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The bearded one
16-10-2010, 15:22
Greeting y'all. I think this is the first time I have ever posted a fantasy battle report ever, anywhere. So the first time has to be a good one! Be warned, your adventure will be filled with dozens of pictures, breaking the borders of common size decency!

This is a 2500 pts game against a friendly player's lizardmen. A very nice army, finally a person who tries lizzies without slann temple bunker, and from what I have seen simply enjoyable to play against while not crippeling itself. I do not have his full list but this is roughly what I know:
Old blood
piranha blade
blood statuette of spite
light armour
a 1+ save, possibly due to enchanted shield

lvl 2 skink priest
lore of heavens: Iceshard Blizzard, Harmonic convergence

Skink chieftain, stegadon warspear, blowpipe
riding a young stegadon

4 x 12 skink skirmishers with blowpipes ( yes, 48 skink skirmishers! )

15 saurus with handweapons
full command

18 saurus with spears
full command

3 terradons

3 kroxigors

5 chameleon skinks

2 salamanders

ancient stegadon
giant blowpipes

And here is my list. It's my standard all-comers list:
King Ferrun Ironhand
Dwarf lord
Great weapon
Master rune of spite
Rune of Stone
Master rune of steel
Rune of resistance
301 pts

Godri Thunderhammer
Battle standard
Master rune of gromril
Rune of cleaving
Rune of might
160 pts

Skalf Swiftaxe
Rune of fury
Rune of snorri spangelhelm
Rune of cleaving
Rune of Stone
147 pts

Thorrin Dragonforge
Rune of spellbreaking
Master rune of balance
147 pts

24 Dwarf warriors
Full command 241 pts

20 Longbeards
Full command
Rune of determination
Rune of battle 310 pts

10 thunderers
Shields 150 pts

10 quarrelers
Shields 120 pts

Bolt thrower
Brace of pistols 65 pts

Rune of forging
Rune of burning
Engineer 145 pts

23 Hammerers
Full command
Master rune of grungni 379 pts

15 Miners
Full command
Steam drill 215 pts

Organ gun
120 pts

2500 pts
An overview while setting up:

We are playing the battleline scenario, and while I won the roll to go first ( and I would usually take first turn to shoot some more ) I decided to let the lizardmen go first. We had more than enough time for one long and complete battle and to get to turn 6 where I could use that last turn to take some points.

The skink priest has Iceshard blizzard and harmonic convergence. Not the best spells really, but then again heavens has never been a good lore. At least it's better than the 7th edition one.

My deployment. The middle, and right flank. From below to above: Warriors with runesmith and BSB, hammerers with lord, organ gun, quarrelers, thunderers in the building.

And here my left flank ( bolt thrower in the corner, longbeards on the hill next to the building with thunderers ) , and an overview of the lizardmen. On the picture it's noted where what is. The skink chieftain with stegadon warspear is on the stegadon next to the carnosaur. The skink priest is hanging around the kroxigors ( forgot to mention him on the picture )

Lizardmen, turn 1. Initial advance.
The lizardmen advance on all sides, and the terradons, after their vanguard, drop rocks on the longbeards. Failing almost all saves, 4 longbeards die.
Magic is uneventful, because the winds of magic roll double 1, of which I steal a dice with the master rune of balance :P The salamanders manage to eat 2 skinks, and fire only a few inches.

The chameleons ( they're so sneaky I did not have them on the overview picture ) threaten the cannon. I feared for "old bella's" safety, but their darts only kill a single crewmember.

Dwarfs, turn 1. Marching forth
It's time to settle things on the edge of an axe! The hammerers and warriors stalwartly march forward, and the longbeards shuffle into the range of the master rune of grungni. There's no sense in leaving such protection when there are 36 skinks with blowpipes only a move away!

