View Full Version : 1500 point WoC - Too Small?

Evil Hypnotist
15-10-2010, 14:39
Got my second game this week against my mate's High Elves, I was quite out-numbered last time out so thought I should try and expand my troops a bit more this time round.....or just have even less but harder hitting units. So is this lot too small to be effective?

Exalted Hero on Chariot
MoK, Axe of Khorne, Favour of the Gods. 275 points

Exalted Hero on Daemonic Mount
MoN, Shield 185 points

Sorceror Lv. 2
MoTz, Infernal Puppet 175 points

15 Chaos Warriors
Shields, Full Command 270 points

14 Chaos Warriors
Shields, Full Command 270 points

5 Chaos Knights (Hero on D Mount in here)
MoN, Lances, Full Command, Banner of Rage 340 points

Marauders would be the obvious choice to flesh the army out but I don't own any, and he wiped my warhounds out with his Seaguard pretty quickly last time so I decided not to bother.

Let me know what you think anyway.
- Evil

15-10-2010, 15:13
Although it does look small warriors are an elite army so dont expect to have numbers, I would drop the chariot exalted hero altogether and with those 275 points spend them like this:

Add a disk to your level two, neccesary to keep him alive (20pts)

Swap to mark of khorne on your other exalted, mount him on a juggernought, replace the shield with a flail, add helm of many eyes and 25 points of protection. (total: 50pts)

Drop the lances on the knights, ensorcelled weapons are much better, put mark of khorne on the knights and swap the standard or rage for the blasted standard. (5+ ward from shooting is better than -1BS) (25 points gained)

Now you have a total of 230 points to spend, I would do this:

Two units of five warhounds (60pts)(they are there to delay deployment which is vital for your list, and to take fire becuase if your opponent shoots the hounds then he's not shooting the warriors or knights, and if they stay alive they can take care of warmachines)

- Add mark of khorne onto both warrior units and swap the shield for either AHW or halberds.( I prefer AHW, you only have two blocks so you need to make these as killy as possible)

- With the 110 points left over becuase you have no maruaders I would add 4 warriors to one unit and 3 to the other, then deploy them 6 wide and 3 deep.( i assume both units have 15 men to begin with)

Normally I wouldn't advise command on knights however you need the champion there to take a bullet for the jugger if needs be so for now you may as well keep command.

Hope this helps :)

16-10-2010, 18:46
Yes, your army is too small.

The problem is that you have nearly 700 points on heroes. First thing: This is illegal. Second, its way too many points spent on 3 models on a 1500 points game.

Dropping one of your heroes mean you can fit another unit of warriors almost complete.

Marauders work well only when you can field blocks of over 30 of them. They die like flies, yes, but they cost very little and can make a lot of impact when they reach CC.

Drop one of your heros, get more bodies in there.

Also, blocks of 15ish warriors really benefit from marks. Either Khorne and Halberds or tzeentch and shields, but any block of warriors of reasonable size should be marked.

Evil Hypnotist
17-10-2010, 07:28
Cheers fellas,

Yeah I realised that I couldn't take the 3 heros not long after I posted. I ended up swapping out the hero on daemonic mount and the sorceror for warhounds, a spawn and more warriors. I ended up getting beaten, but it was quite close especially considering my warriors were gutted early on (1 unit just had a command group left that rallied and took out a 20 man spearman unit on it's own!).

I'm still trying to figure out what's best for what size army, you both have some very good points so thanks for that. Food for thought for the next one definitely!