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14-10-2010, 11:17
So this past weekend was the North Wexford Gamers annual tournament. Expectations were high and rightfully so after the previous years success. 34 players, 17 tables, and 14 different armies made for a variable and unpredictable weekend. I took my Chaos list which I had been practicing for the last few weeks; it can be found here (http://battlereporter.freeforums.org/last-stand-of-the-emporer-t2837.html). Keep in mind, the event ran under Timmy-comp with the loose guide lines of no Power Scrolls, no special characters, no triple special, no double rare (unless you are High Elves), and no more than five war machines (including things liek Steam Tanks and Anvils of Doom). Note no special terrain would be used at this event.

We arrived in Gorey early Saturday morning just in time to register, get some breakfast and head on for game 1. The draw had taken place the week before and I knew my first game would be against Chris Smith and his High Elves. High Elves had been a weak point for me in the past month so I was interested to see if I could overcome this when it mattered most. His list was roughly as follows:

Arch Mage [ Level 4 ]
Book of Hoeth, Lore of Death

BSB, Banner of the World Dragon, Dragon Armour???

Mage [ Level 2 ]
Seer Staff of Saphery, Lore of Shadow

~28x Phoenix Guard
Full Command

24x White Lions
Full Command, Ironcurse Icon

6x Shadow Warriors

~30x Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields???

20x Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields???


Note the question marks are only donated to items I assume he had but never got the find out for certain on. For Death he got Spirit Leech, Caress of Laniph, Fate of Bjuna, and Purple Sun, and for Shadow he chose Miasma and Pit of Shades. For my own spells my book keeper took the basic Fireball while the Lord rolled Flickering Fire, Pandaemonium, Treason of Tzeentch, and Infernal Gateway. This game was the watchtower scenario and Chris managed to secure it for the first turn, deploying the 20 LSG in it. That gave me the first turn of the game. Deployment can be seen in the diagram below including scouts and vanguards.


Turn 1

As the Chaos attack was sounded the Hellcannon managed to restrain its bloodlust. The Marauder horde made an immediate assault on the watchtower, eager to butcher some pointy ears. 3 of the barbarians were shot down on the charge but the frenzied berserkers cared not. On the flanks the respective Horsemen west to east made a bee-line for the RBT and Shadow Warriors. The western Hounds advanced toward to center at full pace while the Khorne Knights originally behind them moved out to the side to try a long charge on the RBT next turn if the Horsemen were not successful in taking it out or surviving long enough to charge themselves. The Nurgle Knights stayed behind the Hounds on their side for fear of a long charge from the White Lions, though the angled to attempt to hit the Phoenix Guard should the Hounds get picked off. The Warriors stayed in cover around the Marauders but close enough for the Lord to get off some spells.

Rolling only 5 dice for magic the Lord decided to go for broke early and threw them all at Gateway on the Phoenix Guard, successfully too. It was then that Chris revealed the Banner of the World Dragon, something I had suspected however I didn't want to allow suspicion alone to dictate my means of play. Shooting wasn't overly impressive initially with the Hellcannons shot at the 30 man Sea Guard going well wide, however the Marauders managed to take out an RBT crewman and 3 Shadow Warriors with their axes. In combat the Exalted Hero stepped forth to the doorway of the watchtower and bellowed a challenge to the champion of the Sea Guard within. The pointy ear follishy accepted and was promptly cut down. His unit managed to kill off 4 Marauders, but lost 6 more of their number in return. Though lose they may have, under the cover of their garrison they managed to hold fast.


No charges were declared by the High Elf forces but several manuvers were made. The LSG turned to face the oncoming enemies on the western flank, while the White Lions entered their forest, revealing it to be a regular wood. The Phoenix Guard also edged toward the building.

Magic was largely uneventful with spells either being dispelled or failing to result, with even the Purple Sun misfiring. Shooting saw the Shadow Warriors fell a Horseman, while a RBT and LSG combined attack wiped out the other unit of them completely. The LSG in the building took out four Hounds to the east, while the second RBT took out 3 from the other unit. With no combat the turn was over fast.


Turn 2

The Hellcannon was restrained once again as the Chaos forces retaliated against the High Elves. The Khorne Knights made a successful tactical charge against the RBT in the west and the Horsemen charged the Shadow Warriors who shot down one more Horseman on the way in. The Marauders also re-engaged the LSG in the tower. The 2 Hounds in the west failed a charge against the RBT in the centre also. The Nurgle Knights angled for a turn 3 charge against the PG while the lone Hounds moved up to redirect the White Lions if necessary. The Warriors shuffled slightly for better view and range.

Magic gave little dice again, and though a Flickering Fire got through and roasted 5 White Lions, Gateway was promptly dispelled. Shooting proved more successful as the Hellcannon landed a direct hit on the White Lions (one of only two hits it made all weekend!). The shot hit the remaining 19 Lions but between their Lion Cloak saves and the Ironcurse Icon wards, only 6 were killed.

