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12-10-2010, 07:14
Cor blimey. I've just read every single post in that other WE thread (well, ok, I did it in stages over a couple of days).:eek:

As a couple of others have added, I thought a summary would be in order for the wood elf player looking for quick news in 8th ed? :D

Level 4 Spellweaver with either Life or Beasts recommended.
Wand of Witch Elm also.

Branchwraithes with cluster good choice for extra fighty goodness and useful additional magic protection. Forget the wizard upgrade, though.

Other character builds largely as before; machine-gun alter lord still viable, eagle-riders still useful but as always protect them from enemy shooting/magic.

Dryads suffer a little in the new rules, but T4 and spirit save makes them still viable, if not the only melee core choice we can use. :(
GG still should be run in 10s. Musicians and standards (for Blood and Glory) recommended.
Scouts: All but useless. :cries:
GR can do very little in 8th. Step-up makes them just a liability in combat, and the shooting was always of little concern. It is harder to march block, and they can't redirect, so at the moment not recommended.

Warhawks using vanguard move and stomps now extremely good wizard/war-machine hunters.
(As Glade Riders suffer badly from step-up and not breaking ranks, best switch for Warhawk riders.)
Wardancers are getting mixed opinions. There is no doubt they suffer badly with step-up and new skirmish rules, but perhaps not completely useless. A small unit can be a BSB/mage bodyguard.
Wild Riders suffer like everyone else from step-up (the old WE maxim was "kill the enemy before he can hit you" - but now they always hit back!), but do get vanguard move so remain useful as flankers.
Eternal Guard - look slightly better in new edition, but still too pricey compared to enemy infantry.
Treekin are now the best combat unit. Take them. Lots of them.

Treeman are another much needed combat unit, but need protection from enemy warmachines/flames/spells.
Great Eagles improved greatly under % system as they can now be taken in multiples again (low point cost) as the traditional warmachine/shooter hunter.
Waywatchers very pricey but KB and march-shoot without penalty mean they can still pull the odd trick. Perhaps useful more for their psychological factor to disturb the enemy player (grin evilly at his knights or lone characters :evilgrin:).

WE are hurting in 8th, no doubt, particularly against hordes, but it is not completely over for them. We just need to figure out how to use the tools we still have (until the new armybook comes out).

Magic just got much more useful for us, so bust out those level 4 mages we have kept hidden away since 6th RH list. They are now much better than the fighty lords we have been taking with the current book.

Shooting (IE GG) should be upped a bit - at least 30 in 2k? Our fighting units take a hit so we need to rely on shooting more. Dryads / Treekin / Treeman all still usable, with warhawks, eagles and maybe wild riders as disrupters / flankers.

Tactics still the same, with a slight move away from aggressive combat: Take out enemy warmachines / missile units early, in order for your hammer units (treeman / treekin) to move safely around the battlefield. Look for multiple charges using speed and flankers. Use life or beasts spells to buff combat units.

Nasty tricks: Get a character with the horn-that-makes-the-enemy-charge into a unit with vanguard, then blow it first turn and mess up those enemy lines. :evilgrin:

Anything I missed?


12-10-2010, 13:43
Your intentions are good but don't be surprised if this thread get closed as duplicates get weeded out by the moderators.

12-10-2010, 14:50
How can scouts be useless? the ability to scout/infiltrate, march and shoot still makes them very viable....

I fought my brother's WE with my lizards, couldn't catch his scout units the entire game..

and glade riders can redirect, at least for a turn..they just have to die messily...