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13-10-2010, 22:10
Found this floating around on and old hardrive so for anyone interested or feeling mildly nostalgic also coupled with the new terrain rule for 8th the weather table might be a cool little extra lol

Arg dammit anyone know how to reduce the size of a pdf file???

anyways id found a pdf version of the dark shadows campaign back from 2001
though it would of been cool to post up but o well no truthsayers or Dark emmisaries in 8th ed then lol (Thier magic would of been fun to under the new magic rules lol)

Little Joe
14-10-2010, 07:32
You get the full version of adobe acrobat called pro. Choose the menu advanced and therein the option pdf optimizer. Set the options there lower and the filesize will be smaller due to reduced images while keeping text optimal. Does not work well for bad scans or photo's.

14-10-2010, 20:22
I dont have the full version unfortuneatley and dont really like risking downloading ilegal copys and such but np if anyone would like it feel free to inbox ill be happy to email it or if possible send it in a msg.

14-10-2010, 20:37
I actually think that it'd be fun for a campaign or gaming group to use something like the winds of magic rules from Dark Shadows, but go in the opposite direction. Rank lores each week, dropping them in the rankings by the number of people who use a duplicate lore. Any lore which isn't used bumps up by 1. A lore used by a single player stays the same. Any lore used by 2 players drops by 1 (used by 3 drops by 3).

Would be a good way to get some use out of the more marginal lores like wild, athel loren and fire while punishing the continuous spamming of death, life and shadows.

14-10-2010, 21:05
Yeh thats what ive thiought myself adds a little something extra to gaming clubs i also like the weather rules too

"the old world as it is seems like quite a nice sunny place to holiday in. apart from the raiding, cannon fire, monsters, war, fireballs, lighning bolts, vortexs turning you inside out......what was i saying again???"