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12-10-2010, 14:03
before he lost the badab war he looked like this 98692 with terminator armour and after he looks like this 98691 with chaos power armour can anyone come up with a valid reason

12-10-2010, 14:08
can anyone come up with a valid reason

Different sculptors? :angel:

Seriously though, he was blasted with a combi-melta/melta/multi-melta/burny-ness before the end, and the Astral Claws carried him with them when they fled. His entire right side was supposedly incinerated, and presumably, his Terminator armour was beyond salvage, so he's wearing standard power armour now.

12-10-2010, 14:10
* Epic Facepalm *
lol why did I not think of that

12-10-2010, 14:11
Melta-weapon hit in the closing hours of the Badab War. Very close to death, but his Apotecaries and Tech Marines rebuilt him. It's been in his background since 2nd Ed Codex Chaos.

Presumably his Terminator Armour was destroyed by the hit, and he took a suit of a chaos champion they vanquished after fleeing to the Maelstrom. Will probably gets explained in detail in the second Badab War IA book.

12-10-2010, 20:28
I'm guessing the same reason Marneus Calgar can take artificer armour or terminator armour? Armour isn't skin, they CAN take it off :P

12-10-2010, 20:42
Well, the melta blast that put Huron down near the end of the Badab War hit him on his right side. This means that his Ghost Razor was turned to evaporated metal, along with his arm, leg, lung, probably his primary heart, and a good portion of his face.

So, you can imagine what that would do to his armor. Also keep in mind that around 200 marines escaped with him, so to say that repair and resupply would be tight is a bit of an understatement.

Also, according to the Chaos Codex, it took 12 days for the Tyrant to get back on his feet, and since his bionics appear bonded to his power armor, it probably became moot to repair the terminator armor and was probably salvaged for spare parts.

Lord Damocles
12-10-2010, 20:52
Maybe he still has his Terminator suit, but prefers to wear his Power Armour sometimes due to increased maneuverability etc.