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Gruddunk was a pretty tuff lad. He could krump wiv' da best of 'em. But during one battle against a chaos horde, his life would change forever.

Wading into the thick of things, a massive choppa in each hand, Gruddunk handed out death left and right. His swords cleaved Beastmen and Maurader skulls like eggshells and he and his horde was sure to win the day.

Suddenly, out of the gloom, a mighty chaos warrior approached him. Bellowing, Gruddunk grabbed his big choppa and set out to krump this weird humie.

But this was no ordinary fighter. This was a Chaos Lord, chosen by Tzeentch. The battle raged around them while they squared each other up.

With a bellow, Gruddunk dashed forward and swung his axe against the Lords armour. It crumple against the Chaos enscorslled bronze like tinfoil.

"Uh oh.." said Gruddunk. But he was a powerful orc warlord so he jumped on top of the Chaos Lord before he could react.

Reaching his thick fingeres underneath his helmet the orc pulled and pulled. Since it was impossible to remove the helmet just as it was impossible to remove ones skin it took another tug before the chaos lords head popped off like a grape.

Upon seeing this the Chaos horde turned tail and ran. Gruddunk looked around and saw the axe of the follower of Tzeentch laying on the ground.

He picked it up and the axe shocked him like it was made of lightning. But he couldnt let go! The pain was excrutciating and Gruddunk screamed. His lads of course thought he was screaming in victory and they soon joined him.

Then the pain stopped. Gruddunk opened his eyes. He could see things... Things he couldnt have seen before. He reached towards it with a hand and he uttered a word that he hadnt known before.

Immediatly a pair of clockwork dogs appeared out of nowhere and ripped both of an unfortunate orcs arms off.

Gruddunk looked up in surprise. He tried it again. This time he used a different nonsensical word. A giant spear appeared out of thin air and materialiezed right in Gruddunks hand.

He hurled it, this time slaying the giant that had been tagging along with his horde.

Gruddunk liked this new power. Not that he knew how it worked or really even cared... It was just good for a larf.

So these reports will be themed around a Black Orc Warboss armed with the Wizarding hat and Heavy Armour. The idea was shamefully stolen from Malorian but it was waaay to good of an idea to waste.

The Reports

Game I- Clash at the Mourning Fenns
Orcs vs. Dwarfs 2000 Points

Game II- Day of the Dinosaurs
Orcs vs. Lizardmen 2000 points

Game III- Rematch
Orc vs. Lizardmen 3000 points

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Trust me, you're going to have a lot of fun with this :D

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Oh I know I've already used him twice but sorry no reports. Although the first time I used him both he and my bsb was killed by a lucky stone thrower shot from my brothers Grudge Thrower. The center hole was over both of them and they each got wound and took 5 wounds each... :D

08-10-2010, 08:42
I thought inly one model could be under the centre hole?

Anywho, I'm looking forward to see how Gruddunk does on his campaigning :D

08-10-2010, 20:23
Well Gruddunk and Bork the Silent were behind my big orc horde and made a unit with each other. He shot at my orc horde which scattered off and landed on both of them.

08-10-2010, 21:35
at page 115 in the BRB, under Damage, second paragraph: "If the template has scattered, there is a good chance the centre hole will lie over two or more models. Nonetheless, only one can be hit by the higher strength, so select one randomly."

So one of your characters should have survived that big rock :D

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hmm cant wait to see some reports..

09-10-2010, 20:29
at page 115 in the BRB, under Damage, second paragraph: "If the template has scattered, there is a good chance the centre hole will lie over two or more models. Nonetheless, only one can be hit by the higher strength, so select one randomly."

So one of your characters should have survived that big rock :D

Ah well it was too good of an opportunity to waste.

I'll try to get a game in against my brothers dwarfs today.

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True that, true that :D

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So no game yesterday sorry guys but I should have one tommorow.

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Okidoki. :)


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Anyone know how to force your 14 year old brother into a game of warhammer?

12-10-2010, 08:46
I am trying to get my 17 to do it. Damn brothers!

12-10-2010, 17:04
Anyone know how to force your 14 year old brother into a game of warhammer?

Put his favorite video game in a blender and keep your finger on the button...

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I have two games ready to put up here but its going to be a while before I can get them up.

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I guess we'll keep waiting then :)

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I am halfway done with the first report I promise Ill try to have it up by monday. Homework permitting.

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Looking forward to it :)

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Game I- Clash at the Mourning Fenns
Orcs vs. Dwarfs 2000 Points

So heres the first report. It was 2000 points against my brothers dwarfs. Enjoy.

