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10-03-2006, 00:30
Huh, Kind of suggestive title, isn't it? Didn't notice that 'till after I typed this. Mind the rambling that's about to follow; haven't really had to verbalize this thoughtprocess today.

At any rate, I've recently decided that I'd like to get back into WHFB after dropping out shortly after 6e came out. I've read over the exsisting Slaanesh tactica threads, but still want a little more info from anyone that is willing to toss it over.

The Slaanesh army I want wouldn't really be geared for competetive playing (no tourneys, or anything- kind of against them for personal tastes), but I wouldn't mind pulling out a win now and again. I'd dig something Mortal-based, built around Knights and Warriors, maybe with a Demon Prince or KoS. I'm not aiming for a magic-heavy force, but will go for it if it looks to be fun. A few Beastherds here and there, some Ogres, some demons. Pretty much the only units I'd be averse to using would be Marauders. I hate Mauraders from a modelling and painting perspective- too many of them and hardly rewarding when the end results are had.

So, with all that, how could I cobble a workable list together? What kind of shortcomings should I look at having to compensate for? What general strategy for Slaanesh should I know? What questions should I have asked that I haven't?

Thanks for reading, and any responses that might come this way!


Alco Engineer
10-03-2006, 00:38
Heh heh heh. I like the title...... did it hurt??

Slaneesh can be hard to use IMO, I played them this week (an experienced player who look a Lord on a feind, 5 demonettes on steeds, 3 chariots 1 with a wizard, 16 warriors all with the mark and a beast herd (17 Gor, 10 ungor) and maurauder axe throwing guys (5) without the mark)

It was an interesting game but I found that unless the warriors were properly supported the got broken in combat and chased down. Always a shame when you've forked out as many points as you have.

Knights are always a tough decision as they are very expensive and you have to make them work hard to get their points back. They do look cool though.

Good luck anyway, from what I've seen they're hard to use but don't let that discourage you. That was me using Vampire Counts against them (they were immune to my most effective weapon - fear) and haven't lost (went close in a cult of slaneesh game) but that's not to say that luck didn't go against them either.

Slaneesh magic can be really handy. I'd certainly suggest giving it a go, and having a strong magic army helps you magical defences too.....

10-03-2006, 08:15
Without Marauders, you will have to rely a lot more on getting flank-charges in where your Chaos Warriors are not fighting, also, Beastherds would be vital for providing you with statical CR.

What you also must think of is the fact that if you field a Keeper, your Core choices will be Daemons, not Mortals or Beasts, this will result in you having to get at least 3 units of Daemons (in which case I'd go for 12 Nettes on foot for support of your Warriors, 6 on Steeds for general flanking and 7 or 8 Furies to deal with Warmachines and wizard-hunting).

I'd then bring along a block of 16 Warriors with Full Command, Hallberds and Shields for one of your Special Choices, 1 unit of 6 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh with Full Command and due to the lack of Screening possabillities this army will have, 2 largeish Beastherds, rather heavy on both Gors and Ungors.

For your single Rare-choice, either two Fiends of Slaanesh or a unit of Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts, for remember, you only have three major hammers in your army, the Keeper, the Knights and the Warriors (four hammers if you can make sure to get to a flank ASAP with your Mounted nettes), so you will either need to tie up the enemy units who doesn't get hammered, or, you will have to hammer them.

You would also have two character-slots left, a single lvl 2 Sorceror of Slaanesh with a Power Familliar or a Dispell Scroll and a Powerstone would work fine, you wouldn't need another character.

Take a look at Slaaneshian lists posted in the armylist section of the forum to get more ideas