In combat the forces of Chaos showed their combat prowess. The Marauders began by butchering 7 more LSG, though the last four held their ground. The Khorne Knights killed the RBT and overran into the LSG's flank. The Horsemen killed two Shadow Warriors for no wounds in return, and overran into the flank of the White Lions. Unfortunately two of their horses tripped up on roots and vines while running through, leaving only a single Horsemen to face the fearsome woodsmen.


Left in a bad position their was little the High Elves could do in thier second turn. The PG moved up toward the building and the Shadow Warrior failed to rally. Magic yielded some success with an irressitable Fate of Bjuna killing the Exalted Champion in the Marauder Horde; however the miscast killed a few PG. A Purple Sun also descended across the battlefield killing a Marauder and a Warrior despite 8 Warriors being hit; the Sorcerer Lord managed to dodge out of the way. The last of the Hounds were also shot down on both sides. Combats were one-sided affairs with the Lions easily butchering the last Horseman, while the Knights killed off ~8 LSG breaking the unit and running it down, and successfully charging into the RBT.


Turn 3

Hellcannon passed rampage again. The Chaos Gods now looked to their best to win the day. The Nurgle Knights and BSB charged the Phoenix Guard though they knew they may be dead should the White Lions counter-charge next turn. However they only needed to hold out long enough for the Khorne Knights to come in the back holding up the Phoenix Guard long enough that the Marauders should be able to win the game. The Marauders also went for another assault on the building. The Warriors continued to manuver to get vantage points for magic.

Unfortunately, magic only resulted in two dead Lions and the Hellcannon scattered wide again though it clipped three PG killing them. Combat saw more PG fall for no Knights in return allowing the Chaos forces the hold up the PG as the Marauders killed the last of the LSg and moved into the tower. The PG chose not reform so as to keep the Knights from getting the full potential of their attacks. The Khorne Knights gleefully hacked through the RBT and its crew but failed to get a big enough overrun to hit the PG.


The High Elf forces were scattered and those left were dying quickly. The White Lions under pressure decided the rear charge from the Khorne Knights was more of a threat and chose to reform to flank charge them next turn instead of immediately charging the Nurgle Knights in the front. The Shadow Warrior failed to rally and kept running, passing his dangerous terrain test for running through the Knights. Magic was unsuccessful again with a miscast killing some more PG. In combat the massacre continued though as usual the PG held on.


Turn 4

The Khorne Knights decided not to make the mistake of the White Lions and charged straight into the PG's rear. The Lord then used this opening to pummel the Lions with magic, killing them off completey with successful castings of Treason, Flcikering Fire, and Gateway. In combat the PG were being reduced to platry numbers. At the rate they were being killed it would only take another 2 rounds or so to kill them off so Chris conceded. Chaos would taint the land.



A good start but not the most fulfilling victory. Chris was new to the game I was told, so the mistakes such as concentrating magic on PSoX and not charging with the Lions are understandable. All the same, I was intimidated by the army and he did he best so fair play. It was a good game and if one or two things went differently I think the result could have been drastically different, as my Knights cannot stand up to several turns of S6 attacks. This win put me on 20-0 and kept me on table one for game 2 to face Dave Wade. Guess what! More pointy ears!!!

14-10-2010, 14:32
Nice fast battle report and those diagrams make everything very clear.

Hope your second game went well :)

14-10-2010, 19:29
Nice report Godless and congrats for the win! However, I am wondering how you got the Khorne knights into the flank of the RBT in turn two. It looks like they would have had to charge the RBT in the front if the diagram was correct.


14-10-2010, 19:35
Nice report Godless and congrats for the win! However, I am wondering how you got the Khorne knights into the flank of the RBT in turn two. It looks like they would have had to charge the RBT in the front if the diagram was correct.


Tactical wheeling. Once a charge is found to be in range the unit has unlimited movement to make the charge so as long as they maximise models fighting. They also may make one wheel of up to 90 degrees during this charge. Due to war machines having a fixed number of models fighting in combat you do not maximise against them on the charge and so if it is within your 90 degree wheel you can charge as such for some nice overruns. See the sections of the rulebook on charging, maximising, and charging a war machine.

The Blue Guy
15-10-2010, 07:04
Nice fast battle report and those diagrams make everything very clear.

A very, very nice battle report and I’m looking forward to part two.

Just one thing though:

5x Chaos Knights
Mark of Khorne, Standard Bearer with the Banner of Eternal Flame
If you want flaming attacks you need to “upgrade” to lances, BRB 69 :(

15-10-2010, 10:03
Tactical wheeling. Once a charge is found to be in range the unit has unlimited movement to make the charge so as long as they maximise models fighting. They also may make one wheel of up to 90 degrees during this charge. Due to war machines having a fixed number of models fighting in combat you do not maximise against them on the charge and so if it is within your 90 degree wheel you can charge as such for some nice overruns. See the sections of the rulebook on charging, maximising, and charging a war machine.