The Lists

Black Orc Warboss
Heavy Armour, Wizarding Hat

Nork the Kasta
Orc Great Shaman
lvl 4, Amulet of Protectyness

Burkla the Silent
Black Orc Big Boss
Armour of Destiny, Bsb

Dorf da Smasha
Orc Big Boss
Great Weapon, Ironcurse Icon

Night Goblin Big Boss
Great Weapon

Night Goblin Big Boss
Great Weapon

Night Goblin Big Boss
Great Weapon

50 Orcs
Standard, Musician, Shield

67 Night Goblins
Standard, Nets Musician

5 Spiders
Shortbows, Musician

5 Spiders
Shortbows, Musician

17 Arrer Boyz
Musician, Standard

2 Boar Chariots

2 Spear Chukkas

2 Trolls

The Dwarfs

Dwarf Lord with 1+ armour and Skalf Blackhammer

Thane with MR of Flight and Fury

30 Longbeards
Great Weapons

30 Warriors

32 Thunderers

2 Cannan

1 Grudge Thrower

1 Organ Gun

Terrain a few swamps and some hills

Deployment- so Long ago I dont remeber my own...

His was... thunderers, longbeards with lord warmichines, warriors with thane

Gruddunk got heavens with thunderbolt and the signiture spell

Turn 1 Dwarfs

The dwarfs looked at the Orc army with hate. They prepared thier weapons and aimed thier warmachines. The Thunderers unloaded at the giant mob of Orcs and brought a few of their number down.

The cannon annihilated a chariot and they dwarfs breathed a sigh of relief.

The Cannon kills a chariot and an orc. The Thunderers kill 6 orcs.

Turn 1 Orcs

Gruddunk urges his horde on. The Orcs and goblins run forward. The Spider Riders especially get excited and run off towards the large regiment of warriors whooping and shouting and firing off random shots with thier bows. An arrow somehow hit a dwarf in the eyeslit and he went down with a moan.

Gruddunk was still trying to figure out his powers. The arrer boyz in the regiment looked at Gruddunk funny. It was pretty comical to see an orc in full battle gear jumping around trying to grab "da funny lights".

Nork on the other hand was doing some real magic. Empowering the orcs with a spell for killing the red glint in thier eyes turned green for a moment before the hefted thier sheilds and madly dashed for the Longbearsd.

The right Spiders get a 6 for animosity. Nork does great and gets a 22 for bash em lads on the Orc Horde. Both Chukkas miss the longbeards and the spiders kill a warrior with thier shortbows.

Dwarf 2

With the name of thier slaughtered ancestors on thier lips the dwarf regiments hefted thier great axes and charged the orc battle line.

The regiment of warriors lead by Narrek slammed into the night goblin mob. His hammer, Mjolnr, wreaked a bloody toll on the night goblins. But Wrakk, Sprakk and Frakk lashed out with thier massive sythes and killed six of the charging dwarfs. But it mattered not for the mighty hammers and axes of the dwarfs slaughtered many a goblin. The Goblin regiment held thier ground though.

Lord Mordunn led his personal gaurd against the hated orcs himslef. His axe drank deep of the purply red blood and so did the axes of his gaurd. The orcs quickly turned tail and ran but the dwarfs had no love for cowards. On cue the longbeards all hurled thier massive axes at the retreating orcs backs.

Those that werent slain scattered to the hills.

Gruddunk hadnt even noticed the destruction of his orcs. He was still busy prancing along trying to catch the lights!

Longbeards charge the orcs and the Warriors charge the night goblins. The grudge thrower does 1 wound on the remaining chariots and the thunderers shoot at the trolls, doing 1 wound. The Organ Gun misfires. The Thane kills 2 NG the NG kill 1 dwarf. The Bosses kill 6 dwarfs and the warriors kill 10 night goblins. Gobbos loose by 5 but they hold. The Lorfs kills 2 orcs and Dorf kills 2 Dwarfs. The longbeards do crazy good and kill 13 orcs. The Orcs break and are overrun.

Orc Turn 2

Gruddunk was very happy! He finally got hold of one of the lights!! But those stinkin stunties had stolen it away from him!! He ordered his archers to fire at the ones who did it. A single longbeard dropped with an arrow in his neck. "Dat'll teach em!!" Gruddunk shouted! "Deyre my lights!! MINE!!!!!'

Nork sighed. This orc was nothing but trouble....

On the right flank things werent going so good. The dwarfs had finally killed enough goblins to make them tink twice about fighting. They turned tail and headed for the hills!!

The spider riders were having much better luck. They had killed an entire cannon crew and were now working on the second.

