solid now.

10-01-2011, 13:55
Lovely work, as always. Keep it up. I'm loving this plog and it's sustaining my desire to paint some Infinity minis for myself eventually.


11-01-2011, 08:25
Love this blog as well.. just started painting up the nomad starter box, and have the Haqqislam and Yu Jing Imperial Order Start packs on their way. Looking to get them all painted up and start driving some interest into them.

Next will be having a look back at your terrain log and pinching some ideas from you.


11-01-2011, 09:12
Ta! I'd been hoping to undercoat the Tsyklon and Lunokhod remotes yesterday afternoon but it started raining about midday and never stopped...

12-01-2011, 19:19
After a break in the rainy weather yesterday, the Sputnik-chassis remotes are now undercoated!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_241.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity241)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_243.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity243)

Plus a group shot:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_244.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity244)

15-01-2011, 19:36
One of the undercoated base/leg units, showing the pin that holds the body section on:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_245.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity245)

The bases on the three mostly-painted models weren't going well, so the whole lot got a couple of thin layers of Astronomican Grey foundation paint to get a nice & even pale base colour. If you look carefully, some of the tiles have also been painted over in a slightly warmer tone to add variation.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_246.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity246)

I then mixed up a bunch of different inks and paints into a wash, including Badab Black ink, some black paint, Charadon Granite & Adeptus Battlegrey foundations, water and some Vallejo acrylic medium that I picked up for testing. A watery mix over the whole base gives a big contrast:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_247.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity247)

All the bases now washed, with some of the tiles/paving slabs having had extra washes of dark mixes to add more variation:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_248.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity248)

15-01-2011, 21:40
A better photo of the bases:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_250.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity250)

The finished Tomcat Engineer! Apart from varnishing and possibly some fire arc lines on the sides:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_251.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity251)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_252.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity252)

P.S. Made another order from Maelstrom this evening, before the 17.5% voucher runs out on Monday...

16-01-2011, 08:32
Love it.. the bases look great with the color scheme you have pushed out here..

16-01-2011, 12:22

Two more nearly finished bases, this time the Clockmaker and Interventor.

Tarmac step 1, dark grey base colour then a light grey drybrush followed by a very light white drybrush without having washed the brush:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_253.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity253)

Tarmac step 2, after the drybrush stage is thoroughly dry, a thick wash of black paint and repainting the base edge:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_254.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity254)

Just the facing arrows to add now.

16-01-2011, 17:38
Green done on the two, leaving jewels, rifle pads, Interventor hair/sensor net and assorted small metallic bits to go:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_257.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity257)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_255.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity255)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_256.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity256)

16-01-2011, 22:31
Finally got around to doing some gems. Woefully out of practice at them but they'll do. Orange on the ones on the Clockmaker that are against green, blue everywhere else. I'd been going to do them all orange and changed my mind at the last minute...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_259.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity259)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_258.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity258)

The Clockmaker is now done, the Interventor needs hair and possibly some light spill around the glowy bits on the back.

The Tomcat hadn't been finished because I'd not done the gems yet! Here are the three together:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_260.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity260)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_261.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity261)

17-01-2011, 08:55
Who makes those urbhan bases your models are standing on? Do they do 40mm ones to match? I've been looking for urban bases for a while, and most of them are too industrial looking (diamond tread plate, rivets, pipes, etc). The bases on the Clockmaker and Interventor look spot on.

edit: Ah, the Antenociti ones. Looks like my search for decent urban 40mm bases continues. I'll need to chin him about it at Salute.

Looks like those Dragon Forge bases match the GW 40mm base, not the Em-4-style 40mm base that everyone else uses. Pity they're all rubbly - they'd be ideal otherwise.

17-01-2011, 09:04
The Dragonforge ones are lovely, but they're something like 8mm high and therefore almost useless for Infinity. :(

17-01-2011, 11:17
Really drawing a lot of inspriration from your guys here..

Just finished ( or almost finished ) the nomad starter pack on my plog here.. went a more colorful route than you.. might have to darkern them up a bit more around the crevices as they do not stand out as much as I would have liked.

Can't wait to see the REMS finished up.