Ah Ok, I did not know that. Thanks for the tip! :)


15-10-2010, 16:43
Just one thing though:
If you want flaming attacks you need to “upgrade” to lances, BRB 69 :(

Sorry what on earth are you talking about?

15-10-2010, 16:55
I believe he is talking about the same thing that was brought up with the WoC deamon sword + flaming banner.

The idea there was that you would take the deamon sword and an item that gives you a 2+ ward agsinst flaming, and then put him in a unit with the flaming banner.

It all seemed like a brilliant idea until there was a rule issue... something about the banner not effecting magical weapons.

So in this case, since enscrolled weapons are magical weapons, the banner wouldn't effect them.

Can't give a page reference or anything, sorry.

Edit: Maybe it's in the rules for flaming attacks, or the section of what special rules can be passes on to what in regards to characters.

15-10-2010, 20:03
Yea I read the rules for flaming attacks as Blue Guy suggested and it doesn't say anywhere that they don't effect magical weapons.

EDIT: Found it in the brackets at the end. Ah well, it only came into play once in the whole event anyway.

15-10-2010, 20:09
nice rep and well played, looking forward to more.

The Blue Guy
15-10-2010, 21:31
Ok, I apologise for my previous post, it wasn’t the best one I have ever made.

This issue has been debated by the Internet intelligentsia for a while now and it boils down to this (as far as I understand it): Your Chaos knights are armed with ensorcelled blades that count as being magical. In the last paragraph of the Flaming Attacks part of page 69 in the BRB it says that magical weapons are unaffected by the Flaming Attacks special rule.

The conclusion is that The Banner of the Eternal Flame is wasted on your knights as their magical weapons are unaffected by its effects. However, if you were to upgrade (in my previous post I wrote the word upgrade with quotation marks since it’s not really an upgrade at all) to lances you would benefit from the Flaming Attacks special rule since lances are mundane.

18-10-2010, 11:44
So game 2 rolls around against Dave Wade and he too is sporting High Elves. This scenario was Blood and Glory which usually I have the advantage in, holding 9 fortitude, however today fortune was not with me as Dave also had 9.

Arch Mage [ Level 4 ]
Folariath's Robe, Talisman of Saphery, Dispel Scroll, High Magic

BSB, Battle Banner, Dragon Armour, Lance, Barded Elven Steed

20x Phoenix Guard
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery

15x Swordsmasters
Full Command

15x White Lions
Full Command, Gem of Courage

5x Dragon Princes
Full Command

25x Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields

20x Spearmen
Full Command

10x Archers


High Magic was a nice change from Life and Death, however it kept me on my toes for this game. He rolled Shield of Saphery, Vaul's Unmaking, Flames of the Phoenix, and Courage of Anaerion on top of Drain Magic. I rolled good for my own spells once again getting Flickering Fire, Pandaemonium, Treason, and Gateway. Deployment for the game can be seen in the below diagram and as per usual contains vanguards also. The High Elves managed to get the first turn.


Turn 1

In a very un-Elf-like fashion the High Elf army charged forward, splitting around the building in the centre. Their phase had quite a devastating turnout, with an irresistable Flames of the Phoenix taking out 29 of the Marauders, and Vaul's Unmaking getting a really high roll forcing me to burn my scrolls to preserve my Puppet. Shooting then saw a unit of Horsemen taken out, reducing my fortitude to 8.


The Chaos turn started off with misfortune as the Hellcannon rampaged and failed to hit anything. No charges were declared and the army manuvered around the High Elves. The Horsemen successfully supressed march blocking and tore up the right flank. Both units of Hounds moved into prime blocking positions while the Knights behind positioned for charges. The Warriors moved up to the building though keeping line of sight on the White Lions. The Maruaders were forced to reform in order to maintain any form of combat ability. Magic only saw one spell getting through, however that Gateway killed 11 Swordsmasters and caused the rest to panic and flee.


Turn 2

The White Lions reared a charge against the blocking Hounds but the muts fled, enough too to allow the Knights a charge in the Chaos turn. The Spearmen unphased by the silly dogs passed march blocking test and moved onward. The LSG moved up slightly to get shots on the Hellcannon and the PG braced for the charge. The SM rallied also while the Dragon Princes simply wheeled to flank the Chaos Knights should opportunity arise. All magic failed with the Arch Mage even miscasting and taking a wound. The Archers and LSG unloaded their collective 35 shots at the Hellcannon but failed to even dent the hull. The RBTs however managed to wipe out the Horsemen bringing the Chaos fortitude down to 7.


