View Full Version : Dwarfs 2000 Points; Anvil or Hammerers?

13-10-2010, 13:50
I am working on my Dwarf list, I have had one game with them so far, using the Anvil, but it exploded in my first turn...

Here are my two possible lists:

Lord: Shield Bearers, Rune of Ston, Great Wep.
BSB: Rune of Gromril.

23 Warriors: Shields, Full Command [5x5 with the Lord]
23 Warriors: Great Weps, Full Command [4x6 with the BSB]
10 Thunderers: Shields

Cannon: Rune of Burning
Grudgethrower: Rune of Pen/Burning
Flame Cannon:
Organ Gun:


Total - 1628

Now I can either take:

Runelord: Anvil
5 Miners:


Runesmith: Master Rune of Balance, Shield
18 Hammers: Full Command

What do you think is the best option?, the second would save me buying an Anvil, which is a bonus :p. Just with the facts Dwarfs can charge well now makes me want more infantry. Magic defense is about the same on both choices. The anvil gives me a little extra mobility and firepower and those Miners a warmachine hunter but the Runesmith is easier to keep alive.

Im looking at the most competative option, as opposed to 'Extra Infantry because its cooler'. I just cant decide what will be most effective.

13-10-2010, 14:37
With my limited experience with dwarfs I would go with the hammerers.

edit - removed a suggestion that would have droped below min core. I'll still say that hw/s warriors are pretty lackluster from my experience. Their extra durability doesn't make up for their str3 attacks.