18-01-2011, 19:23
Love your work... the figs remind me so much of Ghost in the Shell, especially the walking tanks (tachikomas rule)

03-02-2011, 22:32
Ta! On the subject of Tachikomas...

Two weeks with no progress - the eBay store has been rather busy recently plus planning the Summer Infinity tournament has taken it's toll...

However I've started the Tsyklon and Lunokhod Sputniks. You've already seen the bases but here's a close-up where you can also see the start of the metallic sections of the leg. The idea is to have a 'bare' metal leg with coloured panels attached.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_265.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity265)

The metallic parts then got a wash of diluted black paint* with some chestnut ink mixed in, this gives a lovely greasy steel look. Once that was fully dried I gave the areas a light wetbrush with Boltgun Metal and some directional highlighting with Mithril Silver which gives the metallic areas a decent depth:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_273.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity273)

Then came the point of deciding which areas should be purple, and whether to try and duplicate one of the two existing purple mixes...

I ended up mixing a totally new purple from foundation Hormagaunt Purple and hex pot/black lid-era Liche Purple which is an very saturated dark purple. The mix of the strongly-pigmented but crap coloured foundation paint with vivid dark purple and some dilution with water has given a really solid base colour after three thin coats:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_274.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity274)

But enough of legs, we want to see the rest! Base-coated Tsyklons, metallics on the bodies still need shading wash/wetbrush/highlight:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_270.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity270)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_271.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity271)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_272.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity272)

Most of the black areas will stay black with pale edge-highlighting while the tips of the feet will be brown-orange like the grips on the Combi-Rifles on the infantry. The outer rims of the turbines will probably get yellow and black hazard stripes but i'll have to make the yellow quite subdued to stop them drawing too much attention. Assorted details will be picked out in neon green again, possibly including the two stripes on the side pieces.

If I'm feeling really confident the 'canopies' on the front-top of the main bodies will get a reversed city skyline reflection. Maybe.

*My favourite black paint of all time was the really old (15+ years) GW Chaos Black - the pigment in it was so fine that you could dilute it almost infinitely without it breaking down. Combined with it's slightly matte finish when used as a wash and mixing well with inks it's the best base medium for metallics shading washes I've ever come across. I tried a number of blacks over the years since my black pots ran out but nothing came close, but recently I ordered some Coat d'Arms black (the original suppliers of GW paints) and huzzah! it's the old formulation that can be watered down forever! These models were the first test.

08-02-2011, 11:51
Looking good mate, the purple is very vibrant and looks great. I think I need to get some coat'd'arms paints after that recommendation too.



17-02-2011, 21:43
:) Bear in mind with Coat d'Arms that I've only tried black paint and chestnut ink, I've no idea what the other colours are like. Yet.

While undercoating Pringles Tower this afternoon I got the 'final'* five Nomad models undercoated as well:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_275.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity275)

The Specktr Sniper is white as I'm going to have a go at a model that's uncloaking from TO camo, for an Infinity painting competition. A bit over-ambitious but worth trying...

*Final as in the rest of the assembled models, ignoring the blisterpacks wrapped for another few weeks...

Void Reaper
17-02-2011, 21:58
Nice figures and great painting!

Solun Decius
18-02-2011, 10:50
Your painting is great and these models are pretty cool.
I liked that first robot crushing a car, so I went through the old thread to see the process on that too. Good stuff all around!

24-02-2011, 22:14

Ian's Painting Pledge!

The purple sections on the Spitfire Tsyklon are done, huzzah! Taking a leaf out of Magno's Creamsicle cookbook these are a bit brighter than the infantry.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_276.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity276)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_277.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity277)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_280.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity280)

With the base-coloured one:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_278.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity278)

With the Clockmaker:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_281.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity281)

And all the paints involved in the purple:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_282.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity282)

As previously mentioned, the base coat was a couple of thinnish coats of foundation purple mixed with Liche Purple. For shading I started by going over most of the area with some thinned Liche Purple, then multiple very thin layers of Liche mixed with Tentacle Pink, laying up more paint where I wanted it to be lighter, then another 2-3 layers with increasing amounts of Tentacle Pink and white added in.

To finish off, some Tentacle Pink and white mix in very thin lines on some of the edges and corners.