The Chaos army trumped and bellowed and the charge was sounded and almost the entire army engaged. The Khorne Knights hit the Spearmen head on, as did their Nurgle brethren to the White Lions. The Marauders and Hellcannon also collectively charge the Phoenix Guard. The Warriors entered the building while the Hounds stayed with their back to the Phoenix Guard hoping beyond hope to bait them out of position. Magic was unimpressive as Gateway got scrolled. Combat was slightly more successful with 8 Spearmen, 11 White Lions and 8 Phoenix Guard getting killed for only 5 Marauders and a single Knight in return. Unfortunately however none of the units broke (even though the Phoenix Guard were testing on a 3).


Turn 3

The High Elf turn proved short and bitter. The LSG moved around to rear charge the Hellcannon next turn while the rest of the army stayed still at their vantage points. Magic was rather lacklustre though a crucial Shield of Saphery got through to the Dragon Princes. Combat went rather awry for the Chaos forces. The PG made a rake of successful ward saves, only losing two elves and breaking the Marauders thus being able to turn to face the Hellcannon. This saw Chaos fortitude reduced to 6. The Khorne Knights fluffed on attacks killing only 4 Elves and losing one of their own, though winning the combat. Furthermore the Chaos BSB fluffed up allowing the White Lions to strike down 3 more Knights before getting killed off. This however finally saw the elven fortitude reduced to 8.


Chaos needed to turn things around. The Nurgle Knights charged headlong into the Dragon Princes, expecting an easy fight should they manage to take out the BSB. The Marauders then failed to rally in the only other act of the movement phase. Magic was rather disappointing once again only killing 3 Swordsmasters; that being said only the champion was left dropping the elven fortitude to 7. In combat the Hellcannon killed another 3 Elves for a wound in return but lost combat. The Knights finally broke through the Spearmen making an impressive overrun, and dropping the elven fortitiude to 6. The Nurgle Knights faired less well however. In a challenge the Knight champion fought the Elven BSB who turned out to only have S4 attacks. Only one wounded and in typical fashion the champion failed his 2+ AS. Furthermore in the combat the S3 Dragon Princes only did one wound to the remaining Knight and he failed his 1+ AS reducing Chaos fortitude to 5, and then to 4 after the BSB was broken (though not before killing 2 Elves; the rest passed their ward saves).


Turn 4

Considering the distance yet between them as the daemon engine the LSG chose not to charge the Hellcannon and moved closer instead. No other movement was made and magic and shooting did nothing. In combat the Hellcannon killed another PG but failed to break them.

The Chaos turn proved the turning point in the game. Seeing the positioning of the Dragon Princes the Khorne Knights turned on their heel knowing they could get a flank charge next turn. Also the Marauders rallied, though it was too little too late. Magic saw both Chaos spells getting off but Flickering Fire failed to kill the last Swordsmaster and the 4 S2 hits from the Gateway was unable to damage to Dragon Princes. In combat the stalemate continued with another PG cut down and the Hellcannon failing to break them.


Turn 5

The Dragon Princes charged the Hounds who fled, seemingly allowing the Khorne Knights their flank charge. The LSG also charged into the back of the Hellcannon. Magic did nothing, however it didn't matter. In a rookie error by me, both myself and Dave realised I had exposed the Khorne Knights' flank to the two RBTs which we had forgotten about since they couldn't shoot the last two turns. At long range and through soft cover both needed 5's to hit. Both hit single shot, each killing two and reducing the Chaos army to breaking point.

However, tournament rules dictated that we still had to finish the turn, so it was all down to the Hellcannon to pull the draw here. To start the combat the Hellcannon takes 3 wounds between the two units of Elves. All 5 attacks from the Hellcannon hit and wound, yet all 5 ward saves are passed by the PG. Thunderstomp then gets 5 wounds also and all 5 wards are passed, sealing the game as a 17-3 to Dave.



Well first let it be said that this was my favourite game from the whole tournament. Dave was a gent to play against and the game was really topsy turvy with some great moments and fights. In hindsight I can easily see my two flaws, one being the obvious Knight-flank incident. The other however was my play of the Warriors. I have a habit of getting my Warriors into buildings and getting comfortble there, resulting in me not being aggressive enough with them. Looking back, if I had moved the Warriors out in turn 3 and rear charged the Phoenix Guard I would have won the game in that turn.

Either way it was fun as hell. This loss put me onto table 6 to play and old friend Derek 'Jarvis' Mitchell. I didn't have my Dragon and spiky elves with me for this encounter however, so I knew Derek's Ogres were licking their chops for revenge and seeing his new list didn't ease my anxiety. Stay tuned.

18-10-2010, 16:05
A pleasure to read, again.
Looking forward to the next report as I sometimes play ogres myself.

