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18-10-2010, 14:08
Hey All:

I planned on buying a new Orc and Goblin Army Book but found out that the 8th edition is going to be available early 2011 so it seems silly to buy one now(at least at full price). I'd love some advice on a "basic Orc and Gobbo" Army.

I've been painting/playing my Empire Army (see the Battle Report "Empire vs Vampire Counts 2000 pts. under my signature) and recently completed a game which I won against a Night Goblin Army (Battle Report to follow).

Seeing the mini Greenskins gave me the desire to fail some Animosity and drop some Rock Lobba's on some folks. I don't like proxy or unpainted models in my army so I'll give you a list of everything I have. I'd appreciate any ideas you all have and it will help me "prioritize" my painting.

War Machines:
2x Big Rock Lobbas
2x Small Rock Lobbas (old 40K squig catapults)
2x Doom Diver

Odd bitz:
8x Squigs with 3 Teams with Trident (2 gobbos on 25mm base)
6x Fanatics

Orc Mobs:
17x Orc Arrer Boys with Banner
12x Orc Boys Sword/Shield
10x Orc Boar Boyz with FC
16x Savage Orc Boyz with FC
20x Orc Big 'Uns Spears with FC

Orc Characters: (not attached to above units)
Savage Orc Shaman
Orc Shaman
2x Orc Bosses (1 with 2 Swords/1 with Sword & Shield)
Orc Standard
Orc Shaman on Wyvern (sometimes I would drop an Orc Boss on him)

23x Night Goblin Archers (fully painted)
32x Night Goblin Spears (fully Painted black/red)
31x Goblin Spears (3/4 painted purple/tan)
33x Night Goblin Archers (1/2 painted blue bows, 1/2 painted red bows)
29x Goblin Spear and Shield (partially painted)

Goblin Characters: (all Banners/bosses/musicians listed here)
2x Night Goblin Banners
Goblin Banner
Forest Goblin Banner
2x Unpainted Goblin Banner
3x Goblin Musician
Forest Goblin Boss
2x Night Goblin Boss
2x Goblin Boss
Forest Goblin Shaman
Night Goblin Shaman

In the past I would take a unit of Forest Goblin Spearmen w/FC (purply unit)and a Forest Goblin Shaman. Large Groups of Night Goblins and Fanatics. Fill out with Boars, Big 'Uns, Savages and Arrer Boys, and of course the Catapults.

Any thoughts would be great. Want to make sure I get stuff painted more than anything.


18-10-2010, 16:37
Oh, how I hated those savage orc boyz and there ward save.

When you play against my High elves, you should not bring any of your rock lobbers or any fanatics. Just large blocks of goblins that I can massacre.

18-10-2010, 16:55
I might be wrong but it's still not 100% that the next book is o&g, or us it?

18-10-2010, 18:14
Hi Noght, you have a good base of miniatures. There are some new figs out that you may want to have a look at when deciding how to build your army. I have also heard that there maybe a new book.
Some of your goblin units are at around 30 models, you may find this small now and want to increase the sizes, especially if you are going for a horde formation unit (must be 10 models wide to get an extra attacking rank).
Fanatics are still good and there is no armour save their attacks.
You have 4 lobbas. These are at strength 3 now and models hit get an armour save.
Your orc units should be 25 to 30 models to survive and beable to be steadfast. The boarboyz can not go on a frontal charge against anything. They must also be atleast 10 models to negate ranks if charging a flank/rear.
You must take a battle standard!
You could put your general on the wyvern so that his Ld boost goes out 18 inches.
You are limited on the amount of points you can spend on characters but not on the number of them, which means lots of cheap goblin characters if you want.

18-10-2010, 19:26
Thanks for the Reply AM...

I'm getting familiar with the basics of 8th edition and the advantage of Big Blocks of models. My first thought would be to bust up one of the gobbo spear units and add them to the other units, bumping them up to 45ish plus command. Maybe even one big block of Archers.

My main question is cost of models (game terms, not actual dollars)...are gobbos still 3 points? Are shields/spears a point upgrade? How well do Orcs fare in blocks of 20? I know that the Boars need a flank now, so can 10 do the job?

So without the new army list, is a Unit of Goblin Spearman only 160 points for unit of 40 (rank and file)?

Just worried about costing issues.


18-10-2010, 19:37
You have 4 lobbas. These are at strength 3 now and models hit get an armour save.

What is the Stat Line for Rock Lobba's? Are there 2 sizes like in the old days? How expensive are they? I used to pay 96.5 for a Big Lobba, Range 60 inches, STR 10, No save, D6 wounds. Small Lobba cost 66.5, Range 48", STR 7, no save, D3 wounds.

Thanks in advance.