The left spiders squabble. Right Spiders charge a cannon. I get a 20 for Gorks Warpath but its dispelled. Gruddunk fails to cast thunderbolt. Arrer Boyz kill a lingbeard. The thane kills a NG. The bosses kill 4 dwars and the warriors kill 10 ng. Ng flee. The spiders kill the cannon crew and persue into the second cannon.

Dwarf 3

The dwarfs knew that the battlefield was thiers. All that was left was to pick up the pieces. The Thunderers took aim at the trolls and unloaded hell. The trolls didn’t stand a chance as the runic lead tore through their rotten flesh.
A huge rock started flying towards the regiment that contained Burkla, Nork and Gruddunk.
“Light?” asked Gruddunk.
“No you stupid idiot. Get out of the way!!!” shouted Nork
Luckily for Gruddunk and arrer boy pushed him out of the way.

Thunderers shoot at the trolls and kill them all. The grudge thrower kills two arrer boyz. The organ gun shoots at the spiders and kills all but one. Cannon kills an arrer boy. Thane kills the last spider with rune of flight. The spiders kill 2 crew.

Orc Turn 3

"Does cowardly Night Goblins!!" shouted Gruddunk. "Ow dare dey run off on me?!?"

"I dunno sir. But dem stunties over dere... Dey look pretty menacing..." said Nork.

"I'll gettem!" shouted Gruddunk.

Finally... Thought Nork. Sure the warboss was poweful but keeping him on task was always a problem.

Gruddunk tried with all his might to summon up something... But the dwarfs again stole his light.

Nork hurled a green ghostly fist towards the dwarf lord. It hit him in the chest with a dull WAAAGH!!!ing sound. Mordunn felt some of his ribs crack.

Night Goblins flee off the board. Headbutt does a wound on the Dwarf Lord. Gruddunk casts thunderbolt but it gets dispelled. Gorks Warpath kils three longbeards. The Chukkas kill 2 Longbeards. Arrer boyz kill another two longbeards. The spiders kill off the cannon

Dwarf turn 4

The dwarfs targeted all thier shooting on the orc archers. The Grudge throwerer and thunderers kill all but Gruddunk, Nork and Burkla.

"Ummm boss?" said Nork

"Yah whats up?" relpied Gruddunk.

"Yeah... We've pretty much lost... you sure you want to stay?"

"Yeah I'm sure!! We've still got lights to catch!!"

Nork buried his face in his palms...
The Longbeards fail a charge on the arrrer boy bunker(phew!). THe organ gun shoots at the spiders who just killed the cannon, killing 3 and making them flee. The Grudge Thrower kills 6 arrer boyz. Thunderers kill all the arrer boyz leaving Burkla, Nork and Gruudink making a unit of themselves

So I lost the last of the report notes but pretty much Gruddunk and nork killed some longbeards with magic and then Nork Miscasted and killed himself. Then the longbeards charged Gruddunk and Burkla and they both got killed by the lord.

Nork finally grabbed Gruddunk by the helmet.

"Look! Lights! Over there! Where theres no dwarfs after our heads!!" Shouted Nork.

"Oh yeah!!! Lets go!" shouted Gruddunk.

"You coming Burkla?" asked Nork.

Burkla nodded. The trio ran off in search of the pretty lights.

So that was a pretty bad loss. But I hope you enjoyed reading it!

24-10-2010, 19:12
Dwarfs is a tough match-up for OnG, was a good read though, lie the humor :)

24-10-2010, 20:42
The next game is a good one too!!

24-10-2010, 20:44
Fluff in battle reports is great...

Fluff for every turn is awesome :D

24-10-2010, 20:49
Well you know me I strive to go above and beyond. :angel:

07-11-2010, 01:44
I'll try to get the report up tommorow(if i can find my notes....)

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Battle II
Day of the Dinosaurs

Gruddunk and his horde had to flee from their last battle. They had retreated towards the southlands, requiting more boyz along the way. Unfortunatly for Gruddunk and his new horde, marching a horde of boyz thorugh a swamp might attract a bit of unwanted attention especially unwanted if it is an army of lizard men witha ton of pissed off dinos.

This was a 2000 point game between my Orcs and my friends Lizardmen.

The lists.