21-10-2010, 21:37
Game 3, table 6, Meeting Engagement. Looking at Derek's list I wasn't as confident as I normally would have been against Ogres as he had the right tools to make this hard for me; fast moving Ironguts to crush my Knights, Scraplauchers for taking out the horde and possibly KB'ing my Knights, and the Gorger coming on backfield to stop the Hellcannon from shooting as well as more KB madness should he manage to intercept the Knights. His list was as follows:

Heavy Armour, Thundermace, Talisman of Preservation

Warrior Bane, Ironcurse Icon, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Endurance

BSB, Heavy Armour, Crown of Command, Gold Sigil Sword


8x Ironguts
Standard Bearer, Bellower, Banner of Swiftness

9x Bulls
Standard Bearer, Bellower, Ironfists

9x Bulls
Standard Bearer, Bellower, Ironfists

33x Gnoblars

20x Gnoblars


For spells I rolled Flcikering Fire, Pandaemonium, Treason and Gateway (on fire with getting the good four spells). Took Fireball once again on the Level 1. It should be noted for this section of the report that my maps aren't very accurate as the diagonal deployment threw off my recollection considerably. Either way, below is deployment including my vanguards. His Scraplaucher and a unit of 20 Gnoblars were held in reserve as was my Exalted Hero.


Turn 1

The Ogres secured first turn and began with the Gnoblars and Scraplaucher moving onto the board. An immediate charge from the Ironguts saw the Horsemen in trouble. I stood and shot since either way they would be slowed down and not that far out of position. Everything else manuvered and tried to pin me down. Magic wasn't very impressive thanks to a low Winds of Magic roll and the positioning of the Slaughtermaster. One Scraplaucher hit the Warriors but saves were made while the other scattered far, only killing a Hound. In combat the Horsemen were easily killed off and the unit reformed to face my lines.


The Chaos turn started with the Exalted Hero coming onto the field as the Hellcannon managed to be restrained. The forces of destruction manuvered around using the Hounds to attempt to block the Ogre charge paths and hopefully bait for a counter-charge, holding the Nurgle Knights back and hiding the Khorne Knight behind the building to hit the flank should the Tyrant's unit come through to charge the Marauders (who had failed to charge the Tyrant's unit). The remaining Horsemen made a beeline along the Ogre table edge to try charge the Scraplaucher next turn.

Magic proved fruitious with a Bull (from the rearmost unit) and an Irongut being taken out with two more wounds to a second Irongut. The Hellcannon reared for an impressive shot by disappointed the crowd by blowing up instead.


Turn 2

Not falling for the Chaos trickery the Tyrant ordered his unit to move into the building instead of charging, while the lowly Gnoblars instead attacked the Chaos Khorne Knights. The Bulls still didn't want to chance a long charge on the Nurgle Knights so just moved in closer instead, while the rearmost Bulls turned to go after the Marauders. Meanwhile the smaller Gnoblar unit continued to move toward the fighting.

Magic managed to kill off the Hounds but nothing more. Shooting was more successful with the Scraplauchers collectively killing about 18 Maruaders. Predictably in combat the Knights slaughtered tens of Gnoblars while taking no wounds in return, but the steadfast greenskins held.


Dspite being flattened the remaining Marauders charged at the Tyrant occupied building while the Horsemen charged the Scraplauncher in the flank. The Chaos Warriors also charged the Gnoblars in the flank. The Hounds remained still as the Hero moved closer to the army, and the Nurgle Knights failed a charge on the Bulls by about an inch.

Magic only got up a Pandaemonium. In combat the Horsemen did 3 wounds to the SCraplauncher for none in return and broke it though they failed to catch it. In the building combat 4 Marauders were cut down however 2 Ironguts were killed thus winning the combat for the Maruaders though the Ogres held their position. In the final combat the one-sided affair ended as pracdicted with the Gnoblars being wiped out and the two Chaos units reforming to better facings.


Turn 3

The Ogre made a gambit for blood and charged the Nurgle Knights with both the Scraplauncher and the Bulls. The other Bulls charged the Marauders also. eanwhile the second Scraplauncher fled the field as the remaining Gnoblars moved in toward the fight. Magic saw a +1T spell getting off on the Tyrant's unit, wounding the Slaughtermaster. In combat the Mark of Nurgle showed its use as the Ogres struggled to land blows and only managed to kill a single Knight; not a fitting revenge for the 10 wounds dealt by the Knights previously. Both Ogre units broke with Bulls being caught and the Scraplauncher getting away. In the Bulls-Marauders combat the Bulls killed 7 Marauders for 6 wounds in return and the combat brewed on.

Note: The map is wrong for this one, showing only 4 surviving Bulls when there should be a second rank.


The Nurgle Knights started the Chaos turn charging and catching the remaining Scraplauncher while the Warriors manuvered back toward the remaining Ogres. They were then joined by the Exalted Hero who had come on in reserve at the start of the game. The Hounds moved around the building for better options and the Horsemen dawdled forgetting it was their turn. Magic managed to kill off another 1-2 Ironguts before combat in which the Bulls killed another 5 Marauders who failed to perform thanks to losing their frenzy last round; they only did 2 wounds, though held yet again.


