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Silent Surrender
08-10-2010, 12:08
This is the tale of the fall and rise of the Great Unclean one Lord Gutbutt, later to be known as the indigestible.

And so the last Guardsmen of the false emperor fell by the hands of Nurgles foul daemons. The world known as Burgonatrius was now in the grasp of chaos and would shortly be turned into a festering plague world.

The initial assault was lead by Lord Gutbutt, a horrible and huge Great Unclean one infested with a thousand poxes. He had at birth by mistake had another daemons rear end fused with his front, but Nurgle loves all and the victories brought by his orders on Burgonatrius had earned him very good words.

So it was decided by the great decayed one that Lord Gutbutt should rule over Burgonatrius for all eternity, it was now his own planet. Lord GutButt was filled with happiness when he heard this and immediately started to populate the planet with screeching Nurglings and other foul nameless daemons.

But lord Gutbutts joy would not be long lived for he had angered Tzeentch by killing the imperial faction on this planet. Tzeentch had spent centuries to corrupt the loyal forces dispersed for Burgonatrius and had good success til Lord Gutbutts plague befouled horde made short work of them.

To punish Lord Gutbutt Tzeentch located dormant hive fleet Barbecuus that had set root on a planet not far away. Spectral lightning in all the colors of the rainbow started to rain down on the sleeping Tyranids heads. It was harmless but it stirred up the droopy creatures to a raging frenzy. By manipulating the magnetic fields around the Tyranids planet vessel Tzeentch steered it directly towards Burgonatrius and gave it a burst with the help of warp winds to make the disoriented mass arrive at no time.

Two days later Lord Gutbutt sat at his seventh pavilion, drinking the finest pus out of a rotten barrel, watching out over his creation with pride when suddenly the skies grew dark. Lord Gutbutt looked up to se titanic Tyranid creatures bare down on his sacred soil, scorching plague plant with acidic fluids and pulling out huge tangled rot roots straight out of the surface to be inhaled into mewling eating machines.

Lord Gutbutt was usually a jolly daemon even in the direst of moments but he was now consumed by hatred and sadness as all his precious nurglings and lettuce went to waste. Unfortunately he was the only daemonic lord on the planet as the warp had been shut down from the atmosphpere by the hive minds shadows. Lord Gutbutt controlled what little forces that was at his disposal but they where swiftly dispatched due to their low numbers. In the end the Great Unclean One stood alone before the all engulfing maws of the digesters which job it was to turn the surface of the planet into bio fluids.

As the jaws came crushing down against him he slung himself into the beasts mouth to attack its sensitive tongue but it was to no avail and he was swallowed whole.

The travel down through the abyssal bowels was long and dark but Lord Gutbutt soon found himself drenched in the gooey juices of the bio titans innards. They burned and corroded trees, mountains and ruins around him to nothing in seconds but Lord Gutbutt remained intact, still hacking and slashing at the inside of his organic prison. Suddenly the gastric tides went still and everything stopped and became silent. Not for long though and without warning the moist chamber was emptied as enormous muscles pushed its content further down the digestive tract.

But in the middle of all the chaos a loud "SHHHWWWLTHWHHHOOOOOOOMP" could be heard and the walls started to spasm. Lord Gutbutts incredible girth, which the Tyranid had failed to consume, now sat as a massive plug in the middle of it all. As pressure chambers failed to keep the massive biological frame stable due to this mishap the organs of the bio titan started to collapse killing it from the inside instantly.

As it fell towards the surface of the planet it caught many bio ships in its path sending them plunging down with it. Most of the tyranids of Hive fleet Barbecuus died in the impact, the rest was scattered due to being cut of from the hive mind. Lord Gutbutt still lived on though, completely swept in necrotic, moist still warm bio mass. Here his plagues spread like wild fire and not before long billions of Nurgle Daemons once more roamed Burgonatrius

12-10-2010, 22:36
that was... fun to read ^^

planning on a sequel?
keep 'em coming

Silent Surrender
17-10-2010, 08:50
If I just get into that silly mood again there sure will be!

Silent Surrender
18-10-2010, 19:22
The birth of Lord Guttbutt the Great unclean one.

And so the day had come once again when a new Great unclean one would emerge from the myriad of pustules growing on father Nurgles ever bulging bowel sack.

This pox ridden plague pimple was different though. It had grown to a huge size, much larger then was normally seen and a crowd of curious plague bearers had collected themselves around it. Soon a small camp had risen where many of Nurgles small daemons anticipated a big happening.

Some larger Nurgle daemons had driller tiny holes in the pustule to drain humid, rich fluids into large tin containers which they then served to the on watchers in rusted cups and scalps. They thought by doing this they would gain some of the power of the mighty great unclean one that rested inside. They would also physically be tied to this unborn daemon master for the rest of their lives, and it was obviously very sought after to belong to a typically potent lord, other then Nurgle of course to whom they all belonged.

Nurgle watched the little critters without their knowledge, smiling and giggling behind his twisted grin at their vigour and ambition. But the boil was ever growing, becoming black with coagulated blood and boiling pus which the lesser servants just wasn't able to empty fast enough before new took its place.

The closest proximity of the reeking tumor was turned into a lagoon of putrid, oozing dark green and purple sludge where a whole fauna of flesh eating beetles and other unpleasant swamp creatures thrived. These elements soon starter to tear away at the capsule itself. When large infestations of death worms and burrowing larvae began to descend upon the leathery container every dusk and dawn Nurgle decided to intervene.

He grew rotten oaks to shelter the enormous pustule from the blazing orange sun shining through the noxious mists above. Then he created a sour river that spew corrosive smoke to keep the humming swarms of flies and other insectoid creatures from burglarize the fetid plague capsule of its delicate membranes. Soon after these arrangements order was restored and the pustule with its minions once more sat at rest.

Months passed. There where now hundreds of Plaguebearers around the tumefying pustule. Day and night they chanted and performed rituals such as draining fluids and removing leeches and other bile burglars. Nurgle now knew that there would be twins but he didn't tell anybody as he wanted it to be a surprise.

And so an oozy morning it was time. The pustule started to shake and bulge. Everybody gathered close by, watching eagerly. Muzzled grunts of a huge creature could be heard from the deep innards of the blob, now large as a castle. Due to the stress of the force unleashed by the heavy arms inside, the hide of the pustule started to crackle, releasing fumes even deadly to the Plaguebearers that stood to close.

And so finally after hours of struggling a black nail clad fist punctured the tenacious layers creating a large hole. As soon as the chamber was emptied of gases and steam a face was seen looking out at the waiting crowd. It was happy and started to enlarge the whole eagerly with its thousands of teeth. It was quickly done with such a potent tool and soon the gaping hole was turned into a fleshy arch high above the ground.

Greedy, grappling fists fumbled their way through, followed by a head that housed many dozens of horns sprouting in all directions. Next thing to protrude was its gut, resembling a pair of enormous buttocks. Nurgle smiled and told the newly ariven that it was his twin brother. Due to the length of time the two had spent in the pustule they had merged and become one, effectively making him powerful as two of his kind. Nurgle then declared his name to be Lord Gutbutt for all eternity and all around the creature cheered with unearthly joy.

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Yay! another fun read
aces! keep 'em coming

*suscribed* (just in case...)

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Nicely written, that was fun to read :)