View Full Version : 2200pts VC

13-10-2010, 01:45
usually play ogres, but dusting off the vamps. how is this for a list? any suggestions?

Lord, lvl3, blood drinker, crown o stupid, hauberk, forbidden lore-shadows, raise ghouls, MOBA
- heals unit with wounds done, 4+ ward, 2+ armour, raise ghouls bigger than they start with a +1 to the roll, +2 pow dice

Thrall, helm o commandment, dragon helm, warrior bane, MOBA
- give his ws to a unit within 12, 2+ ward vs flaming, any wounds done to a monster/character is a permanent -1 attack, +2 pow dice

Wight lord, bsb-hatred banner

Necro, staff of damn, danse
- bound item all friendly undead make a single attack within 12 in, knows danse spell

2x20 ghouls
18 ghouls
20 zombies

26 grave guard, GW, muso, std-barrows
- +1 to hit

6 blood knights, muso, std-hell fire
- magic flaming attacks. am thinking that hatred banner may be better here.