Turn 4

The Ogres' only move this turn was to rear charge the Marauders with the Gnoblars. Magic saw the previous +1T spell go down and so the Slaughtermaster put up a new one, taking another wound. He tried to heal the wound but failed. In combat a few Gnoblars went down but the Marauders were hacked down to just 2 men and were broken and caught (the Bulls failing to restrain pursuit).


Not willing to rely on magic too much the Khorne Knights charged the building hoping their flaming attacks could oust the Ogres. The Warriors also hit the flank of the Bulls while the Horsemen and Nurgle Knights came back around toward the battle. Magic was pitiful with the Gnoblars the only possible target for Gateway. In combat the Bulls were easily butchered and cut down, though the Ironguts faired better, hanging on despite suffering casualties for none in return.


Turn 5

With the climax of the battle closing in the Gnoblars legged it while the Slaughtermaster pupped out as much magic as he could to earn points, succeeding in killing a Knight, though losing his +1T test. At this point Derek remembered his Gorger which we had both forgotten all game. In the end however he got insta-fried by Gateway.

The Khorne Knights charged back into the building, and the Sorcerer Lord managed to fry the Gnoblars with a combined arms assault of Flickering Fire and Fireball. The Knights were fortunate that only a single Irongut remained thus the Bruiser and Slaughtermaster finally entered the fight with the Slaughtermaster drawing the short straw and choking it and the Knights managing to pass their saves.


Turn 6

Tension boiled as the Ogre phase was rendered moot due to the lack of magic, drawing the Chaos turn and the final turn of the game in early. In a last display of fireworks the Chaos Sorcerers managed to draw up a full arsenal of 12 power dice and cast Fireball, Flickering Fire and Gateway all successfully into the building. Despite the barrage however the Tyrant and BSB both survived the affair with a single wound each.



Talk about a proper fight! Combats from turn 1 and in every turn there-in apart from Ogre turn 6. Exploding Hellcannons, flying spoons, and Gnoblar shaped jewelry for the Chaos Steeds' horseshoes; this game had all the things a Chaos-Ogres fight should have.
In hindsight I think I played the game well and my choices worked out, though I wonder might it have been better to assault the building with the Khorne Knights a turn earlier. Equally so I thought Derek played the game well also with the only decision I'd question being leaving the uber-killy unit in the building all-game; a mistake I often make with my Warriors as you may recall me stating earlier. That being said, the building really helped those Ogres survive even though they could have helped dish out the pain if played more aggressively.

Rules-wise I forgot to re-roll wounds in the last turn with my Fireball and Flickering Fire which may have killed those two characters, though this is counter balanced by us both playing the flee of the Marauders wrong; they should have ran from the Gnoblars and not the Bulls (thinking 7th ed. *facepalm*) and thus Derek's Bulls got stuck in a bad position. Also I have to attribute quite a bit to the Gorger being forgotten, alas his fate being so cruel and crispy.

All and all a top notch game as is always the case facing Jarvis. This 14-6 win put me up one table for the festivals of old friends to continue facing Rob Gleasure; it seems no tournament would be complete without me and Rob going toe-to-toe. Stay tuned.

23-10-2010, 11:54
Thanks again for another very good battle report! I'll stay tuned for the next battle.


27-10-2010, 00:38
Great reports as ever godless :)

29-10-2010, 22:11
Bright and way to early Sunday morning we arrive in to the surprise that most of the gamers are actually on time. Strange occurance by anyone's watch on the second day.

So as I said previously, my win over Jarvis put me up to table 5 I think to face the forces of the Empire led by my old arch-nemesis Rob Gleasure. I had very little confidence going into this game to tell the truth; not only did Rob have a hard as nails list which he knew how to use but the eternal balance of victories between us was currently in my favour thus I owed him a win. Together these things were surely going to make me slip up.

Arch Lector
War Altar, Great Weapon, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Armour of Meteoric Iron

Wizard Lord [ Level 4 ]
Lore of Heavens, Talisman of Preservation, Seal of Destruction, Barded Warhorse

BSB, Barded Warhorse, Sword of Might, Talisman of Endurance, Full Plate Armour

Warrior Priest
Barded Warhorse + ???

Master Engineer
Pigeon Bombs

8x Knights of the Inner Circle
Full Command

Great Cannon
Great Cannon

5x Outriders

30x Halberdiers
Full Command

30x Halberdiers
Full Command

10x Crossbowmen
10x Crossbowmen

5x Empire Knights
Standard Bearer, Musician

Steam Tank

Rob rolled up Harmonic Convergence, Wind Blast, Urannon's Lightning(Thunder)bolt, and Comet of Cassandora while I rolled Flickering Fire, Pandaemonium, Call to Glory, and Gateway (taking Fireball on the Level 1 again). Deployment plus vanguards can be seen below. Note this was a Dawn Attack scenario and I set-up first as well as getting the first turn.


