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14-10-2010, 11:23
I'm playing a 2000pnts fantasy tourny soon and in my list I want to include a block of warriors and marauders. I haven't played 8th edition yet but will do so this weekend to practise.

I have 24 warriors of chaos and 32 marauders.

In the warriors unit I want to include a sorcerer and exalted hero. that makes it 26 models in total in the unit. How wide would you make the unit? 5ranks of 5 wide or 4 ranks of 6wide?

in the marauders unit I'll just have 32 marauders and nothing else. How wide would you make the ranks?

I need to know because i want to make some movement trays for them.

Please refrain from giving me advise like "drop the exalted" . my list is pretty sollid and I don't have any more models.

14-10-2010, 11:32
Depends what kinds...

Warriors? Always good 6 wide.

Marauders? Depends... Tzeentchian anvil? 5 wide. Khornate flail-waving loonies? 6 wide.

14-10-2010, 13:02
I would go 6 wide with the warriors they are so good in CC you want to maximize the number of attacks they get-

Regarding marauders- the general rule is that if they have multiple attacks you want to field them 7 wide, or possibly if they have flails you might also want to go wider to maximize damage- the other consideration is what unit they are up against-

If the marauders fight better- so against Skaven slaves, or Men at arms field your marauders wider, against better troops go 5 wide- against elites with less than 20 models, again I would just go wide and hope you can do enough damage to whittle them down while you remain steadfast- if you are unsure just go with 6 wide-

14-10-2010, 13:40
You want your warriors 2 wide, as it was said. You want to maximize the number of attacks they get in.

THe marauders depends a lot. If you are loosing combat, you want they 5 wide to minimize the amount of attacks back they take. If they are going to win combat, you want to maximize the amount of attacks you get in.

Personally i dont take flails anymore on them. Since a largeish unit of marauders is going to tick around for a few rounds, id rather give them great weapons. There is no fear of having them all wiped out before they attack anymore.

14-10-2010, 13:54
If your models are weaker than the opponents you want to minimise casualties so 5 wide.

If yours are strong you go as wide as you can in order to maximise attacks.

Going wider is not needed if all your models can attack already but if this is not the case you go wider, if you have multiple attack models in the front range then you will go wider even if all could otherwise attack as this would again increase the number of hits.

Deploy based on how wide your opponents are.

Generally 20mm models go 5 wide for casualty minimization or 7 wide for kill maximization. (this allows the maximum number of hits vs an opposing 20mm unit going 5 wide)

For 25mm models you go 6 wide to maximise and 5 wide again to minimise.

So if your opponent had say horde 20mm models (like ghouls) then you would go 12 wide with 20mm or 10 wide with 25mm.

Battle circumstances may change things a little, but overall this is the system.

14-10-2010, 14:10
The biggest thing to remember is don't fall in love with a single unit width.

Have a standard size you deploy in, sure, but you've got to always keep in mind that you can reform quite easily these days - I find myself reforming after combat all the time these days.