View Full Version : 2k Lizardmen army need advice

11-10-2010, 22:18
This is my first army i made myself and i dont know what items give to scar-vet and slann mage and where put skink priest.

Slann Mage -BSB, Rumination, Mystery (Light Or Life) 350 pts

Skink Priest - dispel scroll 90 pts
Saurus Scar-Vet 85 pts

17 Saurus warriors full command here goes Scar-Vet 217 pts
24 saurus warriors full command, spears 318 pts
10 skink skrimishers 70 pts

20 Temple Guards full command, sun standard of chotec 395 pts
9 Chameleon - 108 pts

Salamander extra handler 80 pts
Salamander extra handler 80 pts

All points for this is 1793

What you think ? what will you change ?
I will be often facing HE, WoC and for some times DE and VC.

12-10-2010, 01:47
a) Give the priest the cube of darkness in place of the dispell scroll.

b) Cupped hands of the old ones is the standard arcane item for the slann. I'd also suggest becalming cogitation. Take a look and see if there are any banners you'd like as well. I like the Sun Standard on the slann and I give the TG the Razor standard (-1 armor save).

As for your list (assuming you have the modesl) I'd try to get a few more saurus than 17 in that one group. It's a little on the small side. I go no fewer than 24 (6 wide 4 deep). Having 4 (or more) ranks is important in 8th ed with the steadfast rule.

The scar vet depends on what role you want him to play. If you simply want killyness pick whatever weapon suits your fancy. If you want something defensive then you can do something like dawnstone (reroll armor saves), light armor and say the enchanted shield and dragonhelm. That's a 1+ rerollable armor save on a T5 guy.

Your list has a pretty solid base and should do well.

12-10-2010, 19:33
i like to just take armour of destiny and a great weapon for my scar vet, but he is mounted. i also recomend cupped hands not sure about the cube but if you have spare points...
finally i would add an extra rank to both saurus units and get a salamander extra as they are very good. finally at this high points you might want a few mnore skinks for redirecting and monster hunting. although your list is pretty similar to my first attempt at 1.5k which won quite abit, keep going and you'll soon have a decent list :).