Very pleased with the results!

25-02-2011, 08:56
Wow.. they look great.. congrats.. the color really does come out nice..

25-02-2011, 21:26
Ta again!

Back to the uncloaking Spektr, given that a painting competition deadline is looming on the Infinity forum...

At the moment I'm still making it up as I go along, with the mockup image as a rough guide. To start with I decided to add some tonality to the model with a very pale grey wash followed by a slightly darker wash.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_284.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity284)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_285.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity285)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_286.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity286)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_287.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity287)

The base then got a black & chestnut wash over the metallics, and a black edge.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_288.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity288)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_289.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity289)

25-02-2011, 21:27
The base got a light drybrushing of Boltgun, and a couple of thin layers of Spearstaff Brown over the peachy-coloured under colour - the cable will end up being yellow and black hazard stripes.

The model itself has been highlighted back up to white.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_290.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity290)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_291.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity291)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_292.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity292)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_293.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity293)

Not sure of the route from here, but it makes a nice change working with a white undercoat again...

27-02-2011, 20:47
The cable now has black and yellow stripes and shading/highlighting, but will still need some weathering, and the section parallel to the cable will need to be some other colour.

I've merged the model's colour going down the legs to match the base, but it needs a black glaze to get rid of the metallics I added to the leg, then cross-hatching can be painted on the lower parts of the leg to match the metal sheeting.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_294.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity294)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_295.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity295)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_296.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity296)

In a slight change of plan, the uncloaking will be happening around mid-torso so that I get to use the big flat area of the back to show it breaking down. One idea I've had is to have the interface between cloaked areas and uncloaked areas glowing electric-arc blue, but we'll see...

27-02-2011, 22:10
The lower legs have now had a covering wash/glaze of black-through-grey up the legs to hide the metallic traces, unfortunately it made the blending slightly less smooth. The sniper rifle has had a dark grey base coat followed by a thick black wash, this will be highlighted and then washed again. Any bits that look like the wash didn't get too is reflections, the wash was still slightly wet when the photos were taken.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_297.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity297)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_298.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity298)

I've added no-slip cross-hatching to the foot, shin and calf, using bright silver mixed with some foundation grey as the silver by itself wasn't visible enough:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_299.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity299)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_300.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity300)

It might not be visible in the photos, but the marks on the foot follow the marks on the base exactly.

01-03-2011, 14:17
That is looking really good

02-03-2011, 22:14

The Multi Sniper Rifle is pretty much done now:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_301.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity301)

I've also mapped out the transition of the cloaking field breaking down. The pale areas (apart from the untouched head) will have hints of broken spectrum across them plus blue-lit edges. The black areas will be painted as if it were a normal figure. Quickly, given that it's two days to the painting competition deadline...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_303.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity303)

03-03-2011, 21:03
A biggish update now, but still not finished...

The 'normal' part of the model is pretty much finished now apart from a few gems. Still to go is the electric-blue edging to the collapsing field plus blue light spilling onto the model underneath.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_304.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity304)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_305.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity305)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_307.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity307)

04-03-2011, 02:25
Thats an amazing paint job mate, really captures the effect you are going for. I particularly like the top down shots, the leg blends almost seamlessly into the base.



04-03-2011, 12:14
Magnificent stuff on the camouflage.


Solun Decius
04-03-2011, 13:28
Very nice camouflage-breaking effect. You're doing a very smooth and careful paintjob on that mini. Will it be standing next to white-ish walls or a background that it blends perfectly into?

04-03-2011, 22:37
I'm calling this one finished, but I may have to try again with what's been learned - it was that bit too ambitious...

I got the TO done this afternoon with a spectrum of colours working down the model but it was too messy and the transitions on the back got too dark too quickly and the spectrum looked too muddy:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_311.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity311)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_315.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity315)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_316.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity316)

So I spent the evening going over most of the back and middle again, reducing the spectrum and making it all blue. Unfortunately the surface is now getting quite rough from all the overpainting. Ah well.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_318.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity318)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_319.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity319)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_320.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity320)

04-03-2011, 22:38
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_322.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity322)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_323.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity323)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_326.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity326)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_328.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity328)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_329.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity329)

04-03-2011, 22:39
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_330.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity330)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_331.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity331)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_332.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity332)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_333.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity333)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_334.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity334)

Note the gem effect on the gunsight...

