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Kaius Fellblade
09-03-2006, 21:03

Dark Elf Highborn: Crimson Death, Blood Armour, Repeater Crossbow 195pts

Dark Elf Noble: Sword of Might, Armour of Darkness 115pts

Sorceress: Lvl 2, 1 Dispel Scroll, Darkstar Cloak 175pts

Sorceress: Lvl 2, Seal of Ghrond, Dispel Scroll


Dark Elf Warriors: 20x Full Command 185pts

Dark Riders: 5x Musician Repeater Crossbows 127pts

Dark Riders: 5x Musician repeater Crossbows 127pts

Corsairs: 20x Full Command 225pts


Shades: 5x 70pts

Harpies: 9x 117pts

Cold One Chariots: 2x, Spears 194pts

Executioners: 19x, Full Command, Warbanner 239pts


Repeater Bolt Throwers: 2x 200pts

repeater Bolt Thrower: 1x 100pts

Currently the Highborn joins the Executioners, the Noble rides in a Chariot, One of my Sorceresses will be all independent like the other will join the spear elves. I have had bad expieiences with the Cold One Knights so thats why they arn't in the list. So I Would like to hear some feedback.

09-03-2006, 21:22
9 Harpies is too many really as you won't get that many in contact and it makes them too expensive for what is essentially a sacrificial unit. I can see you're trying to break the 8 panic barrier but it's not worth it.

I think big units of executioners are a bit of a waste. They're just as easily to kill as warriors and its a waste to have all that killing potential waiting in the back ranks. Have a smaller unit of 10-12 (without a standard) as a support unit for the warriors then maybe also buy another similar sized unit of executioners or witch elves to support the corsairs.

The rest is alright as far as I can see.

09-03-2006, 21:24
Looks quite okay to me, you could make it more cheesy but that's up to you.

Whit my own experince I would say add a shield to your fighting lord and maby a sea dragon cloak. For some nice flank protection I would split up the corsairs tough because than each larger unit will have a back up ;)

Personally I would either split up the corsairs or exo's but because I think you like the exo's I would go for the corsairs.

I don't really use shades tough, so good luck with them!

Edit: ;)

Kaius Fellblade
09-03-2006, 23:03
Armour of Darkness which is on my noble is a 2+ armour save that cannot be improved in any way shape or form just so you know Killax.

Now cardboard what do you suggest replaces the executioners. 239 pts may not be alot but that could be other units as for the harpies I could drop one of them and I would have 253 pts to spare in my units.

10-03-2006, 00:44
Hi, first of you characters, they all seem to be fine except the lord, give him the blood armor, crimson death and the heartstone of darkness (45points gives wearer a 4+ wardsave). I would then put him in a unit of 14 executioners. I would give the cold one chariots repeater crossbows, and if you hve enough points get 10x crossbow men or beef up the shades.
Good luck.

Kaius Fellblade
10-03-2006, 04:15
Okay why do you suggest it.

10-03-2006, 19:50
suggest what? the repeater crossbows on the chriots and the xbows? why for superior shooting power of course! its one of the key dark elf attributes (far better than their magic unless you play the cult). and as for your lord, blood armor can get him up to 1+ armor save, crimson death gives him an unchangable S6 and he will not strike last, and the ward save is to protect him from anything including challenges and cannons. Look at this way he will be very hard to kill when the blood armor kicks in. as for the executioners the reason I say 14(asides from it working well with me) is that 19 is way too much and 10-12 is too small, plus with your lord in this unit a lot of killing blows and s5 and s6 attacks will devastate almost anything they throw at you! good luck.