My list was the same as before. His was

Oblbood on a Carnosaur

Priest on Stegadon with EOTG

24 Saurus with FC

20 Skink Skirmishers

20 Skink Skirmishers

6 Cold One Cavalry

2 Salamanders


Lizards(My left to my right)- Skinks, Oldblood, Salamanders, Saurus, Skinks Cold One Cavalry

Orcs- Spiders, Trolls, Chariot Orcs with Dorf, Behind them the arrer boyz with Nork, Gruddunk and Burkla, The Night Goblins with the 3 Bosses, Spear Chukkas, Chariot, Spiders

Terrain-a few hills, a few mist wreathed swamps and a few towers. Going for a sort of jungle swamp theme.

Spells- Gruddunk got lore of Metal and Ghenna's Golden Hounds and Blades of Iban, Nork got Gaze of Mork, Headbutt, Bash 'Em Lads, and Fists of Gork.

His preist got Curse of Midnight Wind, Chain Lightning and Comet.

Turn 1 Orcs

Gruddunk should have been urging his horde on but he was too busy looking for the lights.

"Hey Nork, wherez da lightz??" asked Gruddunk.

Nork buried his face in his gnarled green hands. Sometimes he wondered wether it was worth it to follow this nutjob. But he did command a great horde...

"I dunno bozz. Did you check your pockets?:

The Goblins manning the Chukkas saw the big beastie with the stange machine on the top. Shouting and grunting they pulled the ropes and levers but unfortunatly missed the massive target somehow...

Gruddunk fails stupity even with re rolls. Both the Chukkas miss the Stegadon.

Turn 1 Lizardmen

Oldblood Skaelein watched the orc army bumble around trying to get into a fighting postion. Pathetic greenskins, he thought. He was an oldblood chosen b the old ones to wipe them from the face of the planet.

Roaring he spurred his Carnosaur into action.

On his rightmost flank the Cold Ones were fighting and snapping and they struggled to control thier beasts.

The salamanders decided not to follower thier orders and one of them snapped up a skink handler for a quick snack.

The Great Preist Kwetzelus knew these events were not a good start to the battle. Quickly activating the machine on th back of his Stegadon a massive magical feild surround all those around him protecting them from harm.

Trying to summon a massive bolt of lightning to destroy the enemy, Kwetzelus however lost control of the power and it slipped from his grasp.

The Cold One Cavalry failed thier stupidity and moved up 4". One of the Salamanders eat a handler and the others flame missed. The Presit uses the shield thingy and he fails to cast chain lightning.

Turn 2 Orcs

The Forest Goblins got really excited. They were new requits to Gruddunks horde and wanted to prove thier worth. Whooping and shouting and generally making a rather annoying racket the scuttled off quickly to the enemy.

Tuddik and his best lad Zurk were racing towards the enemy in thier chariot. Nothing made them feel more alive then barrleing towards the enemy and crushing them beneath thier wheels.

They saw the big Salamnders and hoped the boss would reward them for crushing them into a red smear on the dirt.

Charging towards them, they prepared for impact.

The Salamanders had other ideas thouhg. They tunred tail and fled.

Unfortunatly for the army of Skaelein this began to set off a chain reaction. The Cold One Riders fled along side the Salamanders.

Wrakk, Sprakk and Frakk were ready for some slaughter. Swining thier massive sythes they ran headlong at the enemy Saurus.

Night Goblins however are known for consuming vast amounts of fungus beer before a fight and if youve ever tried to run headlong screaming into an enemy with have a cask of foul fungus brew in you, you know how difficult that is.

The goblins hadnt gone very far before they were doubled over in pain and nausea.

The sight of so many goblins throwing up is not a oretty one.

Nork was also targeting the Saurus. He summoned up dozens of massive green fists to pummel them and slew a few of thier number. The spell cost him some magical knoweldge however.

The righthand spiders get a 6 for animosity. A chariot charges the salamanders who flee. This causes the CoC to flee as well. The NG fail to charge the saurus. Nork IF fists of gork and kills 3 saurus but this causes him to forget a fists of Gork) The spiders shoot and kill a skink and the Chukkas miss the stegadon.

Turn 2 Lizardmen

The handlers and the riders of the Salamnders and Cold Ones finally get thier beasts under control. Turning them around to face the battle and the charging orc horde.

Kwetzelus attempts to summon a massive comet. Charging the air with massive magical energy he prepares to wipe out the orcs with one fell swoop.

"I dont fink so!!!" shouted Nork da Kasta. Summoning all his magical might he squashed the attempt at a spell.

The skinks try to shoot thier blowguns at the chariot but the darts ping harmlessly off the wood.

The skinks on the other flank are a bit more sucsessful and kill one of the crew by a lucky shot to the jugular.

The Salamnders and CoC rally. Nork gets a 30 to dispel 15 from the comet. The skinks fail to wound the cariot but the other skinks do 2 wounds to it.

