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15-10-2010, 12:12
Hello all,

Played a little 750 game yesterday and my skaven opponent got a spell off on a 12 and my only wizard was fleeing. I rolled an 11 for dispel but we were unsure if I got to add my +2 for being lvl2 as we couldn't find anything that said if fleeing wizards were eligible to attempt dispels.
Couldn't see in the FAQs we had and read the book for a while so i thought I'd ask here if someone can point out where it says if I can add my bonus or not.


15-10-2010, 12:19
Fleeing wizards do not channel, nor are they eligible to dispel. It's in there... somewhere. :(


15-10-2010, 12:41
New BRB FAQ, v1.1:

Q: Can a fleeing model dispel spells or use magic items? (p24)
A: No.

17-10-2010, 17:34
There is only one thing that will prevent a wizard from casting magic, that can be found on Page 31 of the BRB, 2nd paragraph (first non-bold)

He can't do it if hes off the board, or... fleeing.