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*this is my ork army background im writting as im building the army, i am making it up as i go and going to do it in short segments usually based on the main characters in the army, these characters will be in the army in some place or another so i'll post links as i make them*

A roar echoed across the dunes, a bestial guttural sound, fierce and frightening.The clash of metal on metal shortly after, unmistakable sounds across every culture and age. The sound of fighting.

"STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!" chanted the eclectic crowd that had gathered.
They were almost as active as the combatants; jumping and jostling each other, their bodies making the centre of the area into a pit, the closest were always scrambling out of the way if bumped too close to the fight.

The pit was covered with bright blood, freshly sprayed in gory patterns. It was a testament to the toughness of the fighters that there was that much blood spilt and the fight was still going strong. But it was as fierce as ever, mighty blows which could shatter rocks were being wrought on each side, the two combatants were goliaths stood in the middle of the makeshift arena.

One was a massive ork twice the size of most the others in the crowd and was covered in old wounds, his tough hide thick enough to stand up to the grievous wounds. His top half was bear but he had an armoured gauntlet and shoulder pad on his right side and heavy metal studded boots. He held a massive axe with both hands though didn't seem burdened by its size, he flicked a switch idly sending vicious teeth whizzing, flicking another spattering of gore along the sandy ground, black smoke billowed from its primitive engine. The crowd roared in appreciation of the mechanical sound.


The other ork stood opposite heavily breathing, his muscles were bulging as he held a brutal axe in each hand. He was as massive as his opponent though not in height, his skin was a lighter green and his scars didn't have the ancient leathery look to them, he wore a few pieces of rectangular metal around his neck on a cord.

"Yous nuffin but an upstart git!" came a bellowing taunt from the larger ork, his face contorted in pure anger, he pointed his massive axe towards the smaller ork.

"Yous talk too much." replied the heavily breathing combatant with a sinister grin. He didn't wait for further words and readied himself as his opponent launched himself forward swinging his giant two handed axe overhead. The blow which could have cleaved a tank in half was roughly bashed
aside by the smaller orks axe which promptly broke in half.

"need a new mek, huh?" the larger ork spat, a chuckle rose from the crowd.

"yous'll need a new ed soon" the other ork grinned.

That seemed to have pushed the massive ork beyond angry, he roared into action slamming the barbaric tooth lined axe in one hand and raining blows his other gauntleted fist in a berserk rage. The axe was spluttering and shuddering as it was revved up to excess,

The smaller ork was overwhelmed, blocking and dodging in crude movements where possible and taking the blunt hits when not. Just when it seemed he couldn't take another hit he wedged the partial axe handle he was still holding into the motor of his opponents giant weapon. It exploded in spectacular fashion sending shards of whirling metal in a shower of death. A large spinning gear got flung into the gathered crowd smashing an orks skull which seemed to rev the crowd up even more, they wanted a victor but enjoyed watching the duel too much, most of them didn't care either way who won.


Smoke obscured the fight for a moment, it looked like it might be over, even the crowd died down enough so that the various fist fights that were happening amongst them could be heard. Then gradually the fighters silhouette could be made out. The smaller ork had cuts all over his hide which quickly stopped bleeding, blood ran openly down a deeper cut above his left brow which made him look even more bestial. The other older ork was in much worse shape, his right arm had a piece of metal wedged in it and several deep gashes over his chest and midsection, thick blood gushed out as he held his arm.

"cheap trick.....grot...wuddent do." he said through clenched teeth and yanked the twisted metal out taking chunks of flesh and gore with it. He reached behind him with his good hand and had time to take out a brutal looking dagger, though really it was the length of the average man's body.

“Dun worry a mek'll sort it.” The smaller ork said looking at the remnants of the massive chain choppa., then his gaze moved to the bloody mess of his opponents arm. “Or a dok.”

The small ork rushed in while he could see he still had the initiative and was attacking with a series of blows from his choppa, but he couldn't get a good blow though, every swing was blocked or bashed aside, The fight was going to and fro, the larger orks arm not hindering him at all, he head butted, kneed and kicked which more than made up for it, his years of brutal close combat experience making the fights outcome still unpredictable.

The battle rages on, the crowd began chanting their warcry ever louder, they started to stomp the ground in appreciation.

The larger ork stopped inexplicably.
"you know 'ow many of you gitz I beat wiv dis knife?" he growled and lunged forward grabbing the axe of his opponent, several bits of metal tore through his skin bit he didn't seem to even notice.

He saw the move coming, he remembered being nothing more than a sporeling when he first saw it. Standing in the crowd was so different, being exited to see a massive fight and all the boyz happy, it was good to be an ork back then. Even the knife hadn't changed, Grotstoppa the bosses favourite knife, countless challengers had been slain by its brutal shard of metal.

As his choppa was grabbed Grotstoppa came thrusting forward almost in a single move, but he remembered the move and had already flung up a heavy boot into his opponents midriff winding him. It was a desperate move, he knew he only had a moment, his face turned into a grin as he readied his axe for a decapitating swing, moments in his life flashed before him, his whole life lead to this moment. Suddenly he heard a shout from the crowd.
"ere boss!" A high pitched nasally voice rang out over the crowd, a grot was running holding a shoota with both hands above his head, he flung it using the momentum and it found its mark, the older giant ork grabbed it out the air with his good hand and immediately blasted his opponent full of gory holes.

The giant ork loomed over his fallen opponents body which was now a mangled mess.
"you's finished Badsnik.". He said and looked at Grotstoppa disappointingly.

To be continued, du du duurrrrrr

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phew, talk about suspense ^^
last part was unexpected though, thought the lil'one would win

keep 'em coming!