04-03-2011, 22:45
sheep - ta, I'm particularly happy with the way the leg blends into the base.

precinctomega - coming from you, that's high praise. :)

Solun Decius - it's a gaming model rather than display, so no background - which makes trying to paint thermo-optic camo that bit harder...

05-03-2011, 07:48
No way! You knock me into a cocked hat.


11-03-2011, 22:24

After a Spektr-induced break, I've started on the last four undercoated infantry (The Lunokhod is still only black + metallics): two Zondbots and two Koalas.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_335.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity335)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_336.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity336)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_337.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity337)

The purple base coat is done but now needs to be taken up to match the nearly-finished Tsyklon with some Tentacle Pink...

Solun Decius
12-03-2011, 12:23
The Specktr Sniper turned out really good. Intense scheme and color effects. Those other bots look great so far.

15-03-2011, 11:12
Ta! Here's another.

Next up, Faster Koala! Kill! Kill!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_338.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity338)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_339.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity339)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_340.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity340)

The idea with the yellow head was to have mirror-image diagonal black-and-yellow hazard stripes, but I quite like it as-is.

15-03-2011, 16:40
Now with red eyes and neon-green claws to echo the green details on the infantry:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_341.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity341)

I tried doing a rotating sonar blip in the front circle of the head but it was just too small so it's black again.

16-03-2011, 19:00
That's cool, I really like the yellow helmet! :D

Never been a fan of the "Road-runner" cloud but your treatment looks really good.

17-03-2011, 05:23
Koala looks cool mate, very roadrunner with the dust puffs though :)



19-03-2011, 10:46
The roadrunner puffs were something I disliked quite a bit on the model, but have become fond of by now... :)

The second Koala is mostly done, showing the light brown undercoat for the yellow area:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_343.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity343)

Zondbots base-coated:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_344.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity344)

And eyes on the first Koala highlighted:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_345.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity345)

19-03-2011, 22:18
Say hello to the Wascally Dastardly Cwazy Koala - and his evil twin brother!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_346.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity346)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_347.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity347)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_348.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity348)


20-03-2011, 21:55
One of the Zondbots is a few steps closer to being finished:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_351.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity351)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_352.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity352)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_353.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity353)

Several areas of purple still to be highlighted around the top of the model but my brush-holding concentration is done in for the day...

21-03-2011, 16:14
The purple is very nice, a very striking scheme.

I thought you should know that you've helped push me over the edge into Infinity, the 50% discount they are doing this week helped alot too! :D

I bought the Aleph, and Pan Oceania army deals.



21-03-2011, 16:23
Woo, the contagion spreads!

Those 50% deals are messing with my pledge to finish painting my current Infinity collection before buying more... :(

23-03-2011, 12:25
Nearly finished Zondbot, I still need to shade and highlight the green details and work out what colour to do the feet:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_361.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity361)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_362.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity362)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_363.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity363)

Plus a view of my painting set up, I've taken to mixing all the shades (well watered down) at once and then doing each panel completely before moving to the next panel/section of the model:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_354.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity354)

Now a bonus shot from last night's games, the opposing Lieutenant going down to a carefully-planned Light Firethrower shot before the Tomcat Engineer got blown into a red mist by the Haramaki link team:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_terrain_527.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010terrain527)

Dixie Flatline
23-03-2011, 17:06
Love the purple, looks awesome!

25-03-2011, 22:07

The first Zondbot is now finished with some shading and highlighting on the green details, some tiny red eyes and a small amount of black-lining where colours had overlapped:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_365.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity365)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_366.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity366)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_367.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity367)

Plus I've restarted work on the Tsyklon, the black parts of the upper half are now black again and the rear turbines painted dark yellow, as with the Koalas with a Foundation Tallarn Flesh base coat plus a couple of thin coats of watered down Leprous Brown/Golden Yellow mix (old clear hex-pot era):

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_368.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity368)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_369.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity369)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_370.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity370)

Let's see if I can get this Tsyklon, the second Zondbot, the second Tsyklon and the Lunokhod done before my 50% Army Deals turn up...