The cannon has proven it's worth with all the D6 wounds glory it can muster! A single shot, hoping to weaken the stegadon, manages to bring down the entire beast with crew and all by doing 6 wounds! Bones and flesh shatter as the stegadon collapses and it's crew and howdah are torn asunder. In a display of elegant acrobatics the skink chieftain manages to jump off the dying beast and avoid being crushed.
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c140/edgarschippers/battlereport%20dwarfs%20vs%20lizardmen/DwarfsvsLizardmen09dwarfturn1shootingphasestegdown .jpg

The shooting phase sees the chameleons turned into a streak of blood on the virgin snow as the organ gun turns around and promptly rolls 10 shots. It might be overkill, but certainly is effective. The thunderers manage to pick off a few saurus and the quarrelers and bolt thrower, pretty much as predicted, fail miserably.
end of the turn:

Lizardmen, turn 2. It's raining darts!.
Skinks and saurus move into position. 24 skinks surround the bolt thrower, while the skink chieftain joins some other skinks. Skinks and the ancient stegadon swoop around the right flank, and the lizardmen centre marches forward with the salamanders in front.
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c140/edgarschippers/battlereport%20dwarfs%20vs%20lizardmen/DwarfsvsLizardmen11Lizardmovement02skinksvsboltthr ower.jpg

The magic phase is without merit as yet again the winds of magic do not reward the old one's favored servant, and the skink priest fails to cast anything.
The shooting phase starts with a hail of darts descending on the bolt thrower, poisoning the crew nearly twice over. Grungni over their weapon and Valaya over their souls.
The warriors seem to be in for a painful barrage but miraculously manage to survive the hit from a salamanders template with only one death.

Dwarfs, turn 2. Charge!
A good turn in which I manage to get off a charge and the miners show. The other units move into position and shooting goes rather well.
The warriors charge the salamanders, grargh!

Meanwhile the miners show up behind

In the shooting phase my organ gun kills all 3 terradons, and the cannon, proving it's worth for the final time, bring down the ancient stegadon to a single wound!
The combat phase, despite some crappy saverolling ( I failed them all and 3 warriors died ) I managed to scare away the salamanders and overrun into the saurus behind them.

Lizardmen, turn 3. Close and personal
The saurus and carnosaur charge my hammerers, however the carnosaur rolls abominaly low and fails the charge, moving a mere 3 inches. The salamanders fail to rally and keep fleeing. Kroxigors reform to look at my arrived miners. The skinks move up the hill and on the right flank the stegadon and skinks move closer within shooting range. The skink priest finally gets a spell of and succesfully casts harmonic convergence on the saurus in combat with warriors, which I fail to dispell.

The shooting phase strikes a great blow against me, with the demise of both the organ gun and the cannon by dozens of poinsonous darts! Such a fiendish act will surely be punished before the night falls!

The combat phase favours me more, with the hammerers soundly beating their saurus opponents, and the warriors defeating theirs. The saurus facing the hammerers flee, but the other ones hold. I restrain the hammerers and reform them, facing skinks and behind that the carnosaur.
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c140/edgarschippers/battlereport%20dwarfs%20vs%20lizardmen/DwarfsvsLizardmen20LT3combathammerersbeatsaurus.jp g

Dwarfs, turn 3. They came from below...with pickaxes and steamdrills!
Some well placed manoeuvres and lucky rolls get me into combat. My miners, who came up a turn ago, charge the salamanders, who are still fleeing so automatically have to declare a flee reaction. Because they declare a flee reaction my miners can choose to redirect their charge. I pass the required ld test, and declare a fresh charge on the kroxigors, which I narrowly manage to make.

On the other side my hammerers, who had restrained from pursuing the saurus, charge into the helpless skinks ( with the skink chieftain ) and the skinks choose to hold. My longbeards swiftly reform and move the other way to try and take down the wounded ancient stegadon. The quarrelers also reform to face the stegadon.

In combat my hammerers kill a score of skinks. The skink chieftain challenges, and the challenge is accepted by the hammerer champion hoping to claim the underdog VP bonus. The champion survives the skink's attacks, but only does 1 in return. Close but no sigar. Regardless, the skinks are beaten and run down.
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c140/edgarschippers/battlereport%20dwarfs%20vs%20lizardmen/DwarfsvsLizardmen22DT3movehammererschargeskinks.jp g

On the other side the warriors beat the saurus again, but they hold.
The miners on the other hand are very succesfull and kill 2 kroxigors, suffering 3 casualties to their great weapons and another one gets kicked in the face by the single stomp. The lone kroxigor breaks and flees, and runs to the other side of the building while the miners fail to catch him.
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c140/edgarschippers/battlereport%20dwarfs%20vs%20lizardmen/DwarfsvsLizardmen24DT3combatminersbeatkroxigors.jp g
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c140/edgarschippers/battlereport%20dwarfs%20vs%20lizardmen/DwarfsvsLizardmen25DT3combatkroxifleeoigetbackhere .jpg

Lizardmen, turn 4. Monsters!
Not to be outdone, the lizardmen declare a charge with the carnosaur on the hammerers, and the stegadon charges the quarrelers. The carnosaurs makes the charge, but the stegadon makes a failed charge. The declared stand&shoot also fails to take off the final wound.

