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Lord Balor
28-05-2005, 09:40

Here are the Clan Wars Rules. Please Visit the Normal Thread (http://www.portent.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2789) first. Please and i'll repeat, please don't post in this thread, but in the one mentioned above.

Each Day, every Brute recieves *1 Action Point and every Clan Leader recieves *2 Actions Points to spend on options. These may be spent in any way the player sees fit, however, any unspent Action Points are Lost. It makes no difference when a player decides to use his Points, as long as he uses them all in the one go. Below are a list of options that a player may spend his AP on.

- Hurt
- Heal
- Become Active
- Become Deactive
- Purchase Wargear
- Add Point to Clan Coffers
- Respawn

A Hurt action Represts an attack on an opposing player in any shape or form. This results in the targeted Player loosing a set amount of Hit Points (HP). The standard weapon (CCW) has a damage value of 10, and so anyone hurt by it will loose 10 HP. This action is written as [Player] Hurts [Target] with [Weapon] for [X] Damage. Sometimes an attack may be enhanced by items in which it is written as [Player] uses [Item] and Hurts [Target] with [Weapon] for a total of [X] Damage. You Cannot take any Hurt action against a Player who is Deactive!

A Heal Action Represents a Player improving the battle capabilities of his comrades, whether inspiring them through a rousing speech, giving them medical attention or knocking them safely out of the line of an attack. In affect, it adds 5 + a Transfusion Bonus to a single Player, although this may not exceed thier natural max HP. A Transfusion Bonus is where a Player Sacrafices HP to another player (Hence Transfusion) and is in Intervals of 5 up to a max of 10 (so 0,5,10). This action is written as [Player] Heals [Target] with [Transfusion] for [X] HP. Sometimes a heal may be enhanced by items in which it is written as [Player] uses [Item] and Heals [Target] with [Transfusion] for a total of [X] HP

An Active Action Represents a player charging into the front lines and joining the heat of battle. It efectively allows a player to resume normal gameplay from a deactive stance. This is Written as [Player] sets status to [Active]. This action can only be taken by a Deactive Player.

A Deactive Action Represents a Player removing himself from the battlefield in order to nurse his wounds. Once Deactive, a Player regenerates 10 Hit Points a day and may take no action other than to once again become active. This is written as [Player] sets status to [Deactive]. A Deactive Player may not be targeted by any option or benefit from any ability unless otherwise stated.

A Purchase Wargear option represents a Player taking extreme Risks to retrieve or aquire items that may help him throughout the battle. As such, a player may excahnge a set amount of HP for pieces of wargear, the higher the cost shows the higher difficulty in aquiring the desired item. Only one Item may be 'purchased' per action Point. The list of items are detailed later as are their costs. Note, it does not cost a point to use items, only a point to aquire them in the first place. This action is written as [Player] aquires [Warger] at [Cost].

An Addition to the Clan Coffers action represents a Clans ability to use dirty tricks, tactics and constructions. The Player in affect gives up his AP in exchange for a Clan Point. The Clan Points will be detailed later on and the action is written as [Player] adds Clan Point to [Clan] Coffers.

A Respawn Action Represents a Player recovering from horrific wounds or simply another Brute arriving for the player to control, replacing the old one that has fallen. A Players HP is reset to his natural max and all wargear lost. It is written simply as [Player] Respawns.


When a Player reduces another to zero (Frag) by whatever means, his Clan Earns one (1) Victory Point. If the deceased was a Leader, then a further Point is added (2). A Victory Point represents a Battle being won and when a Clan reaches 20 VP, it represent them winning the entire War. A Fallen Player may make no action other than to Respawn and looses any wargear he was carrying. If all members of a clan are Fragged or disactive before Respawning, then they are defeated and automatically adjust the opposing Clans VP to 20.

Strike Back

This represents a Targeted Player in a Hurt Action Fighting Back, normally using ranged Weapons to fire upon his attacker. Essentially it allows both Players to Hurt each other although a player dealing Strike Back often has a penality involved. There is no Strike-Back when you have a Power-Fist and so does your Opponent.. Otherwise always a 'Strike-Back' if they don't have the Fist (lvl. 2 wargear) and you do...

The Cost of aquiring Wargear is in the Brackets. A Player may only have up to one Item from each of the four divisions. Only the Leaders have access to Level 2 Equipment.

When attacking with a Ranged Weapon, there is no Strike Back. If Attacked by a Player without a Ranged Weapon, you Gain Strike Back but with a -5 Damage Penality.

(20)Level 1: Bolt Pistol No Damage Bonus
(50)Level 2: Plasma Pistol +5 Damage Bonus

All Players Gain Strike Back against a Player Weilding a PowerFist with the normal -5 damage penality involved.

(20)Level 1: Power Weapon + 5 Damage Bonus
(50)Level 2: Power Fist + 15 Damage Bonus

Armour Essentially stops Incomming attacks by providing Armour Shards. Each 'Shard' can absorb 5 damage before becoming redundent from wear and tear. Armour Shards form a second HP bar to the left of the player. (6) Brute A (80) is an example where he has 6 armour shards and 80 HP.

(20)Level 1: Carapace Armour Provides 6 Armour Shards
(50)Level 2: Power Armour Provides 12 Armour Shards

All items listed in Other are permenent Upgrades until the player is fragged.

(10)Medical Training: Adds +5 to Heal i.e. Becomes 10 + Transfusion Bonus.
(10)Combat Drugs: Adds +5 to all Melee Attacks.
(10)Hellfire Round/Super Charged Cell: Adds +5 to all Ranged Attacks.

Clan Points
These Points may only be Used by the Clan Leader and the cost of each ability are in Brackets.

(05) Make Shift Defences: All Players in that Clan Recieve 2 Armour Shards.
(05) Trip Wires and Las Traps: All Players in the Clan Recieve Strike Back for the Duration of that day. Regardless of Weapons.
(05) Armoury: All Players in that Clan now have access to Level 2 Wargear
(10) Breakthrough Move: All Players in that Clan Recieve one addition AP which can only be used on a Hurt or Heal action.
(10) Medical Evac: All Disactive Player restore thier HP to their Natural Max
(10) Assassination: One Targer Opponent HP is reduced to zero.

Natural Statistics

Clan Leader
HP: 150
AP: 2
Hurts With: CCW
Heals with: First Aid
Frag Value: 2 VP

HP: 100
AP: 1
Hurts with: CCW
Heals with: First Aid
Frag Value: 1 VP

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Well there you have it, a Basic Guideline to The Clan Wars!

Anyhow, please (please!) don't post here, but in the other thread!


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