27-03-2011, 03:16
Looking good mate, I really like that combination of colours.

Which army deals did you get?



27-03-2011, 08:16
Nomads as I don't have the starter pack (the Lunokhod will be sold on as you can only have one) and Ariadna.

29-03-2011, 14:47
The Tsyklon looks really neat - very insecty!

29-03-2011, 15:11
Ta! Was away working this weekend so no new progress to show. Got a really silly four-Werewolf list to try out this evening via proxies, though. :)


01-04-2011, 20:25
Almost a week since the last painting update! :( I've been putting off the rest of the Tsyklons, worrying that I wont match that fantastic purple. Enough procrastination, the yellow and black sections are now done:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_378.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity378)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_379.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity379)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_380.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity380)

As with the Koalas, the plan was to do diagonal hazard stripes on the turbine housings, but with the black separators it would look a bit odd.

The 'screen' on the front will be dark green-yellow with some reflective effects painted on. All the little lights still need doing, as do the guns but I've no idea what to do with the guns, maybe make them dark red to stand out a bit.

Solun Decius
02-04-2011, 00:03
The scheme looks great finished man. Bright and vivid. Cool models!

02-04-2011, 01:20
That's not finished yet... ;)

Solun Decius
02-04-2011, 11:11
That's not finished yet... ;)
No but the Zondbot in this post (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5413163&postcount=126) is.

02-04-2011, 11:33
Here's the finished Tsyklon! The top part is even glued on now.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_381.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity381)

The green 'windscreen' worked well but the diagonal stripes ended up a bit coarse. I'm quite pleased with the lighting effects around the lights, especially the split-colour lights on the front ends of the sides - 'Turning left!'. The red cowling on the guns picks them out to my satisfaction, they were getting too lost.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_382.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity382)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_383.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity383)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_384.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity384)

Now some lower views:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_385.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity385)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_386.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity386)

02-04-2011, 11:33

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_387.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity387)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_388.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity388)

I know it's the wrong Sputnik chassis, but here it is with the Koalas:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_389.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity389)

And hanging off the side of a container:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_390.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity390)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_391.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity391)

02-04-2011, 17:11
Group shot time.

The finished models (apart from the Interventor's hair):

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_392.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity392)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_393.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity393)

The unfinished models:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_394.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity394)

02-04-2011, 18:51
love your stuff man very indepth

thanks to beast of war i got very interested by infinity and then found that a couple of the lads at the local club have stuff so i've been and got some ariadna looking forward to geting them together and playing some games

02-04-2011, 21:13
Ta muchly! If you have any questions, feel free to ask on BoW, the Infinity site or the Infinity thread over in SF&F, infinity players tend to be a very helpful bunch.

No more models in the first batch with just undercoat!* The Lunokhod is now base-coloured, a good thing given that it's the Remote that I never leave home without!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_395.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity395)

The Lunokhod will look less purple from the front than the Tsyklons as it doesn't have the long 'ears' of the side-pieces coming down past the the windscreen area.

*Apart from the Lunokhod's two weapon packs which are cleaned and magnetised but not undercoated yet. That'll be happening real soon now...

07-04-2011, 19:30
No more painting done thanks to a yucky head cold, but I've put the Tyklon up as my first figure on CMON:


Solun Decius
08-04-2011, 11:09
Great group shot there. I also think the style on the green wind shield is working pretty well. It gives a certain character and motion.

20-04-2011, 17:51

I've been doing a bit of work on the Szalamandra from the army pack, not cleaned up yet but the feet are pinned ready for the base and I'm planning a weapon swap as the 'six holes drilled roughly in a disc' HMC just doesn't do it for me. Rotary cannon are much more appealing. :)

I'm going to cut off the first 5mm or so to the second indentation and add an Assault Cannon barrel instead, with thanks to DarkAngelDentist for the Ravenwing AC:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_409.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity409)

Plus I picked up some Zinge Inustries flexible resin ammo feeds as recommended in the recent Szally thread, they're really nice with a wire core and one of the belts has just the right V-shaped link profile to fit both ends on the model:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_410.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity410)