Turn 1

The turn began awry as the Hellcannon rampaged toward the Outriders. The eastern Maruaders moved to take the flank of the Outriders while their western counterparts made a bee-line for the Cannon. The Nurgle Knights and Hounds on the same flank moved up to try and bait charges and the Marauder horde moved up just enough to stay out of charge range of the Steam Tank. The other Hounds moved within the Tank's range hoping to tempt it to come at them where the Knights were waiting; this was also an attempt to tempt Rob into using 5 Steam Points and hope for a lucky 6. Finally the Warriors moved up to take the building next turn.

Magic managed to do nothing and in shooting only a Halberdier and an Outrider were taken down by respective axes of the Horsemen units.


The Halberdiers in the west charged the Horsemen who stood and shot taking down another one. No other charges were declared as the Tank didn't take the bait; it instead moved up 12" on 4 steam points. The Outriders moved to block the charge path of the Horsemen while the Knights shuffled by a better charge path.

Magic was largely uneventful with only Birona's Timewarp going off on the ICK. Shooting was a little move successful with three Hounds shot down by some crossbows, a huge amount of Marauders killed by an exloding pigeon and 3 Khorne Knights killed by a cannonball. In combat two more Halberdiers were cut down as were 3 Horsemen, with the remaining 2 breaking but outrunning the chasing enemy.


Turn 2

Not so eager to sacrifice so many points by sending the two remaining Khorne Knights into the Steam Tank, the horde went in instead with the Hounds and Knights running around the back of the combat. This was my first huge mistake as I backed up my lines in one fell swoop. The Warriors moved into the building as the other Hounds failed a charge on the smaller Knight unit. The Nurgle Knights swept down the flank to sweep across the Emprie lines next turn, careful to keep at an angle so as not to be totally wiped out by the Cannon. Elsewhere the eastern Horsemen moved around the threaten the Engineer as the western ones kept fleeing.

Yet again the Empire easily dispelled the Chaos magic with their extra 3 dispel dice and the Hellcannon missed. The Horsemen had more luck, killing the Engineer with their axes. In combat the horde did one wound to the Tank and that was that.


The Empire turn put a huge turn around early on in the game with some key charges being made. The Halberderies started with a mammoth charge into the two Hounds while next to them the Timewarped Knights easily hit the Marauders. Elsewhere the smaller Knight unit charged the Hounds who fled; however they were cut down allowing the Knights to reform toward the Horsemen. Strangly the western Halberdiers stayed put with their flank exposed while the two lone characters moved in position. The movement phase rounded out with the Outriders yet again blocking the charge path of the Horsemen though they knew this time was likely their last.

In what would become a trend for the Empire magic phase the Arch Lector got off Timewarp on the ICK but that was all. Shooting hurt the Chaos forces yet again, with a Warrior killed by a bolt and a cannonball smashed the Hellcannon to little daemonic bits. The second cannon only managed to kill two Nurgle Knights thanks to their positioning and them being partly within the 12" + bounce threshold.

In an unlikely turn of events the Exalted Champion fluffed all his attacks in his challenge with the Empire BSB and was killed by the lowly hero of man. The Marauders managed to fell two Knights but suffered several casualties in return, losing the combat and their frenzy. The Halberdiers easily chewed up the Hounds and hit the Khorne Knights head on.


Turn 3

The Nurgle Knights did not hesitate the hit the side of the Halberdiers who fled. Because of their positioning they landed in impassable terrain, thus bouncing out the other side where they were inside a friendly unit, thus bouncing out the other side, and then yet again landing in another friendly unit meaning they were well out of the Knights' reach who had to stop at the impassable terrain. On the other flank the Horsemen charged the helpless Outriders; their brethren rallied.

In magic a Flickering Fire took down 4 Crossbowmen and Pandaemonium went up like a charm. In combat the grind continued with two more ICK going down and the BSB getting wounded however the Marauders numbers were depleting much faster. In another surprising turn of event the Khorne Knights fluffed only killing 2 Halberdiers who in turn killed one Knight and broke the other, opting to restrain test so as the reform and flank the Marauders. Elsewhere the Horsemen easily beat and broke the Halberdiers and reformed to face the Cannon and Wizard Lord.


In turn 3 the Empire's fortunes did not waver. The Arch Lector made a massive 18" charge to hit the Nurgle Knights while the Halberdiers hit the horde's flank. The other Hlaberdiers rallied while the Wizard Lord managed to march past the Marauders. The smaller Knight unit charged the Horsemen in the west also.

In magic no spells got off however the Wizard Lord still rolled no doubles despite Pandaemonium being up. In shooting the Crossbows shot all their bolts at the building but failed to wound the Warriors. The eastern cannon fired grapeshot killing 3 Horsemen while the wetsern Cannon misfired, stopping it from shooting next turn.

In combat the Marauders nerve finally failed and they broke from combat though they managed to escape capture. Elsewhere the War Altar's impact hit killed off all but the Nurgle Champion who was subsequently challenged and locked in a stalemate with the Arch Lector. Things were looking dire for Chaos.


