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14-10-2010, 13:49
Hey All.

Been playing WoC for a little while now. Taken part in a few tournaments. Counted for myself well. Last tournament I finish 11th, so not too bad.
Anyways enough ramblings from me at the moment, on with the list.

Lords; (750pts/25%)

Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Swift slaying, The Other trickester's Shards, Necrotic Phylactery, Stream of Corruption /345pts

Sorcer Lord, Lvl4, MoT, Disc, Blood of Tzeentch, Talisman of Preservation, Blood Curling Roar /405

Heroes; (348pts/12.8%)
Fetus the Leechlord /185pts
Exalted, BSB, MoT, Halberd, Helm of Many Eyes, Collar of Khorne /199pts

Core Units; (788pts/26.3%)

40 Marauders, MoK, GW, Command /250pts
18 Warriors, MoN, Command, Shields, Additional Handweapons /366pts
5 Marauder Horse, MoS, Musician, Throwning Axes/ 86pts
5 Marauder Horse, MoS, Musician, Throwning Axes/ 86pts

Special Units; (902pts/30%)

17 Chosen, MoT, Commmand, Shields, Favour of Gods, Raptous Standard /417pts
6 Knights, MoN, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Rage /305pts
4 Trolls/180

Rare Units; (150pts/5%)

Warshrine, MoT /150pts

Grand Total 2974pts

This means I have 26pts left, and a few options open to me. I like to hear people view on everything. Option are as follows;

1)Buy a Champion for the Chaos Knights and equip him with the Ironcurse Icon (25pts)
2) Fester Shroud for the Nurgle warrior unit (same points as a above)
3) Bulk out either the Maruaders with another 5.

I am thinking the first option is the best choice.

Anyways time to explain some choice in my army. Also give a brief outline of the my tactics.

Jugger Lords, join the chaos Knights. Forming a heavy hitting slegde hammer. Also people may notice the lack of the lord ward save. 2 reason for this.
Firstly the Jugger Lords has the trickester's other shard, meaning he would have to re-roll his ward save.
Secondly, I have found when facing a challenge for a Chaos Lord, most people just put their champions forward.

I am thinking about placing Fetus in the Marauder horde, giving them all, poision attacks and a 5+ regen. Hopefully getting most of the horde across the board.

The BSB join the chosen unit. Beefing them up. Also stopping them running to much, only being 18 strong, it can happen. The chosen are also being bluff my the warshrine.

Trolls now now support the chosen block, or at least not wandering away to far from the BSB.

The 2 blocks of marauder horse, flyabout on the flanks, annoying the other army, and hero fishing as well.

So people please give your thoughts, on anything and everything to do with the list.

Cheers all


Lord Malorne
14-10-2010, 13:57
Isn't Festus MoN, doesn't he have to join a unit with the MoN? Why not give the sorc lord golden eye of tzeentch? I presume you don't want him in combat.

14-10-2010, 14:14
first off. no fetus doesnt have to join a unit with the same mark.

secondly, re-reading the golden eye, seems to applied just magic missles, so not direct damage spells, nor magically vortexs, nor either damage from miscast table

14-10-2010, 14:18
Isn't Festus MoN, doesn't he have to join a unit with the MoN? Why not give the sorc lord golden eye of tzeentch? I presume you don't want him in combat.

IIRC Festus does not have the MoN, but it does not matter anyways. There are no mark restrictions anymore, everyone can join everything regardless of marks.

I'd keep the Talisman of Preservation as it gives protection from miscast results, too.

To 2): You cannot buy magic items for a knight champion, only chosen champions may buy a magic item. I'd simply add more marauders.

I'd really think about giving halberds to your warriors instead of additional handweapons. They are better in almost every circumstance.


14-10-2010, 16:57
your list is too small for a 3000point game O_O, i would spend less on characters and spend more on the army, but thats me.