21-04-2011, 11:22
Here's progress so far, the end of the gun/arm has been removed and the new gun pinned but not yet glued in place:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_411.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity411)

Plus, for scale to show how ginormous this thing is, one of my acquisitions from Salute this weekend:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_412.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity412)

Now something completely different - an Odalisque which was a right pain to put together, behind that gun she's now missing half her right breast and there's still a big gap that will need filling on the right upper arm.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_402.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity402)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_403.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity403)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_404.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity404)

22-04-2011, 14:18
The first three assembled Haqq: Ghulam (will be a Doctor via a white armband with Red Crescent), sitting Djanbazan with Sniper Rifle and Odalisque with Boarding Shotgun:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_414.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity414)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_415.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity415)

I think I've already mentioned the Odalisque being a pain to assemble due to having to remove much of the right breast etc. but the Djanbazan was far worse, the pieces as supplied simply don't fit together. In the end I carved away several areas where the torso and legs join at the waist, then had to take big chunks out of the upright knee, the area under the forearms where they meet the knee, the nub on the right shoulder, the back of the rifle magazine and parts of the joint at the left elbow.

Plus after all that handling the barrel was getting very weak so I removed, pinned and re-added it. Even the Tyklons were easy compared to those two models... :(

The gaps on the Odalisque have been filled, I still need to fill gaps on the Djanbazan and texture the bases before it's time to undercoat.

22-04-2011, 19:46
The Djanbazan's elbow is now filled and the Odalisque is on a base. Here's the undersides of all three with bases attached, as the concave part of the base is over 2mm I glued a thin bit of card down first so that the magnets would be closer to being flush with the bottom:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_416.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity416)

Base texturing is the last thing to do now before undercoating them!

Note that the Odalisque's 'foot pin' has extra material around it under the base to make things more rigid because the surface area where the foot meets the base is so small.

22-04-2011, 20:24
By the way, this is what I'm using as inspiration for my Haqqislam colour scheme:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/haqq-colours.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/haqq-colours)


A very handy site for working out colour combinations. The greens will probably end up more like the olives to the left of the big brighter green block though.

14-11-2011, 23:35
Oh-oh. Seven months behind.

Expect to see a flurry of copied posts getting this log back to somewhere current!

14-11-2011, 23:37
Originally posted 25.04.2011.

I made up a mix of textured paint, PVA glue, a few different grades of sand and some flock in preparation for the desert bases:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_418.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity418)

Thanks to the sand it turned out to be lumpier than I'd anticipated, I may have to do another batch with more flock and less sand:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_419.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity419)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_420.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity420)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_421.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity421)

Finally for now, undercoat at last!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_422.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity422)

14-11-2011, 23:39
Posted 25.04.2011.

The bases are now mostly done. I need to get out the lightbox and do some better photos though.

A thin sandy/olive/khaki mix painted over the whole base with some more grey mixed in for the stones:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_423.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity423)

Several washes were mixed on the palette and then applied to different areas of each base to give a variation of colour:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_424.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity424)

Finally a couple of light layers of drybrushing:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_425.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity425)

14-11-2011, 23:42
Posted 02.05.2011.

Haqqislam, now with added green and metallics!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_426.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity426)

Quite a lot still to do by Saturday, though... (These models were being painted up for a participation table at the local games convention.)

Posted 05.05.2011.

Realising that I didn't really have any sandy-colour paints, Tuesday saw a visit to Clifton Road Games, my FLGS to pick up some more Vallejo paints. Some yellow/brown/sand colours along the top, some mid-grey to desaturate them slightly, orange and red for the Odalisque and yet another green. Did I say that I [i]really like greens?

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_427.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity427)

Nothing new on the Ghulam, but the Djanbazan and Odalisque have had some areas base coated pale green:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_428.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity428)

Thanks to a bit of prompting from Magno's excellent painting tips thread I've finally tried out a wet palette and it's fantastic, how did I manage without?
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_429.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity429)

Pale green areas shaded:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_430.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity430)

14-11-2011, 23:43
Posted 05.05.2011.