Turn 4

There was little the Chaos forces could do at this point however the Dark Gods' followers never give up. The now lone Horseman charged the Great Cannon in the east as the lone Khorne Knight fled the table and the Maruaders fled past the building unable to rally. The Sorcerer Lord desparatly tried to take some points back with magic but only managed to kill a single Knight. Elsewhere the Nurgle Knight Champion was slain by the Arch Lector leaving the magistrar alone with the Exalted Hero. The lone Horseman faired better, killing two crew and pursuing the last off the board.


The Empire generals called for the army to begin cleaning up the stragglers and so the ICK and Halberdiers began to move toward to North-Eastern corner. The small Knight unit hit the BSB in the flank with a long charge as the Steam Tank stayed static and the Wiazrd Lord continued to move out of harm's way.

The assault on the survivors began as the Crossbows and the Steam Tank's cannon collectively fired at the building slaying 4 Warriors. In combat the Chaos BSB was finally borken and cut down as he defended his banner, leaving the Knights free to reform to face the fleeing Marauder survivors.


Turn 5

The lone Horseman returned to the battle to see the might of the Empire bearing down on him. He opted to stay in the corner as far away from them as possible. Meanwhile the Marauder continued to flee and I continued to keep making my usual mistake of playing my Warriors too passively. The Sorcerer Lord made a pass at sucking the Steam Tank into the Warp but failed.

In the Empire turn the warriors continued toward the Maruaders on both flanks as the cannons and crosswbows continued to bare down on the Warriors garrisoning the building; another 5 were killed.


Turn 6

The Chaos turn was quick consisting of the Marauders continuing to flee and the Lord continuing to fail at casting magic. To round out the game the Maruader horde stragglers were caught and killed by the Knights as the rest of the Warriors were killed. The lone Horseman and the Lord managed to survive.



Some good luck on Rob's part, some really bad play on my part, and some well deserved carma and this game was a well earned 18-2 to Rob. What can I say, I sucked! Risking bearing my flank to a Cannon just for a flank charge, backing up my lines with the horde, and passively playing my Warriors were my greatest faults. There's not much else to say, fair play Rob.

This loss saw me go down to table 8 to face Dwarfs and their not so bearded general Brian McKenzie. Stay tuned.

30-10-2010, 07:06
another good one, and a tough matchup for sure :)

looking forward to some stunty stomping

30-10-2010, 11:16
Very good report, thank you! I am sure that if you had used your warriors more offensively, things would have looked different.


24-11-2010, 19:38
Right I really need to get bacandwrap this up so I'm gonna make this quick; I've also forgotten some of the finer details so cannot produce accurate maps. Anyway, game 5 was against Brian McKenzie and his throng of Dwarfs. It was a pretty tough list, boasting a scout Lord with a big unit of Rangers, a BSB and Runesmith in a large unit of Ironbreakers, a big unit of Warriors, unit of Quarellers, two Cannons, two Grudge Throwers, an Organ Gun, and a Master Engineer. This was a pitched battle and he deployed heavily to his left flank. I put most of my guys opposite so as to hit combat ASAP with a unit each of Knights and Horsemen out to the opposite flank to sweep around.

Got a lucky first turn with minimal damage from war machines and despite him charging the Horsemen with the Rangers and Lord one survived and held for two rounds. I surged forward to get in quickly with the Horde angling to charge the Rangers next turn. Unfortunately the horde lost 30 men to Grudge Throwers before they got the charge and were easy prey then in combat for the Lord's unit. The Knights fought a double combat against the Ironbreakers and Quarellers which after about 4 rounds resulted in the Ironbreakers and Quarellers being wiped out along with the Nurgle Knights while the Khorne Knights held and the BSB and Runesmith fled the table.

The Warriors were in the building at this point and were suffering a lot of war machine fire, but at the same time were deterring it from my other units while not taking much damage due to the Ironcurse Icon. Elsewhere a stalwart Cannon was holding up both the Horsemen and the Hounds for most of the game before falling. The Hellcannon got two shots only during the game, but they killed the Organ Gun and a Grudge Thrower respectively.

By the end of the game, the last of the Khorne Knights were trying to mop up the last two machines and the Engineer while the remnants of the Warriors and Lord were hiding behind a building while using magic to try and smash his Lord's unit. At this point the Exalted has also ran the length of the board and not left yet. An unlucky last turn say the Knights bounce off a Cannon and bad Strength rolls on FF and Gateway leave the Lord's unit with a few men left; a 12-8 win for Chaos.

With this finish I ended the tournament of 34 players in 14th place, which I was happy with. I had 5 good games and was fortunate not to lose to a single spell as other were unlucky to suffer. I learned a lot about my list and have since changed it accordingly as can be seen in my Conclave report. It was top notch event and I look forward to next year. Again sorry about the rushed ending but I've been very busy as of late and didn't want to leave yet another report unfinished.

25-11-2010, 10:04
great reports, sounds like a good event, appreciate the write up.