A little mistake on this picture. The carnosaur charges the hammerers, not the other way around.

Harmonic convergence is cast with irresistible force on the saurus and the skink priest takes a wound from the miscast.

In a unprecedented storm of poisonous darts, 7 quarrelers fall to the ground, wracked with deadly spasms before their breath gives out. Undounted however by the death surrounding them, the remaining 3 quarrelers do not panic.

The leader of the lizardmen host meets king ferrun ironhand. Undaunted by the fierce carnosaur, the dwarven king issues a challenge to the beast which the oldblood can ill-afford to refuse at this point. The king survives without injury and inflicts a single wound on the oldblood.

Confronted by a seemingly invulnerable dwarf, surrounded by over 20 loyal bodyguards, the oldblood wisely chooses to flee, and the dwarfs follow him with glee. The saurus fighting the dwarven warriors finally turn tail and flee, after a grinding battle taking several turns.

Dwarfs, turn 4. Take down these beasties!
The warriors pursuing the saurus charge and overrun them and celebrate, only to realise they are half a mile from the rest of the battle.

The hammerers charge the fleeing carnosaur but fail to catch him ( we did something weird here, apparently I charged through a building? ) The miners reform to move towards the battle.

The last 3 quarrelers try to take a shot at the ancient stegadon, which still stands defiantly below the hill. With trembling fingers they appear to fire their crossbows, as only 1 bolt manages to hit it's mark on the snorting beast.

However the bolt hits a vital part on the tired, wounded stegadon, rolling a 6 to wound. Howdah nor scaly skin saves him from the bolt piercing his flesh and the stegadon expires, to the dismay of the surrounding skinks ( and the ones riding it of course )

Lizardmen, turn 5. Avenging the stegadon
The carnosaur rallies on the edge of the battlefield to face the hammerers. Skinks, salamanders and remaining saurus close on the hill where the longbeards, quarrelers and thunderers remain and unleash their missiles.

The quarrelers are killed and a couple of longbeards are taken down by poisoned dart and biting acid. 2 thunderers die as well, as acid comes through the windows.

Dwarfs, turn 5. Once more unto the breach dear friends!
The warriors and miners hasten to the hill, and the hammerers take on the carnosaur another time. The saurus lord and dwarven king battle it out once again in a duel

The shooting phase sees my thunderers avenging their fallen quarreler brethren and take the lives of 7 skinks, an impressive feat with only 8 thunderers.

In combat my lord once again survives the withering blows of the oldblood and carnosaur due to his impressive runic armour, but does no wounds in return. The old blood holds, on the very edge of the field, determined not to fall off the brink before this battle is over.

The bearded one
16-10-2010, 15:26
Lizardmen, turn 6. Going out with a bang
Well, proverbial bang. At this point the field was getting empty, and dwarven units were spread out over the board, with the hammerers having travelled almost the length of the board, from right to left. The saurus charge the longbeards, the lone kroxigor makes a failed charge on the longbeards and the carnosaur keeps fighting it out.

The skink priest aids the saurus by casting harmonic convergence, and battle is joined.

The saurus lose, but hold. King Ferrun ironhand slays the old blood with a lucky set of strikes with his great axe, but the carnosaur stands it's ground and becomes unbreakable!

The dwarven units have almost reached the hill again.

Dwarf, turn 6. Failing to get Vp on 4 different occasions.

The battle was pretty much decided, all that was left to do was trying to clean up as many as possible for the VP. The miners, industrious little fellows, charge the salamander.

