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16-10-2010, 17:39
So I've pretty much finished putting my Lothern army together, and now I'm moving on to the Dragon Masters!

I'm not looking for complete ability to be competitive, just something that'll be a lot of fun.

So here's the first one at 2500pts.

Prince Justares Starrider (High Elf Prince)
-Dragon Armor
-Blade of Leaping Gold
-Enchanted Shield
-Guardian Phoenix
Riding: Saliphera - The Cold Wanderer (Star Dragon)

Juriel Ragefire (Dragon Mage of Caledor)
-Sword of Battle
-Silver Wand
-Iron Curse Icon
Riding: Krator - The Wildfire (Sun Dragon)

Helios Drake (High Elf Noble) - Bearer of the Great Drake
-Banner of the World Dragon
- Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Shield.
Riding: Barded Elven Steed

24 Lothern Sea Guard
-Full Command

30 Spearmen

7 Dragon Princes
-Mus. Standard
-Wailing Banner (Terror)

7 Dragon Princes
-Full Command
-Drakemaster; Terrifying Mask of Eee!
-Banner of Elyrion.

Total: 2498.

Now the 3000 List adds:

8 Dragon Princes
-Full Command
-Standard of Discipline.

Mage Level 2
-Seer Staff of Saphery
-Shadow - Withering and Enfeeble.

Total 2997

Thoughts? Opinions? :)

19-10-2010, 10:50
Great theme to a great list. Would love to try it. My dragons, however, are all back in the Netherlands so I can't try it now... Nothing wrong with it.

19-10-2010, 13:09
I like it.

Only change I may make is to drop the Sea Guard unit down to 20 so you can take the watch tower if you get that game. (Up the Spear up to 34 models to meet your core)

Of course I'm not sure that the 20 Sea Guard can hold the tower so YMMV.