Turn 3 Orcs

"LIGHTS!!" shouted Gruddunk. He was so happy! This whole battle he had been trying to find them and now he had.

Pointing a finger at the big Night Goblin mob suddenly the rust fell off their weapons and they gleamed with magical sharpness.

Grinning with wickedness they charged headlong into the Saurus, hungover or not they were going to do some damage.

The massive sythces of Wrakk, Sprakk and Frakk took a bloody toll on the lizardmen warriors. They turned tail(pun inteaded) and attempted a retreat from the blood thirsty gobbos.

But Wrakk and Sprakk and Frakk were not gong to be denied thier slaughter. Rushing forward they tried to catch them but the Saurus escaped.

Sprakk was wrenching out his sword from a saurus skull when he looked up and saw where the momentum of the mobs charge had taken them.

Straight into the horns of Kwetzelus's Stegadon!!

The spiders squabbled and both chariots failed charges. Gruddunk casts Blades of Iban on the Night Goblins after they had charged into the saurus. The saurus killed 2 Night Gobbos and the NG killed 5 in return. THe saurus fled and were cut down and they ovveran into the Engine Presit.

Turn 3 Lizardmen

The fleeing saurus turned around after they had escaped from those crazed Night Goblins. There was just far to many of them!

The Cold One Riders attempted a charge on the chariot but they decided it would be better to run away then stand and fight.

Kwetzelus saw the battline faltering and attempted to change it. Activating the Engines power he slew a few night goblins and then cast a powerful hex upon them!

The skinks shot at the trolls and managed to stick a poisoned dart between one of thier foul scales.

The Salamnders decided they had enough of these orcs bawling and yelling at them. Sucking in air they belched forth streams of fire cooking several orcs.

Wrakk and Frakk looked at each other and nodded.

"Oi Sprakk! Dat big beastie over dere! He called you a squigsniffer!!" Wrakk called.

"Whoi dat lil... I'll gut I'm for dat!" Sprakk grabbed his sytche and swing it at the Stegdons knees.

While Sprakk was busy hacking at the stegadon Wrakk and Frakk drew a coil of squig hide rope. Attaching a small sickle to it they therw it up and snagged it on the howdah.

Scaling the rampagin beast was a difficult challenge. But Wrakk made it up even though Frakk fell off.

Kwetzelus saw the hood and cackling eyes and knew it was over. The sythe flashed and Kwetzelus head fell to the ground.

Swining down behind the monsters crest, Wrakk buried his shythe into the beck of the creatures neck piercing the armour plates.

Goblins swarmed al over it like ants on a roach. It went down unde wieght of sheer numbers.

The saurus saw their Stegadon fall and raced to help it ut it was too late. The cackling gobbos saw a new enemy and raced towards them whooping and shouting.

The saurus rally. Cold One Cavalry charge chariot who flees. EoTG kills 2 Night goblins and then Kwetzelus casts Curse of Midnight Wind on the NG. THe skinks do 1 wound on the trolls. Sallies kill 3 orcs with breath. NG pass thier fear . The Big Bosses kill the prest and the Stegadon flees off the board. The Night Goblins overrun into the saurus.

Turn 4 Orcs

Finally the Orcs feel like they are winning the battle now that the gobbos had softended up the enemy. WIth whoops and cheers the Orcs descended to wards the middle of the feild to find something to kill.

The spider riders and trolls on the left most flank charge the skinks. The darts do little to hurt the chargers and the skinks are butchered and slaughters like mice.

On the right flank the boar chariot and spider riders charge the other regiment of skinks. Again the skinks are butchered with glee. On the attempt to overrun the skinks the spiders try to go through the same swamp to follow the skinks.

THe thick muck takes its toll and a spider and goblin sink beneath the thick muck.

In the battl between the night goblins and saurus was going poorly for the saurus. Surrounded by caclking and insane night goblins that outnumbered them 10 to one they sold thier lives dearly but it was to late for them to escape. They were slaughtered to the last lizard.

Spiders get a 6. Orc horde gets a 6 as well. The chariot rallies. Spiders charge right skinks. Other chariot charges the other skinks and takes 1 wound from stand and shoot. The spiders charge the skinks that the chariot just charged.

On the left flank the trolls and the spiders charge the skinks.

The chariot kills 3 skinks and the spidrs kill 3. The boars kill 2. They spiders and chariot overrun the skinks and the mist wreathed swamp kills a spider from dangerous terrain.

Spiders and trolls kill 4 skinks then overrun them.

