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The Grim
18-10-2010, 03:12
Hello, I happened to stumble upon three questions:

First I am currently in Japan though use the English Rulebook and my opponent and I stumbled on a pretty different outcome on the Stone Thrower misfire chart: by my book 1-goes boom 2-3 goes 1 W an 4+ goes cannot shoot
by the Japanese version it goes 1-2 boom 3-4 1W and 5+ cannot shoot, this chart being in the WM section as well as in the reminder section. When asking the staff they told me that since Japanese was written first :wtf: it was to applied. I then hinted that it might have been Errata-ed so we rolled it but then I checked on the Japanese Errata and it has not been corrected, what should I do?

Second, as was checking the English FAQ in case it might have been modified with regards to the first point, I read this "place it anywhere with the
central hole within the war machine’s line of sight" regarding the Stone thrower template, so, if I am not mistaken it would mean that, alas on is not on a hill, one cannot drop a template on the center of a unit but has to drop it on the first rank it sees?

EDIT: Third question is, if a master engineer has just rallied, and is still in range of a WM, can he use his reroll?

Thanks for your insights,


The Grim

18-10-2010, 04:40
As GW is a British company I seriously doubt that it was first written in Japanese.

18-10-2010, 04:45
1st question: the argument that the Japanese version was written first doesn't help much lol since usually the "later" writings overrule the "earlier" ones :) plus the game is made in England, land of the English.. I'd say follow the English book, but if they insist. no need to start a cultural feud.

2nd question: You need to hold the template over the target unit (as close as possible to it, not needlessly high above it, as was stressed in the latest FAQ). and draw LOS to the center hole of the template itself, not where it's supposedly going to land. So you can center the template on the center of a unit if you can see the center of the template as you hold it over the unit.

3rd question: we used to have a similar question about if the engineer was in combat too! but didn't find any RAW argument to stop him from using a reroll. the only slight hint that it might be unusable was that the reroll substituted the engineer's "shooting". if you want to do what makes sense however.. that's commendable and up to you.