View Full Version : A Bit of Fun @ 3K With Bugman.

16-10-2010, 02:01
Bugmans party bus! Bored and thought I would try a funky dwarf list -

Josef Bugman = 155.

Thane, BSB, master rune of gromril, rune of brotherhood = 135.

Runesmith, great weapon, rune of spellbreaking, rune of brotherhood = 119.

*49 longbeards, rangers, great weapons, standard bearer, master rune of grungni = 746. (10*5) (General goes here)

*49 longbeards, rangers, great weapons = 686. (10*5) (BSB goes here)

*49 miners, prospector, steam drill = 574. (10*5) (Runesmith goes here)

*50 miners, prospector, steam drill = 585. (10*5)

= 3000.

Models 200.

NOTHING TO DEPLOY! The 2 longbeards units set up as scouts 12 inches infront of the enemy, bugman, bsb and grungni standard set up at the extreme inner ends of each unit to create an overlapping bubble of goodness.
Charge 1st turn hopefully hold long enough for the miners to flank or box em in :evilgrin:

What do you think?