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Emperor Fooble
11-10-2010, 08:21
Not sure how the comp varies in the fantasy scene between Australia and the rest of the world, but here goes…


Lords: 615

Dwarf Lord -298pts
Great Weapon, Shield, Shield Bearers
Runic Weapon with MRO Kragg the Grim, RO Cleaving and RO Snorri
Runic Armour with RO Resistance and 2x RO Iron
Runic Talisman with RO The Forge


Thane BSB –165pts
Battle Standard Bearer
Runic Armour with MRO Gromril
Runic Weapon with RO Cleaving, RO Snorri, RO Speed

Thane –152pts
Shield, Rifle
Runic Weapon with RO Cleaving, RO Speed
Runic Armour with RO Stone
Runic Warhorn with MRO Challenge and RO Brotherhood

Core: 879

23x Rangers –324pts
Crossbows, Great Weapons, Full Command

40x Warriors –415pts
Great Weapons, Standard, Musician

10x Thunderers -140pts

Special: 635

20x Iron Breakers -340pts
Full Command, Runic Banner with MRO Grungi

Cannon -140pts
MRO Immolation, Engineer with Rifle

Cannon -95pts
RO Burning

1x Bolt Thrower -60pts


Organ Gun -120pts

Lord with Iron Breakers. BSB with Warriors, Other Thane with Rangers.

Rangers sit up nice and close, shoot and disrupt the enemy via the warhorn. One cannon is able to defend itself (somewhat suicidal) while its Engineer and the bolt thrower are primarily for knocking off rank bonuses.

This list is going of an interesting nugget of advice my last opponent gave me which I may have taken more to heart then he intended.
“Each unit should aim to win one fight. Often they won’t get any more then that”

Fairly different to anything I’ve normally run. (PS I am not interested in gunlines, war machine lines, but I would be interested to hear overall opinions on the anvil of power, aka OP or alright)


12-10-2010, 01:26
The only thing that makes me pause about your list is no runesmiths or lords for extra dispell dice and spellbreaker(s). Otherwise I see nothing wrong with your list in a comp evironment.

edit - I think you've left a lord character out which might be the runelord. You have 615 allocated to Lords and just have the Dwarf lord listed.

I don't think the anvil is OP. Its a lot of points combined with the runelord and its effects aren't in the same category as the big three power spells. Being able to reform units then charge with the anvil gives some great versatility to your army. Give your Runelord the master rune of balance and it goes a long way to helping you avoid those nasty initiative test spells.

Emperor Fooble
12-10-2010, 02:24
Thanks for the input! Much appreciated

I was looking at gearing an anvil lord with MRO balance, RO 2+ ward Vs matgic/shooting and a great weapon.

The 615pts is total of heroes and lords

12-10-2010, 02:50
Not a traditional gunline, I already approve. 3 combat heroes though and no BSB, you need a BSB, and ramongoroth is right about a runesmith being a good addition to the list. Personally I'd probably drop the thunderers and try to have 2 units of warriors.

Emperor Fooble
12-10-2010, 03:23

The first Thane is my BSB, I'll make it clearer in a jiffy.

The Grim
12-10-2010, 04:02
I follow everyone on the Runesmith, I brought a naked one on a 1000 pts and still got pummelled by magic.

Many dwarf players would say fighty characters suck, but I'd be glad if you were to prove to them wrong. The BSB could and should be more protected instead of the hitting runes.

10 thunderers are going to get walked on buy pretty much anyone.

20 guys for a block is really low, especially for this kind of game, and the ironbreakers tend to melt down very fast.

Not putting the RoForging on the cannons makes them like Empire guns, what you do not want to do.

I am not really sure that this army belongs to a tournament environment but you might be ruined by any horde or Death Star.


The Grim

13-10-2010, 06:25
I'd find room for the R of FOrging on the Cannons its fantastics, i cant even count how many times its saved me, also 5 points for a rune of burning on the bolt thrower is pro, most of time it will do nothing but going toa toruny you'll be glad you have it when your oponent plunks down a hydra, treeman or HPA.