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Lord Balor
28-05-2005, 09:28

To the Victor lies Honour and Praise...
To the Fallen, Shameful Defeat...

Welcome to the Clan Wars, an interactive Game based on the Hurt n' Heal System originally brought to Portent by Great Harlequin. In it's latest incarnation, Players form and join Clans, who battle it out for supremecy through use of tactics, in-game Specials and sheer brute force. Rally the men, ready your weapons and prepare for total chaos in The Clan Wars!

Well its finally back and with some much Needed adjustments. Please note that this is a game that requires some degree of skill and dedication, so if your after some mindless fun, turn back before its too late! For those up for the challenge, read on...

Detailed Below is a simple visual representation of the game that allows you to grasp at the fundemtal mechanics of the game. The Rules of the game will be posted in a seperate thread.


* Action Points (AP): Represent the possible actions a player may take during battle.
* Hit Points (HP): Represents the current physical condition of a Player, usually in the form of a percentage.
* Clan Points (CP): Represent the power and influence a clan has to do things as a whole.
* Victory Point (VP): Represents the Success of a Clan in the War at any one time.


The Graphical User Interface (Or GUI) that is implemented for Clan Wars is shown below. It allows Players to keep track of all Player's actions and Information at the time, making it impossible for cheating or loosing track of data. As you can See, many things are abbreviatesd and as such it is a wise move to learn the definitions (listed above). At the Start of a Game, Either the my right hand man or I will Post the GUI with all the details filled out for the specific battle. Instead of replicating the GUI each post, it is recomended that you Quote the most updated one and remove the [ quote ] [ /quote ]. Then make the necessary adjustments from the previous player's actions before typing your own in the [Player's Action] space. Do not update your changes, as that is the task for the next player to do!

The Basic GUI

(CP) Clan A (VP)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(CP) Clan B (VP)
Leader - (HP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leader - (HP)

Brute 1 - (HP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brute 1- (HP)
Brute 2 - (HP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brute 2- (HP)
Brute 3 - (HP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brute 3- (HP)
Brute 4 - (HP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brute 4- (HP)
Brute 5 - (HP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brute 5- (HP)
[Player's Action Bar]

As you can see we can simply substitute the Values for CP (CP=x), VP (VP=y), HP (z) as well as the names for the leaders and thier brutes. The Player's Action Bar is where the latest player can declare their actions (Which are updated by the next player, not himself).

Getting Started

The first thing to do is either join an existing Clan, or create your own. To Join an existing Clan (Which is recomended), simply go to the Clan Recruitment thread (Which will be created in a few days to allow people to get the basic concepts). There you can apply for any of the positions which are currently open. The leader of the Clan will either accept or refuse your application and will contact either via a post or a Private Message.
If all positions are full, or you are a grizzled veteran, you may want to form your own Clan. To do so, first remember to Contact my second in command (Perionyx) to see if there are any positions left for new Clans. You may wish to rename the Brutes to create a clan with character and story behind it. When you get the go Ahead, simply fill in the details listed Below:

Clan Name: {Insert Clan Name}
Clan Leader: - Player

Brute 1- Open

Brute 2- Open

Brute 3- Open

Brute 4- Open

These details go in the Clan Recruitment Thread of Clan Wars (Yet to be created). You Can advertise your open positions through your signature or Private messages, but please do not go spamming other threads for players.

Well there's just a general overview, the rules can be found here. (http://www.portent.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2791) For now, use this thread for all discussion, be it general comment, question etc.


Lord Balor

Yin - Yang
30-05-2005, 21:53
Hi Lord Balor. I was in Perionxy's team before, and I really enjoyed the clan wars, so i would be very keen to see it back.
Yin - Yang

Great Harlequin
03-06-2005, 11:59
Glad to see it back. Any more contenders?

03-06-2005, 16:57
to bad i didn't get to use my possessed besker hehe blood shed in mass.

sing me up for your team again Balor

04-06-2005, 21:44
never played before, looks intresting ill be playing

Yin - Yang
04-06-2005, 22:20
Yeah, its good. I really enjoyed myself last time

Lord Balor
05-06-2005, 03:10
Sorry i havn't posted in a while, i'm in the middle of exams and there a lot tougher than others i've ever been through.

We need 5 people to form a Clan, 2 Clans to Form a War and two Wars to form a League. Don't start enlisting for specific Clans yet, i'll have a seperate Thread for that sort of stuff. Right now all we need are some numbers so either PM people you know who'll be intrested or have a link in you sig.

For those new to Clan Wars, don't be scared or overwhelmed by it, just ask questions and i'll try to answer them as best as i can and when things settle down.

Someone gave me a grey rep point for this...Clan Wars isn't that scary is it :(

May the Best Clan Win

Lord Balor

06-06-2005, 03:16
*once again enters in style through the skylight again followed by a piece of rope not tied to anything*

Yeah I'm here...still not totaly sure on the rules though. :p

10-06-2005, 16:28
so when we gonna get started?

Lord Balor
11-06-2005, 02:59
Later on Tonight I'll post the Recruitment thread where we'll get the Clans Organised. For now, contact anyone you know who may be intrested in participating as 10 is the mininum we need to begin. Just remember, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them here!

15-07-2005, 14:36
Hi, any open spots for me?