The Night Goblins kill 2 saurs. Then the saurus kill 4 night goblins. The Big Bosses kill 6 saurus and they ng persue the saurus off board.

Turn 4 Liardmen

Skaelein knew the battle was over. All he could do was take down as many of these monsters as he could.

Urging his mighty mount onward he charged towards the trolls.

But he heard a mighty voice calling him from far away... "Come pack up your little soldiers its time to go home!" He heard and obeyed.

The Carnosaur charges the spiders, who flee but they run into the trolls. The CoC chagre the orc horde unit.

We called it here becasue his dad showede up and he had to got. But it was pretty oobvious i won. He had some CoC left and 2 sallies and an oldblood. I had pretty much everything left.

Post Game thoughts- Night Goblins are awesome! Especially when boosted with magic and near the bsb and genreal they are pretty amazing. I feel like I'm figuring out how to work this style of army better as well.

09-11-2010, 17:01
Yup, night goblins are awesome in 8th. Throw in a few characters for kills and they can take anything down (given enough time).

10-11-2010, 02:18
These reports are great fun to read, but do you have to put it all in italics? :/

I, too, have witnessed the awesomeness that is Night Goblins in 8th Edition.

Gobbos for the win! :)


10-11-2010, 12:12
I put fluff in italics to separate it from the standard report so those that like fluff can read that and those who skip fluff can read that. But i could bold it or something.

14-11-2010, 02:20
Should have a 3k report against lizards up by next fri!!

14-11-2010, 23:26
Gruddunk was happy. In his battle he had won a great victory against the Lizardmen and he had even caught some lights. Many tribes began to flock to his banner. These were mainly goblins led by the Great Shaman, Wuzzgit. Wuzzgit had an interesting thingy. It fit in his pocket by it could turn into a fortress! This was pretty cool and Gruddunk let him join his army.

Skaelien looked at the forces he had gathered up from the surrounding swampland. After his hasty retreat from the last battle he had spent much time gathering for a counter attack.

He would start by taking a small watchtower to the south of Gruddunks horde. From that spot he could launch a counter attack on the orcish hordes.

Unfortunaly for Skaelin, Nork had divined that he would attempt an attack on the tower so Gruddunk marshalled the ladz to fight the lizards again!

This was a 3000 point game against my friends lizardmen.

The Armies

Gruddunks WAAAGH!!!

Wizarding Hat

Level 4

Night Goblin Great Shaman
Level 4, Fozzriks Folding Fortress

Great Weapon, Crown of Command

BSB, Talisman of Preservation

Wrakk, Sprakk, Frakk
Great Weapons

50 Orc Big Uns
Shields, Full Command, Razor Standard

67 Night Goblins
Musician, Standard, Nets, Shields

10 Spider Riders
Shortbows, Musciain

10 Spider Riders
Shortbows, Musician

20 Night Goblins
Nets, Musician, Shortbows, 3 Fanatics

30 Night Goblins
Musician, Shortbows

2 Boar Chariots

2 Spear Chukkas

2 Trolls

Doom Diver

The Lizardmen

Oldblood Skaelien
K'zzam the Carnousaur, Sword of Bloodshed, Armour of Fortune

Ikkaz the Skink Priest
Engine of the Gods, Plaque of Tepok

Qwerty the Scarveteran
Cold One, Venom of the Firefly Frog, Pirranah Blade

Po'iu the Chief
Stegadon, Warspear

24 Saurus

20 Skinks

20 Skinks

3 Swarms

6 Cold One Cavalry

6 Chameloen Skinks

2 Salamnders


Gruddunk got Light and - Speed of Light and Light of Battle
Wuzzgit- 1,3,4,5
Nork- 1,3,4,6

Ikkaz- 1,3,4


Orcs- Chukka, Doom Diver, Chukka, Trolls, Wuzzgit in his tower with 30 ng Archers, Chariot, 20 NG in tower, Spiders, Orcs, Arrer Boyz with Nork, Gruddunk and Burkla, NG with the Big Bosses, Spiders Chariot

Lizardmen- Po'ui, Skinks, CoC with Qwerty, Saurus, Skaelein, Ikkaz, TG, Swarms, Sallies, Chameoen, Skinks

He got the First turn.

Lizardmen Turn 1

Skaelien ordered his army to move up and enage the enemy. The temple gaurd prepared to storm the buidling. They hoisted thier halbereds and prepared to charge. But they had gone no further than a few yards before 3 night goblins staggered out of the building. They swung around heavy iron ball and chains and one of them crashed into the temple gaurd and slew one of them.