The dwarf king tries, but fails to kill the carnosaur, denying himself valuable VPs.
The thunderers fire a blistering volley of shots at the lone kroxigor, that failed to charge the longbeards the previous turn. Their shots are poor and the kroxigor survives with 2 wounds left.
The skink priest with a single wound left was not targetted at all and survives the battle, as do two skink units with both around 4 models left.
The miners that charged the salamander win the combat by a fair margin, but the salamander rolls insane courage with only a single wound and handler remaining.

The longbeards are succesfull however, and destroy the remaining saurus.

it was a fun battle to play. Admittedly I was lucky at points, for example when shooting at both stegadons and when my organ gun kill the chameleons and terradons, not to mention the quarrelers bolt that kill the ancient stegadon, but overall I think I managed to set the scene in such a way that my units had the distinct advantage. I decided that the warriors and miners ought to handle the saurus and kroxigors, so my elite units could do their job on the left, fighting the other saurs and carnosaur.

The bolt thrower is a bit of a shame, but he is only 60 points anyway and I often deploy him in a corner in "if you want those 60 pts, come and get him" kind of way.

My opponent went for my warmachines pretty effectively and I had lost all 3 in his third turn due to poison. I managed to best his units in combat though. Overall I found it an enjoyable game, I hope he did, and I hope you did too.

17-10-2010, 10:27
amusing little speech bubbles and nice pics all over. A fine rep, and congrats on the victory :)
Now get that table-end painted!

17-10-2010, 11:27
Very nice and clear report.
I can see you made the most of almost all units in your army, a rare feat for combat dwarves (without anvil) I feel. So congratulations to you for doing that.
Would you consider switching the BT for a cheap grudgethrower?
Keep up the effort of battle report writing, you are good at it.

The bearded one
17-10-2010, 11:50
amusing little speech bubbles and nice pics all over. A fine rep, and congrats on the victory :)
Now get that table-end painted!
I guess I'll have to push the GW staff to do that ^^ We played in a GW store, so it's their terrain. In fact that large forest next to the warriorVSsaurus fight is only painted because I recently offered them to finally paint the ruddy thing, it used to be black for months. :)

Very nice and clear report.
I can see you made the most of almost all units in your army, a rare feat for combat dwarves (without anvil) I feel. So congratulations to you for doing that.
Would you consider switching the BT for a cheap grudgethrower?
Keep up the effort of battle report writing, you are good at it.

Thank ye :) The new charge ranges sure help.

Well, I was considering to dump the bolt thrower, yeah, but it's a bit of a nostalgia thing and I painted the entire thing NMM so I really want to keep using it. I am however considering to drop the quarrelers and get 10 pts from somewhere else for a grudge thrower with rune of penetrating and accuracy. I tested that yesterday, but my rolling was ridiculously bad then ( 3 shots, 2 misfires... not to mention the 50 or so failed parry saves out of.. a little over 50 parry saves I had to make? ) .

Regardless I was planning to add a chunk of 500 pts to the army consisting of 20 ironbreakers ( only when the dwarfs are rereleased and they have the coolest ironbreaker models ever ), the abovementioned grudge thrower build, and a master engineer.

17-10-2010, 14:56
Wonderful report, and it always warms my black heart to see lizard players grow a pair and leave the toad at home :D Props to you on no anvil as well, crutches be damned! Well fought for the win.

And again great report, thanks for the effort.

- Salvage

The bearded one
17-10-2010, 15:00
Nono, thank you for responding :) It was no effort at all, and I like taking the pictures.

Ah, with such good responses I will try to make a report on fighting another lizard player ( with the toad ) and on fighting the evil that is steamtank + waraltar.

18-10-2010, 00:13
Good fight..the war machines did their job and thinned down the enemy forces so that the dwarven infantry blocks could manage the rest....

Nicely painted lizard army! I like the leaves on the skinks! That gives me an idea for my own camo skinks...

20-10-2010, 18:58
The captions were great. Reminded me of the reports of Peegore.

20-10-2010, 19:37
Great report... :D
(poor Lizies)

what was the final score anyhow...
(prety sure dwarves won by a lot)

The bearded one
22-10-2010, 00:39
Roughly 1300 for me and 400 for him. 700 pts in difference. Stegadons make the points go up so fast, but he had my warriors and miners down to 9 and longbeards down to 8, which could've been a lot of points.

22-10-2010, 05:59
Nice pics, great report.