Most of the yellow, sand & brown areas are now base-coated. I would normally work on a single colour at a time, but time is running too short...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_431.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity431)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_432.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity432)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_434.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity434)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_435.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity435)

The sandy and brown areas are pretty much done, after some of the sand colour mixed with dark brown and then a wash of Devlan Mud. The Ghulam's trousers had Devlan Mud painted on in the shadow areas as applying it all over would destroy the cleanness of the colour.

Now with greys and dark green. The grey has been shaded and highlighted but doesn't show up much in the photos. The dark green is just a single coat and will be highlighted up from that colour.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_436.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity436)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_437.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity437)

I now have three blisterpack wet palettes, one each for yellow/brown, greens and greys. :)

The Odalisque hasn't had much extra done as the rest of her will mostly be reds, oranges and maybe browns.

14-11-2011, 23:45
Posted 07.05.2011.

Here is the finished Ghulam, mostly finished Djanbazan and partially done Odalisque:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_438.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity438)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_439.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity439)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/2010_infinity_440.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/2010infinity440)

I'll have to do some better photos, the Ghulam's skin isn't as swarthy as that and the red areas on the Odalisque are more muted. The Odalisque will be getting black (with a slight blue shine) hair, the yellow areas on the 'skirt' will probably be orange and the strapping on the legs may end up purple.

16-11-2011, 18:28
Triffic stuff, IJW. Funny - I've done exactly the same thing with my female Ghulam: the white armbands and red crescents. I found it a complete pain to get the cresents to appear neatly on her rolled-up sleeves, though. I'm thinking of resculpting the sleeves a bit to have a smoother, slightly larger area for the red crescent.


17-11-2011, 12:21
Ta! I cheated a bit with the armband idea and didn't really try to make a distinct crescent - the white band with a red blob still makes it clear enough.

17-11-2011, 12:25
Posted 08.05.2011

Two new recruits - Ghulam with Panzerfaust and Odalisque with Spitfire. I decided to position the binocular arm so that her face was visible, there's going to be enough hard to reach areas around the Panzerfaust as it is!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110508_22-26-26.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011050822-26-26)

Posted 09.05.2011

More assembled:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110509_13-46-41.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011050913-46-41)

So I now have...

Painted: Ghulam/Doctor, Djanbazan Sniper.
Mostly painted: Odalisque Shotgun.
Assembled: Naffatūn, female Fiday with Shotgun, Hafza, Ghulam Panzerfaust.

Hoping to assemble by tomorrow night: 2nd Naffatūn, 3rd Ghulam to make up a 200 point list.

Posted 10.05.2011

And some more:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110510_10-10-17.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051010-10-17)

In the middle you can see the Hafza has a Rifle-Shotgun slung in the small of his back.

17-11-2011, 12:29
Posted 15.05.2011

The fins? No, not the fins! Won't someone please save me from the fins?!?

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110515_21-56-47.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051521-56-47)

If you're not intimately familiar with the Nomad range, these are the fins from the back of a Hellcat, I've been assembling some more of the Nomads:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110515_21-58-23.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051521-58-23)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110515_21-58-12.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051521-58-12)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110515_21-58-54.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051521-58-54)

Plus the second Naffatun:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110515_21-57-29.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051521-57-29)

17-11-2011, 12:31
Posted 16.05.2011

While I'm thinking of it, here's the Yuan Yuan who was assembled a couple of weeks ago just because it's a lovely sculpt.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110516_10-11-46.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051610-11-46)

I'm not sure how she's supposed to be doing a Tai Chi sword-form with those wings on, though, they'd end up getting chopped off!

Posted 16.05.2011

On the subject of fins and wings and things...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110516_21-58-07.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051621-58-07)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110516_21-58-14.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051621-58-14)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110516_21-58-20.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051621-58-20)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110516_21-58-28.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051621-58-28)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/wt_20110516_21-58-43.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/wt2011051621-58-43)

One fully-assembled Hellcat with HMG. Attaching the wings involved filing down the rounded sides of the backpack to get enough surface area to glue them on. :( On the underside of the resin base you can see the magnet for transport.

In a cunning plan, I lined her up so that the diagonal of the hatch cover shows the front 180˚ LoF arc. B)

17-11-2011, 19:03
Some fantastic models here IJW. Look forward to seeing more of them! :)