Ikkaz was having trouble casting spells. They were constantly stopped by that pathetic inferior orc shaman. Thier crude magic was nothing compared to his Astromancy!!

The Temple Gaurd move towards the tower and then the fanatics come out and kill one. He usues the Shield EOTG power and continues to do so for the entire game. Thunderbolt is dispelled and so is Curse of Midnight WInd. The skinks in the haunted mansion loose one of thier number to the ghosts.

Turn 1 Orcs

The Night Goblins gaurding the tower looked in horror at the huge lizardmen force infront of them. They had to hold the tower at all costs until reinforcements could arrive.

To slow the Lizards down they threw out thier fanatics. The spiteful whoops were heard throught the tower as the deranged night goblins crunched a Temple Guard.

Unfortunatly for the Goblins, someone had left the door to the squigpen open...

"RUNNNN!!!" shouted the Night Goblin Boss. He was the first out of the door as sounds of squigs ripping and biting was heard behind him.

It was a complete free for all as all of the goblins had tried to squeeze out of the tower door at once.

Once they were outside and saw the Lizardman host before them, they realized it would have been much better for them to have stayed inside...

Dorf saw this and shook his head. Gobbos werent good fer nuthin. Ya needed da big boyz to get this job done.

Hoisting his big choppa, he and his Big 'Uns made a mad dash across the field for the tower screaming and whooping the whole way.

Gruddunk was very glad. "Lets see dem scalies try to take dat now wiv Dorf and 'is ladz in there."

For once Nork agreed with the derranged orc.
The Night Goblins get a 6 for animosity and run out of the buidling(I dont know if this is how it works but whatever...) A fanatic kills 3 tomb gaurd before he is killed by another fanatic who runs into a wall and also expires.

The Big Uns also get a 3 and enter the now vacated Watchtower.

Wuzzgit casts Foot Of Gork and kills a Saurus. He uses Hand of Gork to send the last fanatic into the Temple Gaurd and the Salamanders where he does 2 wounds on a Salamander. Nork casts Gorks Warpath and does 2 wounds on K'zzam. Gork stomps on a boar chariot and does a wound.

The Doomdiver Misfires and takes a wound.

Lizardmen Turn 2

Dorf watched the Night Goblins flee. He'd never understand them. Who would flee from a good scrap?

"'ere we go ladz!" shouted Dorf. The Lizards were mounting a charge on the wartch tower.

The first three to enter were met by Dorf's huge axe. Hacking and slashing madly he evicerated one, beheaded another and cleaved the last one in twain. His boyz didnt do to bad, they killed another of the lizard.

The Temple Gaurd were forced out of the buidling by the Orc's bloodlust.

The Temple Gaurd charge the NG archers who flee. The TG then redirect into the tower. Ikkaz IF'ed a Thunderbolt onto a chariot which fails to wound then does 1 wound on himself.

The Big Uns kill a TG who kill 2 orcs and then Dorf Kills 3 himself.

Orcs Turn 2

Wuzzgit was feeling quite safe in his tower. He could sit up here all day long and throw spells all day long.

He had been ordered by Gruddunk to try and kill that pathetic Oldblood of whom he was mortal enemies with. Speaking of, there he was now!

Summoning a mighty foot to squash him, Wuzzgit brought it down with all his might. But the shield from Ikkaz was very strong. The foot only wounded the beast slightly but it was only a short time before the Oldblood was going ot have to walk.

The Night Goblins rally. The Chariot charges the skinks who takes 1 wound from stand and shoot. The big unit of NG charge the salamanders who flee. The Fanatic smacks into a building and dies. Foot of Gork does 1 wound on K'zzam. The Spidrs shoot at the swarms and do 2 wounds. The chariot overeruns the skinks and slams into Po'iu.

Lizardmen Turn 3

Skaelien kicked his mount into gear. K'zzam let out a fearsome roar and barreled towards the Watchtower. Skaelien prepared to leap.

Standing on the back of the Carnosaur, Skaelien timed the jump. The momentum of K'zzam plus the stregnth of his own legs propelled him trough the air towards a window.

A crash of glass and Skaelien was in the buidling. He winced as the razor sharp glass cut through his scaled skin. But that was not to worry himm now. He descended on the Orcs like a lightning bolt. They were shredded by his Obsidian Bladed Spear that he weilded with a blind fury.

Dorf heard the shouts of Orcs upstairs. He was wiping the blood of his axe on a dead orcs shirt.

"Wazzat?" he asked.

"I dunno boss ill check it out." replied an orc.

The unfortunate orc had not even made it to the top of the staircase before Skaelien's spear took him through the throat.

