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15-10-2010, 20:46
EDIT Scroll down for short battle report! /EDIT

I'm having a 3k game tomorrow morning so I quickly threw together a WoC list and a OnG list. I'll be playing against someone else's OnG, which of my lists should I use?

My 3k OnG:
Savage orc warboss, killing blow, 4+ ward armour, extra choppa
Savage orc Great shaman level 4, wyvern, shagga's, talisman of preservation, ironcurse icon

Orc shaman level 2, nibbla's ring, waaagh paint
black orc BSB heavy armour, boar, mork's spirit totem

5 wolf riders,short bows, spears, musician
25 night goblins short bows musician (1 fanatic)
35 night goblins, spears, nets, full comand (3 fanatics) (BSB)
24 big unz shields FC nogg's banner (WARBOSS)
24 arrer boyz (musician)

19 black orcs standard, musician, war banner (SHAMAN)
squig herder team
squig herder team
squig herder team
rock lobber (bully)

doom diver
doom diver
doom diver
4 trolls


My 3k WoC:

Tz Chaos Lord Chaos Steed, axe of khorne, spell shield, luckstone, helm of many eyes
Sorceror Lord level 4 Tz Book of Asur, collar of khorne, charmed shield twins

Death Sorceror Skull of Katam
Death Sorceror Infernal Puppet, Ironcurse Icon
Tz bsb book of secrets (not sure of lore yet, advice?), power familiar, shield

15 Tz shield warriors FC Lichebone pennant (BSB and puppet sorceror)
19 Tz halberd warriors FC Blasted standard (level 4 and katam sorceror)
5 horsemen musician

10 Tzeentch chaos knights, full command, banner of rage (Lord)
4 trolls


NOTE: You can probably see I was pretty stretched for core; I didn't want to use Throgg as my opponent doesn't like Special Characters.

I've also built my army around making sure my level 4 can cast plenty; orc magic defence is tough. I took Tz instead of Death on the lvl 4 as I feel death can be OTT versus OnG. Despite my small numbers I should be able to hold once combat happens.

Should I ignore what my opponent likes and drop some magic for throgg and make my main caster Death (magic isn't cheap, so perhaps Death vs orcs isn't cheap either :D)?

15-10-2010, 22:56
Go with your orc list, as I imagine if he doesn't like to go against special characters, he most likely wont enjoy going against a magic heavy army backed up by rock hard infantry and a hellcannon. Especially since he is using OnG himself.


16-10-2010, 00:00
The O&G army looks like more fun to play against. However I hate mirror matches so I say go with the warriors.

17-10-2010, 13:49
Thanks for the votes guys!

I ended up using the warriors as decided by poll... It was a very bloody battle!

First turn the orcs blasted away my horsemen and dented my halberders guarding the bsb. My own magic was largely ineffective despite starting with 12 powerdice and +7 to cast on my level 4! Despite this I killed a nightgoblin shaman (with fix it and foot) and killed 3 big unz with gateway.

In turn 2 a lone basha's blood axe warboss charged my sorceror lord's unit, breaking them and my trolls fled from 5 common trolls that soon waaaghed into the bsb/puppet unit (killing both characters but the remaining warriors defeated the orc trolls and charged into the enemy general's big un body guard). The warriors eventually ground down the big unz, running them down alongside the commanding warboss, later rejoining the battle to chop down a giant and subsequently chase down some black orcs guarding a great shaman.

In the meantime my knights/lord cut short the attempts to flank by a second giant and started to chew through a night goblin deathstar (housing a bsb and 3 other cheap goblin characters) until they were rear charged by the lone blood axe warboss. This broke/ caught my knights/ lord but my hell cannon saw off the remaining night goblins and then landed a direct hit on the lone warboss (finishing him off).

All that remained was my hellcannon facing off a chariot, a unit of wolf riders and a rock lobba. Vicious.

Results: Draw!
3069 (orcs)
3049 (woc)

Rematch will be a 4k greenskin vs greenskin 'orcstravaganza'. I hope to fit in 2 wyverns :D