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Son of Plunder
10-10-2010, 20:07
This is a gallery of comics i and you have made. Post comics and comments, and just funny picures, just as it is GW related, and not against the WarSeer rules! It is fun if we could make a storry out of this.

98529Someone may have seen this before, to someone it might be new! It is about a nice guardsman that does a lot of stupid things. It might seem like he is gonna die sometimes, but he never do.

98530 Simply a Grey Knight Terminator enjoying a day in the park! (Space Marines are humanoids too!)

Anyways: How can you make the pictures so large that you can see them clear without clicking at them?

10-10-2010, 22:49
Lol like the comics, both of 'em!

in regards to your question; resize your images online to about 600 pixels, the load the up in your warseer control panel (that's CP -> pictures and albums) once uploaded they have a certain URL (as seen below the picture in your album)
when posting 'go advanced' and then you can select 'insert picture'
just paste the Url and when you post you'll have the normal picture
hope this helps

keep 'em coming

11-10-2010, 00:32
love the first one, the gaurdmans face is awesome and makes the comic imo

Son of Plunder
11-10-2010, 13:23
Resize online? You mean using ms paint? To 600 pixels each way?

14-10-2010, 21:16
Resize online? You mean using ms paint? To 600 pixels each way?

just go here


it's obvious