Toppling down the stairs the orc landed at Dorf's feet.

"Take 'im ladz!" shouted Dorf.

Skalein laghed his hoarse reptilian laugh. Let them come to their doom.

Sallies rally. The TG and Skaelien assault the buidling again. IF Thunderbolt on the Chariots. Ikkaz looses all his spells and magic levels. Skinks shoot and do 2 wounds on the chariot. The Big Uns do 1 wound on Skaelien and 1 orc dies. Qwerty kills the chariot.

Orcs Turn 3

Nork saw how Skaelein had vaulted through the window into the tower. The Oldblood was a feierce fighter and he knew it would be an extreme stretch to hope the Dorf and his boyz could deal with him.

Well that was without a little help. Reaching out with his mind, Nork found the coldblooded beast. Summoning his power, he shot a green fist thorugh the window.

Skaelien roared as he felt a few ribs snap. The spell of the Orc and the window glass had weakened him. Every breath brought up a little more blood which leaked out of the corneres of his mouth. He licked it away. He would worry about that later.

"Alright who said dere was 'shrooms out here!!" cried an outraged Wuzzgit.

All the Nigh Goblins pointed out a single quivering specimen.

Wuzzgits eyes glowed with magical fury. He grabbed the unfortunate goblin on the head and channeled power between his hand.

The goblins head exploded in a shower of gore.

Wuzzgit was furious. How dare they abandon his tower!!

Both units of NG Archers WAAAGH!!! The chariot charges teh chameleon skinks. Foot of GOrk on the Saurus is dispelled. Gorks Warpath does a wound on the Oldblood. The Spear Chukkas kill a cold one knight. The Spiders charge and kill the remaining swarms. The chariot overruns into the Salamanders.

Lizardmen Turn 4

Skaelein looked out the window. Finally, he saw the Saurus cohort had arrived to his aid.

They brought their fury down upon the buidling but the Orcs responded to the attack jsut as bloodily. Skaelien watched as his Saurus were bloodily repelled from the buidling.

It was all down to him. Roaring and ignoring the pain, he barreled down the stairs, spear stabbing, slashing and clubbing orcs left and right. His charges cleared the stairs and now he was down on the bottom of the tower facing the entire orc mob alone.

The Oldblood, Saurus and TG charge the Watchtower again. The Oldblood kills 4 the TG kill one, The Orcs kill 3 Saurus and the Saurus kills an orc. They pass thier break test.

Orc Turn 4

Wuzzgit saw the perfect oppurtunity to turn the tide of the battle.

"Aw'right you mangy lot! Were gonna go get dem lizardz and I dont wanna hear no crap about it!!" By this point the goblins would have done whatever he asked, they were plain terrifeid of him.

With the spiders help the crashed into the rear and flank of the saurus. It was ajumbled confused melee with goblins shooting point blank with shortbows and saurus madly hacking and slashing and spiders biting and pouncing.

But the day belonged to the goblins and the saurus turned tail and fled but the spiders were on them. They pounced and drove fangs into necks and thier riders stabbed with thier spears. It was a complete massacre.

Nork also had summoned a massive bolt of eneregy and smote the massive Carnosaur with it.

Skaelien heard his massive beast fall and its death cry. He cursed the orcs. He knew they had won but he was not dead and he would be back with an even mightier host!!

Kicking out a door he burst out of the watchtower and sounded the retreat. Hopping on a Cold One he and what was left of his force galloped away.

"'ey boss we won" said Nork.

"Shuddap will yer!! I'm trying to figure out this puzzle!" shouted Gruddunk. He was currently busy trying to extricate his head from his helmet.

"Dis is a really hard one!!" shouted Gruddunk.

Nork really really needed a vacation...

Wuzzgits unit and the spiders flank and rear charge the saurus. Foot of Gork finally kills K'zzam. Warpath kils 4 Saurus. The chariot does no wounds on the sallies and is killed in retaliation. The Goblins kill 2 saurus and the saurus kill 6. The saurus break and are run down by the spiders. We call the game at this point.

Victory to WAAAGH!!! Gruddunk!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it!

15-11-2010, 08:20
Great report again. Just a question: Can more than one unit charge the tower at the same time?

15-11-2010, 13:10
Ohhh I dunno... Probably not, now that I think about it...

15-11-2010, 15:32
Nope, just one unit can assault at one time.

Anyway nice report. Putting the fluff in quotes made things very clear, and I had to fight off the urge just to read the fluff and skip the report ;)

15-11-2010, 15:34
Thanks! Next report should be against Dark Elves or ogres even!!